Broadsoft Trunk for Asterisk PBX

Broadsoft is the top VOIP service provider with his rich service suit. The main motive behind this article is to archive the configurations and help fellow practitioner who are also engaged in the same stuff.

Asterisk 12.0 and above has PJSIP Channel driver which is more enhanced and modular.In this example we are using PJSIP. We need to configure Inbound , Outbound and internal traffic for Asterisk. i.e. –

1. Call from Broadsoft User to Trunk User.
2. Call from trunk User to Broadsoft User.
3. Call between two Trunk Users.
4. Call between two Trunk Users through Broadsoft.

First we need to create a SIP Trunk which will divert SIP traffic to and from Broadsoft Application Server.

On Broadsoft Application Server , we need to create a trunk Group under Group,Pilot User (whose device type should be of PBX enabled,Dynamic registration enabled). We need to create Trunk User i.e 6001,6002 in below example.

On Asterisk , Trunking Configuration should be done in /etc/asterisk/pjsip.conf.

Trunk Configuration –

type = endpoint
aors = MyTrunk
outbound_auth = MyTrunk-auth
context = incoming
type = aor
contact =
qualify_frequency = 15

type = auth
auth_type = userpass
username = PilotUserName
password = PilotUserPass

type = registration
outbound_auth = MyTrunk-auth
server_uri =
client_uri =
contact_user = PilotUserName

type = identify
endpoint = MyTrunk

Endpoint Configuration –








Dial Plan Configuration should be done in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf


Turtle Nesting @ Chennai Beaches

Its almost three months being in Chennai.Chennai is a hot city in true sense, Weather is getting hot and humid as we are approaching summers. The only relief is beaches (forget about bitches here) . This weekend evening I planned for Chennai’s most clean beach “Elliots” also known as Besant Nagar Beach. Its a crowdy beach on weekends as most of the people come out from their housed to fight with heat. This beach is named after “Sir Edward Elliot” who was the reforming British governor of Madras.


Well,I had my camera with me to shoot Broken Bridge which is nearby to Elliots beach. Because, of India LockSabha elections, police have closed this place so I was forced to come to beach again. On the way to Broken Bridge from Elliots Beach, there is place where you will see two big huts.Here some students from Chennai do the turtle conservation.These students basically collect the Olive Ridley turtles nest from December to April from seven kilometres from Neelangarai to Besant Nagar beach and keep them in the safe place.After the hatchlings which generally take 45 days they release them into the sea.


Every Saturday,Sunday evening they organized a walk for people. If you are photographer, this is your place where you can capture baby turtles going to sea first time, also there are plenty of opportunities to capture exciting kids faces who come to see the turtles.


For more information about Students Sea  Turtle Conservation Network , you can visit their website




Le Pondi

After the hectic month …here is something to refresh . Travelling is a joy so Photography do.This time it was in car so do not go with disclaimer in my About me section. Chennai weather is forcing me to get into the car otherwise I hate them , now the reason has been changed 🙂

ECR road,Pondicherry
ECR road,Pondicherry

If you been to Goa and having something in mind for Pondicherry ,dont go there. If you are a photography freak, its not your place.But yes If you are more into architectural stuff,its your love. Lovely crowd,good food and cheap beers.

War Memorial Pondicherry
War Memorial Pondicherry

Still the City has French street,building names.I dont know how they are able to maintain the cleanliness…..see I cant believe. Evening is the time when all the traffic stopped around the WhiteTown area. You hit the area and enjoy the music,the breeze and the sea.

French consulate pondicherry
French consulate pondicherry

Beaches are not so awesome type but you can manage If you have some beers with you.

Auro Beach
Auro Beach

Well,you can find better beaches in ECR road. There are plenty of good resorts to hang out.Get a one , enjoy the time with your beloved one. Cheers !!

Seawall at Pondicherry
Seawall at Pondicherry

So,If you been there and got something “Extra” , Please put in Comments 🙂

A Tea @ Dadhikar Fort

It was the Sunday morning, all the mountain range turned green. I always love to see the rising Sun when it rise from those virgin hills of Aravali. Few years back, watching Sunrise or Sunset was bliss from my roof top. But now all the materialistic things started happening in the smaller city. People have lifted tall building around my home and now it is impossible to see the beautiful virgin Sun .I woke up early and planned to reach the highest point of the city.the one name came to mind was Bala Kila (a fort on the highest peak of Alwar city ) .

I am always eager to reach, when it comes to mountain wherever they are. I reached in 15 min to Bala kila. It was closed as usual and one has to have prior permission from the local police.But as I am frequent to this place, I got the entry.ASI and its sister concern are involved to ruin all of our forts and palaces. Their renovation work is snatching the beauty of monuments. Well,I took few photographs from the roof (do not try to click because it is prohibited). While coming back from the fort,I saw a board “The Dadhikar Fort”. I was surprised to see it, being from Alwar,first time I saw the name. Anyways,I decided to see this monument.

One has to take the left from the entrance from the forest office (On the gate, where the road inclined to Bala Kila ). After half an kilometre I met with some people, they owned hundreds of camels. Having Mountains, ruined fort, a lake and camel at one place was a amazing experience, I clicked few of the pictures in return of 10 INR. One kilometre ahead on this road,there is a temple on the right side “Ramayani Hanuman Ji”. This is a nice temple but do not have any history attached with it .Being situated in the Aravali Valley, It has its own glory. One can stay and have a cold water with spiritual chanting. Two kilometre from here you will see a diversion,and again a board written on “Dadhikar Hotel”. The terrain was so pleasing, Farmers, the ladies on well ,kids, mud houses, all can make you feel so close to nature. After taking diversion,you have to go around 2 kilometer and again the same board.This time it’s a mud road.This road goes between a small village called ”Hazipur Dadhikar”.

When you take that mud road you can view the Hotel or Resort or Fort,For my soul ,I called it as fort. If you are just visiting it, you have to pay 200 or 100 (depends on season) bucks. I called up the manager, introduced myself. He asked the gatekeeper to allow me without any entry fee. Well , on the first eye,It is a great place. Basically, it was a ruined fort and the current owner is renovating it with amazing skills.The texture are the same which one can found in old monuments ,very antique. Archaeological survey of India should learn something from these young Entrepreneurs.Mr. Kaushik was waiting with an awesome Indian tea for me.

Mr Kaushik, is a great gentleman, very kind and very informative too.He told me everything ,from where the Idea came, how they reconstruct the building, the terrain, about the villagers, the cave paintings. Hotel has plenty of rooms and with affordable prices. They server very good Rajasthani food, arrange folk dances and other culture program for their guest.

The fort is situated on the hill top (not exactly), the view from the fort is really amazing.There is a large range of caves,where once can found paintings. It is said that the paintings suggested very strong “material evidence” that the region evolved the calculation of the calendar from the “vegetational propagation cycle” .Well,I did not get the time to visit the caves.”The Dadhikar Hotel” provides safari and Cycle tour to the caves.

Overall, a interesting and peaceful weekend destination to stay, If you are exhausted with metro life.There are many beautiful places nearby i.e. Bala Kila,City palace, Museum, Vijay Mandir,Siliserh Lake, Jai Samand,Sariska etc. I was not prepared with my pen, might be my camera can do the work.

For any further contact details,you can directly contact to Mr Kaushik @ +91-9950449900 or visit @ .

कैसे लिखूं ?

बंद कांच में बैठे
जेठ की दुपहरी
नंगे पाव , सड़क पर चलते उस जिस्म
को देखकर
कोई तो इंसान है
जो चीखता है मेरे भीतर

सोचता हूँ कुछ लिख दूँ

कैसे लिखूं ?
उसकी मुस्कराहट को
जिसे बचपन ने रोना ही सिखाया है
और फिर
हँसते चेहरे पर
कोई भीख भी तो नहीं देता

कैसे लिखूं ?
उसके घर को
जो चौराहे पर
किसी पेड़ के नीचे
शायद आज है
कल नहीं होगा

कैसे लिखूं ?
उस ठंडी बयार को
जो गाडी के शीशे खुलने पर
उसके बदन से टकरा
उसकी आँखों में चमकती है

कैसे लिखूं ?
वो एक या दो रूपये का सुख
जो वो अब सीधे जाकर
अपने बाप को देगी
वो खरीद लेगा
एक बोतल
और कुछ बीडी के बण्डल

अब हम भीख नहीं देते
बुद्दिजीवी हो गए है
देंगे तो ये लोग और बढेंगे
और फिर बहुत सारे और तर्क

फिर क्या करे ?
तड़पने दे बचपन को
वही जेठ की दुपहरी
नंगे पैर
अधनंगे बदन में ……..

आज फिर यूँ वो

आज फिर यूँ वो ,दिल को याद आएँ है
बेशाख्ता अश्क़ आँखों से,उतर जाएँ है

मेरी धड़कन में है,तेरी यादों का हिसाब
बेगारी-ऐ-दिल,यूँ ही धडकता जाए है

दीन-ऐ-दिल का ख्याल भी दिल को हो
बेवफाई उसकी हो,जिस से वफ़ा पाए है

मुश्किल भी नहीं है,इश्क की राह ‘शादाब’
गर कदम जो उसके,मेरा साथ निभाए है


तुमसे दूर होने का दुःख
सच कहूँ तो
उदास नहीं होता मैं
बस सवाल सा पूछ लेता हूँ
कि इन सीली किताबो में
गुलाब की पत्तियाँ
जो मेरी हर ग़ज़ल पर
तुम छुपा गयी
क्या इसलिए
कि जब तुम न हो
तो ये खुशबु
आंसुओ का सबब बन
इन पन्नो को और नुमाया कर दे

कुछ पुरानी है ग़ज़ल …

कुछ पुरानी है ग़ज़ल,कुछ मैं नया नया सा हूँ
आशिकी के मर्म का,इक हर्फ़,बयां बयां सा हूँ

मुझसे मेरी बेरुखी, का सबब मत पूछिए
कुछ तो पी ली है मगर,कुछ मैं गया गया सा हूँ

जानता हूँ मैं हकीक़त,दौर-ऐ-दुनिया की मगर
कुछ तो मैं खामोश हूँ,कुछ अंदाज़-ऐ-हया सा हूँ

उम्मीद मुझसे बेवफाई की, न कर मेरे रकीब
कुछ तो मैं दिल हूँ अगर ,कुछ मैं रया रया सा हूँ

हर्फ़ = word,रया = sincere,रकीब =enemy

Trip to Auli

Auli , Yes it’s a place. The place which made me to write on it. I am not a travel blogger and really I don’t know how to describe the journey as I don’t believe in past, I prefer to forget which I left or which have passed. But Auli is the destination, on which I want to write. Don’t know how to start …. Let me give it a shot but believe me, you will not get any important information about terrain and the place.
Travelling is my passion as so Biking. There were some reasons why I did not pick my Bike, the major one that I am staying very close to my family and they do not want me to ride on it. So I preferred car (I told them that I am going by train, sometimes lies are sweet). Auli is around 500 km from Delhi. So you can reach there in a one stretch (we also thought the same).terrain is very scenic, If you really want to see the landslides, Indian roads (don’t know If they really exists), Indian culture go for it. Well we started our journey on 24 January, damn to that music player which took 2 hours to speak up. Music is very important gadget which keeps your mind cool and also you can ignore the rubbish gossip which all your friends doing when you are driving.

So we started at 4 PM and reached Mujjaffar Nagar at 7 (It was heavy traffic from Gaziabad to Mohan Nagar so try to avoid it, start in early morning).We halted near to Mujjaffar Nagar and had Aloo Paratha at Ganapati Dhaba (the same which one can get at Sukhdev Dhaba, Murthal).We had a chap, who belongs to IIT Roorkee so thought to visit the college, It was a nice college but I liked that Punjabi Dhabha near to that college, they serve very good non veg (If u really a foodie go for it).So now we were full tummy and put the foot on accelerator and in 20 min we were in Haridwar.Got a nice hotel “Tayal Dharamshala”,don’t go for the name, It’s a nice cheap hotel which you can find around Haridwar (on Rishikesh Road).you can find a bedroom in 200 bucks (cheap na).We always have cards in our luggage, Cards are good time pass and the my favorite game, So we shuffle around 7 hours and found that it was 4 AM. Slept for an hour and packed myself with my camera and tripod and reached Har ki Podi, the sacred Ghat of Haridwar.The holy water was burning chilled, took dip and clicked few shots.

Returned to the hotel,got ready, had breakfast and started at 10 AM,the worst is waiting and we too.Totally ruined hilly roads,In 2 hours we reached DevPrayag (you will find many prayag on the way which basically means origin).Dev Prayag is a place where river Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meats and then we call it River Ganga.Again I dipped myself here and had a Sulfa with a Baba who is staying near to river .I had a good time with that dhooni Baba as I introduced myself that I belongs to Mathura . he was very curious to know more about Mathura. Spiritualism is the nature.

After spending two hours and having some local sweets (they are really not good),we started at 2 PM and reached NanadPrayag (we crossed Srinagar,Rudraprayag,karanprayag),we stayed at GVNL hotel in the NandPrayag (a cheap and decent hotel to stay for a night),had a camp fire and again indulge ourselves with cards. Hotel manager and caretaker were nice chaps. They told us about all the destinations which we should visit near Auli. Well, we again started at 10 AM and reached Joshitmath in 3 hours.Joshitmath is not the real name.Jyotirmath is the one,you will not get it, until you have not heard it from the Holy man sitting in the Sankhracharya temple.Near Joshimath you will find many places to visit like,Tapovan (the hot water spring),Sankryacharya temple,Narsingh temple.

Auli is very close to Joshimath,There are only two hotels in Auli (GVNL and Clifftop),So before reaching Auli you must have a chat with them and book something there.GVNL is cheap one compare to Clifftop,they charge around 2200 bucks for 2 bedroom and Clifftop charges around 7500 per day.There are two options to reach Auli from Joshimath.One is like heaven and other one hell (if u scared from height).if it is not snowing, take the road and If you love height ,take Ropeway (some says it Asia’s longest one).We didn’t have this option because Ropeway was not working. So It was forced to us to take 4*4 or chained coupled tyre vehicle. They charge about 1500 bucks.People of Devbhoomi are really cooperative and nice (might be they pretend to).
So at last we reached Auli and it was around 7 PM. No, it does not take 6 hours from Joshimath to Auli.Gaurav was the culprit (The manager from Clifftop).

And from here the story starts  ….wait for the next post …surely I will write it!!

एक तेरे दर्द ने बेहिसाब कर दिया

उम्मीदे बहुत थी इस दुनिया से मगर
बेखुदी ने मेरी,मुझे लाजबाब कर दिया

गम की निसबत ही कुछ इस कदर थी
फिर एक तेरे दर्द ने बेहिसाब कर दिया

छुपाते वो रहे, पाक-ऐ-इश्क को जो
जलजले ने एक, बे-हिजाब कर दिया

सफ़क यूँ था ,लिखने का,सुनाने का
वक़्त ने उन्हें ही, कित्ताब कर दिया

हर मोड़ पर तुम, यूँ मुस्कुराते थे ‘शादाब’
दौर-ऐ-मजाज़ी ने तुम्हे खराब कर दिया

ये कैफियत मेरी

उनके सवाल और ये मशरूफियत मेरी
कौन जाने ,क्यों कर है ये कैफियत मेरी

अब उन तक नहीं जाती है, यूँ सदा-ऐ-दिल
जाने कहाँ वो खुदा और कहाँ इलाहियत मेरी

वो रूठे और एक हफ्र भी ना हो होठो पर
कभी ऐसी भी ना थी, यूँ बे-तबियत मेरी

नहीं आते है मुझे,ये वजा-ऐ-बशर-ऐ-दुनिया
कुछ फितरत-ऐ-इश्क है और कुछ तरबियत मेरी

[मशरूफियत = busyness,कैफियत = Circumstance,सदा = voice, इलाहियत = Divinity,तबियत = dispositon,वजा-ऐ-बशर-ऐ-दुनिया=way to live in the world,तरबियत=Edification]

Ghalib ki haveli

बल्लीमारान के मोहल्ले की वो पेचीदा दलीलों की सी गलियां
सामने ताल के नुक्कड़ पर बटेरों के कसीदे
गुडगुडाती हुई पान की पीकों में वो दाद वो वह वह
चाँद दरवाज़ों पर लटके हुए
बोसीदा से कुछ टाट के परदे ….

These ultimate lines was written by great poet Gulzar as the introduction of his dream project “Mirza Ghalib”.I am a die heart fan of Mirza Ghliab,I find a great writer,a philosopher and more than that an emotional person in Ghalib.In India and other urdu and persian countries,Ghalib is a known personality.For the poets,he is the Master.

Staying in the city of ghalib,It was my wish to visit his place,where he lived and wrote all his memorable shayaris.I planned many times but as a global rule,Plans never work.So,today I just picked up my Camera and caught the Metro.

I was having some picture of Ghalib’s Haveli in my mind because,Mirza Ghalib serial was shooted at the same place and I have seen the serial many times.I was too excited to see “Gali Qaasim Jaan”.Gulzar described in such a nice way that anyone can have a desire to visit it atleast once.Well,I got down to Chandani Chauk Metro station and took a Rikhsaw to reach Ballimaran.Ballimaran is famous for their leather articles and for non-vegetarian dishes.Gali Qaasim Jaan is on the third left.I was thinking that Ghalib’s Haveli is treated as protected monuments,but the condition of Haveli made me sad,I passed the Haveli without recongnized it because there is nothing special,nobody can notice it without reading its name on the gate.There was no one in the Haveli except two guards,one of them was sleeping from hours and the other one is busy in reading the newspaper.

Once I entered in the haveli,I was surprised because the entrance has been divided into two parts,one goes to a room where some of the work of Ghalib is being displayed and the other one goes to a mobile shop/travel agency,residence etc.This is the way how encroachers work in India,and this is the way how our archaeology department works.Even after Ghalib’s haveli declared as monument in 1999,Three person were found working at a table with plywood and carpentry equipment strewn around the open courtyard inside the building in october 2011.Before 1999,a heater manufacturing plant was running in the building.Many of the neighbours are still sharing the boundaries with Haveli,apparently they do not shy away from littering in the premises of the building, even though they are aware of the importance of the place.

Anyways,It was a good experience to see Ghalib’s Chausar,his cloths and some of the books at the place,to which he belongs.I clicked few photographs as there was not much to click.Ballimaran is famous for Afgani dishes,I had biryani,One can say nice to it but being a foodie and being a regular visitor of Hyderabadi dum biryani house,I really didnt cherish the taste.One can find many restaurants serving afghani pilao, kababs, shorba,kofta curry, korma and naan.One can try Bismillah Hotel,but dont think about the hygiene.

For me it was an OK OK experience but being a big fan of Ghalib,this visit gave me the satisfaction …atleast I met with my Master’s place.

क्यूँ बुतों को छुपाते हो दोस्तों

काफिरों की बस्ती में,क्यूँ बुतों को छुपाते हो दोस्तों
क्यों नकाबपोशो से फिर यूँ,रिश्ते निभाते हो दोस्तों

तुम ही तो बेचते हो फसाद-ऐ-मजहब का सामान
फिर क्यूँ हिन्दू-ओ-मुसल्मा को भाई बनाते हो दोस्तों

बड़े अदब से मिलते हो, आजकल हर इंसा से तुम
ये जोहर-ऐ-बेशर्मी-ऐ-गुफ्तार कहाँ से लाते हो दोस्तों

एक भी कतरा नहीं,और हज़ारो खूं है सर पर
ये पाक-ऐ-दामन कहाँ से सिलाते हो दोस्तों

बात इतनी सी हो

बात इतनी सी हो कि,बस बात हो जाये
एक बार फिर उनसे कही, मुलाकात हो जाये
इक उम्र से देखा ही नहीं,सावन मैंने
तेरी आँखों से मिलूं,और, बरसात हो जाये
बड़ी मुश्किल से हैं,नूर-ऐ-चारागा रोशन
जल जाने दो मुझको कि,न तर्क रात हो जाये
थक गया हूँ मिलकर ,जुदा हो होकर
अब के कुछ ऐसे मिलूं ,कि कायनात हो जाये

मैं पन्ना हूँ ..

मैं पन्ना हूँ ….जी जनाब,मैं अन्ना नहीं पन्ना हूँ ! आजकल सारा मीडिया,राजनीति,पब्लिक जहाँ देखो अन्ना में ही लगी है,पर मुझे लोग भूल ही गए है! मैं तो सैकड़ो बरसो से आप लोगो को दुनिया की तस्वीर दिखाता आ रहा हूँ ,अन्ना को तो कुछ महीने ही हुए है ! लेकिन कुछ भी कहो भाई साहब, ये अन्ना है बड़ी कातिल चीज़…इतना बढ़िया image building किया है क़ि ससुरा कोई ऊँगली तो उठा के देखे…..सारी दुनिया के सर पे टोपी पहिना दिए है अन्ना बाबू …और पब्लिक भी ख़ुशी ख़ुशी पहन लिए है ,और ये ही पब्लिक को कोई पार्टी कहती टोपी पहन ने को तो साले पैसे मांग लेते …खैर छोडिये इन पार्टी वालो को,अब तो भाई अन्ना ही अन्ना है सब तरफ …क्या मेला जमाये है बाबू, रामलीला मैदान में ..माँ कसम,मज़ा ही आ गवां ! ओमपुरी से लेकर पानीपुरी तक सब बहुत ही मज़ेदार था भाई ! हम तो रोज़ ही गए रहे…..कभी फ्रेंड के साथ तो कभी गर्लफ्रेंड के साथ….

माँ बिचारी अँधेरे में रोटी बनाती रही पर लाल को मोमबत्ती की नहीं सूझी …पर वही लाल ,बहादुर बनके बड़ी मोमबत्तिया फूंक कर आये इंडिया गेट पर ! बड़ा भारी माहोल था जी,सब लोग खुश थे बस पुलिस वाले बड़े परेशान,जिस डंडे को लेकर वो सबके पिछवाड़े धोते थे आज वही अपने पिछवाड़े पे लगा छुप छुप कर घूम रहे थे…एक बार तो ,अन्ना की टोपी लगा हमारे छोटे अन्ना(अजीज मित्र ) एस.पी. साहब से भिड़ गए …. एस.पी. साहब भी परेशान,क्या करे इनका…हाथ में झंडा,मुह पर तिरंगा,इस नए जेहादी को कैसे रोके? ….अब भाई,तीन देशभक्त,एक मोटर साइकिल …रामलीला मैदान जायेंगे तो जायेंगे …फिर कौन ट्रेफिक और कौन पुलिस ? कोई अपनी बीवी को दिखाने लाया कि देखो आन्दोलन क्या होता है …किसी को अपने कैमरे का प्रयोग ही करना था..किसी को जगह मिल गयी गर्लफ्रेंड घुमाने की…और सबसे ज्यादा भीड़ लगी थी टी.वी. पे आने की ….हम भी काहे झूठ बोले? हम भी वही खड़े हो जाते थे जहां कैमरा घूमता था …फायदा भी हुआ,एक सुंदरी ने पूछ ही डाला माइक आगे करके – आप क्या सोचते है भ्रष्टचार के बारे में ? ,बड़ा कठिन सवाल था ….शायर भी हूँ ,तो कही पढ़ा था कि याद उनको करते है जिन्हें भूल जाया करते हैं…सोचा उसे करते है जो करते नहीं हैं …यहाँ तो डूबे हुए है गर्दन तक भ्रष्टाचार में …ये तो हमारे लिए दार्शनिक सवाल बन गया …जैसे कोई पूछ रहा हो कि “क्या सोचते है जिंदगी के बारे में? ” ….अब टी.वी. पर थे कुछ तो बोलना ही था ..कह दिया कि दुखी है ,परेशा है ,त्रस्त है …पर छुपा गए कि, भहिये हम भी भ्रष्ट है …तब से आज तक ये ही बोल रहे है

वैसे आजकल अन्ना से ज्यादा एक आदमी बड़ा फैमस है …दिग्गी राजा …अंग्रेजी में मात्रा बदल दो तो “डोगी” राजा हो जाता है ….पर आदमी का हो,या कुत्तो का,राजा..राजा ही होता है,बड़े शरीफ आदमी है …आदमी नहीं पूरे आन्दोलन है ! या कहू की पूरा देश है …खबरी ऐसे की ISI फ़ैल …चाले ऐसी की शकुनी फ़ैल …वक्ता ऐसी की वाणी फ़ैल …बेशर्म ऐसे की मनमोहन फ़ैल ! अब जनपथ पर बोर्ड लगा दिया है “Beware of Diggi ” ,ये क्या बोलते है इन्हें नहीं खुद को नहीं पता …बस लगे है …इनकी मालकिन भी आजकल बहुत व्यस्त है …कोई कहता है बीमारी का इलाज़ करके लोटी है ..कोई कहता है की पैसे का इंतजाम करके लौटी है …..एक और थे बड़े खिलाडी.रोज़ टी.वी चेनल पर आकर बडबडाते थे ,जब से अन्ना से पंगा लिया,गायब ही हो गए है …..वैसे कम तो अन्ना भी नहीं है …जवाब लपेट कर देते है …वैसे है अन्ना,हम जैसे,एक दम कोरे ..एक दम साफ़ …पर बाबू अन्ना.लोग तो स्याही फेकेंगे ही ..फेकने दीजिये ..आप तो बस चलते चलिए ..पह्नायिये टोपी ..कम से कम टोपी बनाने वाले तो अमीर हो ही जायेंगे …हम तो हम भी ख्वाब देखने लगे है ,पब्लिक कभी तो कहेगी “मैं पन्ना हूँ”

इश्क को इख्तियार ना था

तुमको जो मेरे वादे पर ऐतबार ना था
वो कुछ और ही था,फ़क़त प्यार ना था

आज भी यूँ गुज़रे है,यादों में राते मेरी
गर क्या जो मैं, तेरी महफ़िल में शुमार ना था

क्यूँ कर के हुए इस अहद-ऐ-दुनिया में बदनाम
होश में हम ना थे,इश्क को इख्तियार ना था

अब क्यों देखते हो आसमां के जानिब. फरिस्तो
वो खाक ना थी,उश्शाक का गुबार ना था

हम तो यूँ ही चलते रहे उन्ही मंजिलो की ओर
रहगुज़र पर हमारा,किसी को इंतज़ार ना था

हम बेवफा ही सही

उन्हें जो इतना यकीं,हम बेवफा ही सही
मेरे दिल में रहते है,फखत खफा ही सही

उनकी नजरो में है,अब तलक वो जादू
मेरी रूह को उसके बदन की सजा ही सही

साकी को भी है सफ़क, मेरे मैखाने का
मय मय ना सही,मेरे दिल की दवा ही सही

हमने ताउम्र की है,इबादत जिसकी
तेरी नजरो में,मोहब्बत जफा ही सही

तुम इन हुस्न वालो को ना समझ पाए ‘शादाब’
ऐ इलाही, क़त्ल करना इनकी अदा ही सही

Speak Asia…A fraud ?

Oops…again with a controversy !! But this time its not related to me …This is something which is happening around me since long ago.Few months before,one of my friend invited me for a chat,i always assume chats cant be successful without a beer ,but it was with a coffee and I hate this stuff.Why should one take cocaine ,if we have other options too 🙂 Neways,I dnt take it rather.Well my mood got pissed off, not because of coffee but its was again a MLM (Multi Level Marketing) concept which he wanted to discuss with me.I hate this funda as it involve hell lot of emotional atyachar with relatives and friends.But,he was so keen to make me understand the things which I knew already (I am keen observer of easy money making schemes).

The concept it very easy (when things looks easy,they are much complicated),invest 11000 bucks,fill some survey on internet and get 25$ per survey once in a week.So by simple mathemetics,you can earn 4000 Rs in a month and 48000 in a year.Really impressive.Eligibility for membership is,you should have 11000 rs (Only few knows that this money is not for registrations,its for their E megazine i.e. E-Zine)and you should be above 18 years (no proof you have to give for it).Wait wait…there is much this concept they added MLM to earn more.Use your contacts,your relatives,your firends …motivate them to join this,and earn some % from them too.

I have many friends,who are basically in marketing and research domain,I talked with them,and they told me that no comanies is going to pay so much of price for these surveys.Few companies who do it, seeks people to meet certain qualification like an investor or some academic qualification etc.Then from where Speak Asia is distributing so much of money (yes people are getting).

So lets dig it …

1. Speak Asia is running by an Indian lady,Harinder kaur (Girls knows,how to play with emotions :)),So she is well aware with Indian mentality.She opened a company PAN Automotives Pte. Ltd few years back and then changed its names to Haren Technology Pte. Ltd. and then to SpeakAsia Online Pte Ltd.All have different bussiness model but they were not related to any survey business.You can find them @

2. Again,where is the company’s head quarter,people says,its in Singapore (10 Ubi Crescent, #07-68, Ubi Techpark).Just google this address and you will find that there are two other companies registerd with the same address(Valves.Com Pte Ltd & SBS Consulting Pte. Ltd).

3. So,to whom you gives 11000 Rs? You are not paying it to Speak Asia…If you are,then they should have online transaction facility.Actually it goes in the name of the franchise (bank account) and who further pass that money to someone in Mumbai and all get to keep a certain % out of it.

4. Is this company regitered in India ? Is they have any office in India ? Till today ,answer of both questions is a big NO.

5. They claims that they are earning millions of dollor,then why they have hosted there surveys on SurveyMonkey,why they dont have inhouse survey system ?

6. And the funny thing,they say that they are established in Singapore/Malasiya/Indonesia.but when I use Alexa,the all internet traffic coming from Bangladesh and India 🙂 click here to know

So how these fraud companies works,let take example of SpeakAsia

For the first three month it is actually just paying out your own money back. So for the company there is always a buffer time of 3 months for the people to even realize how they have been gamed / duped. To keep the ship sailing they need to double their signups every quarter which is luckily happening for them So that they can pay the earlier and current customers from that money and keep some money for advertisement to maintain their signup targets.

Okay till here things going well,but what happen when company fall short of their target for adding more people ? Its simple,

1. They will cut the rates of Surveys.
2. They will reduce frequency of Surveys.
3. they can increase 11000 to 15000.

You people cant force them to retain the number and the rate of surveys because you paid 11000 bucks for Magazine not for surveys.

What will happen when company close there business ?

1. Company is registerd in Singapore,So book the ticket and fly and file the case in Singapore Court.

2. You paid 11000 for E-Zine,which you will get every month,You get 1000 bucks for survey.So company is safe.

3. Lets assume something goes wrong and the Indian authorities goes after this whole scheme and in that case the company can easily bail themselves out saying they have not recieved any money from them cause none of the payments is made in their name rather its in the name of the Franchisee who are paid a certain % to forward that to the main distributor and who further pass it to someone else. So the person you can only catch is the person to whom you made the payment. But sadly the problem is that even that person is the victim of this whole scheme.

4. Yes one do receive a online reciept for the money that one pays from Speak Asia and here is the screenshot. Earlier it was given from “Online Surveys Today” which I doubt that any such company even exists though the address was same as SpeakAsia Online Pte. Ltd. and later it is changed to Haren Ventures Pte. Ltd. but they changed the address to a new address.

Hehehe…Its a fraud ? I dont know exactly …If it is then how it is running? …Ye INDIA hai janab yaha sab chalta hai (This is India,anything is possible here)….

Well,I am an investor and I know the basic concept…when 95% loose ,5% makes money ….and this later stage of speakAsia I cant be in 5% and I dont want to be in 95%.

मनाने का तजुर्बा कुछ और तो हो

बेकरारी मेरे दिल को कुछ और तो हो
बेशुमारी-ऐ-मोहब्बत कुछ और तो हो

तुम आफताफ ही सही,चर्ख-ऐ-मकौकब के
इस ज़र्रे पर तेरा नूर कुछ और तो हो
[आफ़ताब = Sun]
[चर्ख-ऐ-मकौकब = Sky full with stars]

हमें भी आता है तुफानो में कश्ती का सफ़र
दरिया में ज़लज़ला अभी कुछ और तो हो

तुझ तक भी जा पहुचेगी नमी मेरी
अश्कबारी का सबब कुछ और तो हो

उन्हें रूठने का हुनर खूब आता है “शादाब”
हमें मनाने का तजुर्बा कुछ और तो हो

Songs by a young Sufi – Satinder Singh Sartaaj

Music is life but Music does not have any life !! For me life is a music,it has every Sur and Raag …My day starts with Gurbani “Ram Ras Piya Re..” followed by few Kanha’s Bhajans ….on the way to office some latest tracks and few Raags and western in office.Enjoy my evening with Mehndi Hasan’s gazals and then I sleep with evergreen kishors Songs. I love every kindo of Indian Music.But sufi and Roomani are on the top …last weekend I listened a song in my bro’s car ..”Meri Hiriye,Fakiriye soniye …”.It was so close to my heart,I listened it for 4-5 times on that night.Google about this singer Satinder Sartaaz .He has all the variety from patriotic,emotional,romantic ….Now on my caller tune,Ring Tone ..everywhere you will find his songs.I am sharing his songs here because It very hard to find them on internet.

You people can download it by clicking on the below links and feel,how your soul talks with words 😉

Pani Panjaan Dariyawan Wala
Nikki Jehi Kuri
Jitt de Nishaan
Gal Tajurbe Wali
Dil pehlan jeha ni riha
Meri hiriye Fakiriye
Sab Te Laagu

कुछ दूर महखाने से गुज़र कर देखते है

छोड़कर खुदा-परस्ती,बेवफा होकर देखतें है
चलो,कुछ दूर महखाने से गुज़र कर देखते है

सुना है दीवाने बहुत है,हुस्न के उनके
हम भी आज,सज संवर कर देखते है

उन्हें मनाने चाँद तारें,जमीं पर उतरते है
चलो हम भी थोडा आज, रूठकर देखते है

सब-ओ-रोज़ लगाते है वो इलज़ाम हम पर
आज हम उन पर इलज़ाम धर कर देखते है

उनकी नज़रे ही,सब कुछ कह जातीं है ‘शादाब’
आज उनकी नजरो से,बात कर के देखते है

Farewell….the fair cruelty

I hate farewells,might be the reason behind that I’m damm emotional or it can be the pain of loosing dearest friends.This is not the first time but this time, its more bigger,more painful. I never had an idea to stay in this city though I always thought to move from here…but,on this last eve,my heart is showing all of its affection towards this city.This place gave me everything….it was like a new birth for me.A poet transformed to a traveller,a biker,a photographer,a writer,a lover and more important a spiritual human being.

Journey started in june 2007…when I left heated Jaipur and landed in Bangalore.I was so amazed to see the climate (must be the reason for many to live in Bangalore)…I had the perception that south is more hot than north,but it was other way around.I got a good organization,good people..more on that,I got many good friends.Have travelled whole Karnatka,Tamilnadu and Kerala with all of my crazy bikers.Those bastered only made me to dream to travel from KK2K (Kanyakumari to Kashmir).This earth is full of jerks and one of the midnight,a big bugger (Rahul) called me and said,I am sending you a DSLR….and you have to take pic of every place where you roam as I’m missing my soil(He is only the spark of my photography keeda).

Start and the end of my this journey is totally poles apart.I was careless,flawful and had all the bad habits,which a guys can have.Every weekend I found myself in pubs,disc,But,It was the responsibility,it was the blood of a spiritual family who made me to turn around.One day my Bike broke down infront of Ravishankarji’s Ashram on kanakpura road.the two hours I spent in that Ashram while waiting for my friend who was coming with the mechanic.changed my life or better can say my lifestyle.I introduced myself to spirituality.But I was not the still water…Ramta jogi…started searching other philosophy,went to RamKrishna Ashram,taught poor kids,den to Iskcon,den to OSHO and in last put full stop….the phrase I realized was ” the last litrature is Geeta,the last master is Kabeer“.

I was in love with Indian classic,even before my entry to this city.But a friend (CS) introduced me to core Gazal gayaki.It was around 2 AM,when a gazal from Mehndi Hasan ” Ranjish hi sahi” was playing on his 8 year old music player.That introduction was the starting and now I’m addicted and having around 4500 Gazals in my lappy :).After listeing this wonderful creation I also wrote many (my neares people are very well known to it,cos dey always forced to read them :)).And there are many other stuffs too,but it is a public page,I dont want to disclose :).

I got so many things from this city…..still love the action of auto drivers when they get angry,the tasteless dosa,the lalgbag hiding places.the hyderabadi house biryani,Palace ground exhibitions,NSN cricket timings and Sanjiv ki bike with three riders (Gareeb ki biwi,sabki bhojayi).Well,this is the time ….I have to leave and I should leave.It is a personal decision and was very tough for me to take….but the qoute from Ratan Kaushal ” you cant please everyone”,helped me to choose the option….This is the last post which I am posting from Bangalore (Might be second last).Its painful but change is must in life (someone has sent this message,while I am writing this post)….dont know what it means ;).

I know,I did mistakes,I filled few eyes with tears, I hurt many….but,dont you people wanna love the word ‘forgive’….well,dont want to drag this post with all of my stupidity (its already).Wanna say goodbye…best of luck for your future (I hate the word Career).I will come to your life again …cos ” Change is must “. I am little bit sad cause that KK2K is not feasible (My parents came to know my releaving date,so cant go on bike) and still few chapters are remaining of my dream book “” . I will complete writing in few weeks ….and will send free copy to all ,who will comment on this post.I wanna go with good memories and seeing smile on your faces….

Keep bugging me as I enjoy it 🙂 … leave your comments here,might be you will win some prize ..hehehe !!!

किस पर ऐतबार करूँ

कहाँ ले जाऊं दर्द-ऐ-जिगर को,कहाँ पर करार करूँ
मेरी बस्ती में अदाकार बहुत है,किस पर ऐतबार करूँ

उनकी तस्वीर अब कागजों पर बनाता मिटाता हूँ
मुद्दत हुई वस्ल-ऐ-यार को,कब तलक इंतज़ार करूँ

वो खुश नसीब है जिनकी आँखों में अश्क है अभी
दिल-ऐ-संग से टपके है लहू ,जो तीर आर पार करूँ

ये मोहब्बत और फिर ये ज़माने के लाखो उसूल
मेरा घर न हो गर साथ तो संग मेरी मज़ार करूँ

कब तलक आतिश-ऐ-इश्क जलाया करोगे शादाब
मेरी ख़ामोशी को सुने कोई, तो मैं भी इकरार करूँ

Worms/Virus on Facebook

It is almost a year when facebook entered in Indian Society . Few month before I wrote something about Facebook.I saw many worms and viruses when I was using Orkut.I moved to Facebook because it was giving more freedom and free from viruses and worms.But from last two days I am encountering with lots of worms.The first one is “who visited”.This link claims that you can see the profile of people who have visited your profile.Orkut has this application where you cant see recent visitor.But,Facebook does not support any application like this.When you click on this link it takes you on a blank page and asks for allow application option.When you allow this application to use your credentials its spread this link as comment on your friends comments.Facebook found this application and make it down.

Today again I see a link “Do you think you are special? Find it out”.The subject lines keep changing comment by comment.If you click on the link,it takes the control from you and spread this comment to status of all your facebook friends.

Facebook is having an eye over all this and try to take down all such application.They also does not have any open thread for hackers to make black use of it.But still hackers are hackers and they are keep penetrating the security of facebook.

So next time when you see these type of links with creamy subject do not click without exactly knowing the application.

var infolink_pid = 154409;
var infolink_wsid = 0;

घर में आज दिवाली है ..


मैं बैठा दूर परदेश में
घर में आज दिवाली है
मेरा आँगन सूना है
माँ की आँखों में लाली है
वो बार बार मुझे बुलाती है
फिर अपने दिल को समझाती है
मेरी भाग्य की चिंता पर
अपने मातृत्व को मनाती है
मैं कितना खुदगर्ज़ हुआ
पैसो की खातिर दूर हुआ
मेरा मन तो करता है
पर न जाने क्यूँ मजबूर हुआ
आज फटाको की आवाजों में
मेरी ख़ामोशी झिल्लाती  है
कैसे बोलूं माँ तुझको
तेरी याद मुझे बहुत आती है
इतना रोया मैं, आज कि
मेरी आँखें अब खाली है
तुझ से दूर मेरे जीवन की
ये पहली एक दिवाली है
माँ,मेरा आँगन सूना है
तेरी की आँखों में लाली है …..

मुझे इस प्यार से अदावत बहुत है

जाने कब तक हो मौत का इंतज़ार
जिंदगी से मुझे शिकायत बहुत है

मुझसे नफरत ही करो दुनियावालो
मुझे इस प्यार से अदावत बहुत है

न हँस के मिला करो रहगुज़र मेरे
मुझे अब अश्को की आदत बहुत है

संग किसी के अब न चल पाउँगा कभी
हर राह को मुझसे खिलाफत बहुत है

आज वो ही हैं रुसवा, तुमसे ‘शादाब’
जो कहते थे, के तुमसे मोहब्बत बहुत है

हम उन्हें याद नहीं करते !!!

उन्हें शिकायत के, हम उन्हें याद नहीं करते
चलो गर ये सच है तो हम फ़रियाद नहीं करते
उन्हें हमारी मोहब्बत पर,इतना यकीं है फिर भी
पूछे है हमसे,दिल पे अपने एतिकाद नहीं करते
आगाह थे हम के कत्ल होगा,दीदा-ऐ-हुस्न से
गुल-ऐ-आसिर हुए,ये तदबीर सैयाद नहीं करते
वो कहते है के कुछ अलग से हो अरसे से
मोहब्बत पे नहीं लिखते,कोई फसाद नहीं करते
पाक-ऐ-इश्क है और बेशुमार मोहब्बत भी
इबादत न करू,ऐसा तो नामुराद नहीं करते
उनके ख्यालो में,हम उलझे रहते है  ‘शादाब’
इसी मशरूफियत में, हम उन्हें याद नहीं करते

Fir bhi dil hai hindustani …

Now the whole India (I count 10% Indians in it,rest are busy in earning two times bread) celebrating CWG(Common man wealth Gang rape) opening ceremony.People are comparing it with beijing olympics ,Neways nothing wrong to compare because we both are fastest growing nations,this is another thing that we have huge difference in growth rates.Two thing I wanna say before going further that I am totally un-biased while writing this stuff and I am not pessimistic.I also want that my India should be a super power and I want to contribute it as much as I can.I also know that India is suffering from various problems like population,caste-ism,corruption,separatism and many others.I also dont want to pull the things down.But I am worried about pseudo Patriotism.I saw many of my friends putting status message on Facebook regarding CWG opening ceremony declaring it world class.these are the same chaps who had lots of comments on the corruption involved in CWG.Only one ceremony changed their views.leave those guys ….till 10 days before I respect one media person,Mr Arnav Goswami,he is the guy who had the campaign against Kalmadi through out two month(thousand time he said that we cant let kalmadi and corruption go on the sake of India Pride) and suddenly he changed and come with “Go India Go ” slogan and defending Kalmadi now.Isn’t it a pseudo Patriotism?Things are still same,allegation are still there,investigation is going on. then what changed ?
Ok..I dont wanna go in controversy.lets talk upon data.Beijing Olympics was the most expensive game and the same CWG India is the most expensive in their genre.Before reading further,keep a difference between Olympic and CWG in your mind because I know you will argue on the budget.So let me give it a shot
China constructed 31  Beijing based games venues,11 they renovated and 12 they constructed from scratch.Among these 6 are the main venues and they are the largest architectural pieces throughout the world.the total budget for them was $2.1 billion.This money directly came from investors,after the game stadiums given under ownership of those invesotrs.Some games held outside the Beijing,mainly in 5 cities and honkong also.Their biggest stadium was the Bird’s nest which has the unique design in the world including retractable roof.cost of $423.Money came from state owned corporation.
Apart from game.they constructed a new Airport terminal which is the largest in the world.they doubled the size of all subways.laid 7 new tracks for metro,80 new stations,new link from airport to games location.Now have a look on revenue,its 3 billion dollor.Major sources of revenue included broadcasting rights, sponsorship, merchandise, lottery funds.
On the other side,CWG …total cost is $15.47 Billion(90% money from the Tax payers).Developed one city.metro connecting to airport still not in service just because of safety issues.14 new station,2 new tracks.12 stadium(none of them is newly constructed).Constructed new terminal on airport (still suffering from security problems).
India got the CWG game after a promise to give 10k$ to each country who all are participating along with air tickets.boarding,lodging and trip to tajmahal :).There were many issues on ecological side,Supreme Court allowed the construction on the grounds that “much time had been lost” and “the damage already caused to the environment could not be undone.Bamboo screens have been erected to hide slums (we won oscar just because of these slums :)).100000 people removed from their shelters.The whole Games village is constructed by GMR and after game he is allowed to use this infra.All the rights given to govnt companies,like doordarshan,IRCTC…looping back the money and again the big corruption.
Still If one ceremony can make you to forgot all the corruption then have a look to below table

Thanks to all ….

It is almost 30 months since I am doing Blogging.It started just for fun but somewhere It was the tool which helped me to express my thoughts.I know that my thought are weird,many people dont like them at all,I am getting the hell lot of criticism but more than that I got appreciations,which made me to continue my writing.Might be the another reason cos I never care what people think about it.I believe in my heart so always try to write what my heart says.Mostly I published my poems,gazals and stories.Also I wrote my traveling logs and few personal experiences.I want to thank you all who comes here and gives valuable comments and encouraging me to continue.I feel that for every act whatever it is,the essential things are motivation and the appreciation.
My journey of 30 months and 3 million hits is just because of you people.I want to use this occasion,to know your views about this blog.Please suggest me,which all topic should I include to make this blog more interesting.I have few ideas in my mind, like including photography,movie reviews and political discussions.So from now onwards you will see more controversial writing on this blog and I am here to defend my post 🙂 .Wanna keep this post as short as possible.
you people ,be ready to read my pakeli writing and keep commenting.
Thanks Again … Munda Sanichari

उल्फत-ऐ-यार लिख जाऊं किस तरह

हूँ चुप अरसे से,ये कहानी सुनाऊं किस तरह
जो दिल में लगी है आग,बुझाऊं किस तरह

ना पूछ काफिर, क्या पाया,खोया इश्क में मैंने
दिल का दर्द है नासूर ,लफ्जों पर लाऊं किस तरह

मेरे सीने में लहू-ऐ-इश्क बहता है अब तलक
उस बेवफा-ऐ-हुस्न को, दीदार कराऊँ किस तरह

लोग कहते है के मेरे आगोश में अँधेरा है
आतिश-ऐ-मोहब्बत, दिखाऊं किस तरह

वो आगाज़ को अंजाम समझे है अभी तक
ये दरिया-ऐ-इश्क है,उन्हें समझाऊं किस तरह

जिस कलम से कभी,हाल-ऐ-दिल लिखा था ‘शादाब’
फिर उसी से,उल्फत-ऐ-यार लिख जाऊं किस तरह

एक मदहोशी है …

तेरी आँखों से जो ये अश्क गिरते है
मेरे सीने में वो,गहरे से उतरते हैं

एक मदहोशी है, उनके प्यार में ऐ-दिल
मेरी बगिया में आके,वो यूँ महकते है

हम तो इश्क में डूबे है,मजनू की तरह
ये नादान लोग,हमें पागल समझते है

मैं कही उनको भूल ना जाऊ कभी
इसलिए वो, मेरे दिल में धड़कते है

ना जाने कौनसा रिश्ता है, तुझसे मेरा
यूँ ही नहीं,तेरे दर्द, मेरे सीने में पिगलते है

Maula mere le le meri ………..jaan !!

Do deewane sahar mein,raat mein dupahar mein
aashiyana dhoondte hai,aabudana dhoondte hai ….

Yup !!! again I am in search,But this time this is not for truth,not for GOD, not for humanity not for any scenic thing for shoot ..this time my search is for a materialistic thing…a Ashiyana,a house 🙂 I am really fed up with daily 4 hours travelling.So now its my majboori to search something near to my office…bloody office,every year it gets change …dnt knw wat I am doing ? Perhaps I am not doing anything…I am juz watching,life is doing 🙂 I love this philosophy of OSHO,it helps me to hide my Alsipan 🙂

Well,I was talking about the search :).Searching for a house on rent is the tough job and the toughest is to find a home.Getting a job is more easy than getting a house.This is really a hell created by land lord and those bloody brokers.Basically one can compare this hell to the so called religious hell.ya,ya you can compare it with our whole religious system.Leaving a house is simply similar to leaving the dont know where you will go…it all depends how lucky you might be become a insect,or dog or cat or lion or man or manmohan singh…what is the difference between man and manmohan singh?? dnt knw ..u guess 🙂 …nuthing u can do ..its ol depends on ur effort which u have made in ur this birth :).In this hell there are three is Yamraj(landlords),Nowadays its very difficult to meet yamraj,he is very busy.he never comes to meet you but yes, you can meet his doot(property brokers),the second character.An the third character are we ,the free spirit …bhatakti aatma. you will never find these Yamraj,how he is? how he looks ? How he sounds ? Nuthing..Nuthing you will come to know For getting a new birth (house) you have to be reach and meet to these agents and they will  not come to you.You have to go,you have to take appointment,you have search their contact details and call them.Actually its simple economics concept..demand and supply.there are more free spirit in this world than the bodies available.SO Aatma has to and meet to these doots.The system is got changed but the behavior is still the same.Once you meet these agent,they will capture your free spirit and they will not leave you till you get the body.They will provide you body,no matters whatever, it can be cockroach,lizard,dog etc….u see the houses he showed me…bloody stupid !!!

I started at 12 PM with loads of excitement that I will get a new house and I will select it with my own choice.But wat I got ? A house where a girl was in so objectionable state,well I dnt know 🙂 I havnt seen only.dat agent only told me,she didnt open the doo..I dnt know then how he came to know,Might be he heard  husky tusky voice of her..poor guy !! Next house was in some village typo colony…the apartment was just like dharamshala having number from 100 to 399 oops !!!.Then again 4-5 agent came…again they repeated the same story.I was too tired and hungry.I was on bike …n after traveling around 80 km I was gone…hey,dnt underestimate me ..I have driven for 600 km in a day …way to Gokarna from Bangalore 🙂 but im not a good pillion…my back was paining.The only thing which culd help …ws sing a song n sing it loudly …n i started ….Maula mere le le meri jaan…bt my body ache made it as maula mere le le meri ….jaan 😉

It was now 6 PM,so decided to have some thing ….few of you know that I m too foody …so reached hyderabad biryani at 6.30.Usually it opens at 7 but I requested n after seeing my garib face he arranged it quickly …oo la la …I love it !! Had it in 10 minute like I was hungry from 5-6 days 🙂 And after that it was so tough for me to even stand…anyhow I managed ….bt still the song was on my lips …

maula mere le le meri ……
maula mere le le meri …….. haan haan ‘jaan’ !!!

Paul Allen the Octopus…Shri Shri 1008 Astaang Baba !!!

From last month All news channels,news papers are full of world cup coverage.People are tracking each and every matches and their favorite stars.But the hot one is that bloody Octopus :)…Paul Allen the Octopus !!! What is the relation between football and the octopus?? Yes,there is.He is predicting…n predicting with 85% success rate..Amazing..huh !! Well,There is another relation too…Octopus family has one species which is called as Football Octopus(Scientific name is Tuberculate Pelagic)…and that might be the reason why Paul is predicting so well 🙂 …No,No I am not going to find any other similarities but I just imaging If this Octopus belongs to India then What would happen 🙂

India is a spiritual country,We have around 2 billion Gods and Goddess,and the reason is that we start worshiping each and every person as GOD who does something little bit above than humanity or if he has some miracle skills.SO,If this Octopus belongs to India then we would already have made him a Baba(saint)or a God.First step we would do is nomenclature(Namkaran Sanskar):)….He would become Shri Shri 1008 Astaang Baba,We would have occupied some Government land,would have made a temple for him,A long queue would be there in front of temple.Some sweet shops and music store will open near to the temple,few people will become priest who knows little bit of sanskrit,T-Series will release bhajans and aarti for Astaang baba.Illegal parking will be open.Few techies will open website for online aarti and darshan,and stupid people like me will start writing the miracles of Astaang baba on their blogs and people like you will start commenting on that 🙂 negative way of marketing 🙂 …Anyways we Indians have habit to make Gods…But see the GERMS sorry Germans,they want to kill him and wanna make soup…we cant do,be are religious…how can be do it? We havnt done anything to that BABA ChakChakanand sorry Nityand :).

Its not funny,I got few facts from badhes blog which shows why Octopus is near to our GOD.First,Octopus have 8 tongues 🙂 AstJivha…Octopus tentacles are muscular hydrostat,which are much like as human tongue.Second,Half of the nervous system they have in their arm and they have one or two favorite arms which they use in preference.Third,they have Cephalopod intelligence.So they can use tools…most of you have seen that paul opened the jar.Fourth,they can be effectively invisible…Antardhyan :).Fifth,The female Octopus in some species can have a couple of hundred thousand eggs…only God can create so fast :).Sixth,During the egg-caring period, the mother Octopus will not hunt, instead sometimes choosing to eat a couple of her own arms…and it shows nirvana,no attraction towards body….What else is remained to become a GOD ….

And GOD loves all,that why Octopus have three hearts,its enough to love all …..Jai ho Astaang BABA ki 🙂

मेरी आँखों में आकर अश्क भरे कोई….

वो दें कुछ जज्बात तो, ग़ज़ल करे कोई
मेरी आँखों में आकर, अश्क भरे कोई

कब तक छुप छुप कर मिलोगे यूँ ही
बैखोफ इश्क है,क्यूँ ज़माने से डरे कोई

वो जो देखे है तो, नज़र जिगर तक उतरे
फिर उन मतवारी आँखों पे,क्यूँ न मरे कोई

मोहब्बत ने कुछ इस कदर सिखाया हमको
जैसे डूब दरिया में,सागर से तरे कोई

अब रोको मत,सज लेने दो मुझको ‘शादाब’
नर्गिस-ऐ-बीमार है,फिर क्यूँ न संवरे कोई

Sex and Love Making

Its almost 2 Am and I am still alive,generally at this time I get died.Really this is weird, when sumthing comes in mind to write at this particular time.But its a mind and I cant help it.Nobody can control on minds even on his own mind.The only way to leave all the thought is, drop the mind.drop the mind? you ppl cant understand cos
still u r using ur mind while reading it …anyways leave it,I am not a budhdha neither i am a Tao.Well,today I want to discuss some weird topic…is it really weird? yes may be,because we have been representing it from last thousand of years as weird .We dont want to discuss it openly and hide it as a top secret,we have made a sacred thing as a scared one.Okay let me tell the subject first…its love making..ohh you havnt got it? how can you? …its sex man!! Ohh,now you u have made a picture,an image,an video n blah blah…dis is how mind works :).Its not your fault,our mind works on base of memory,it works on our past,on our experiences.We have gone through so much of sexual stuffs that at the moment you read the word ‘sex’,the next moment your mind made picture.It recalls your all memory related to this word and give the finished product….your perception,your thoughts,about this word and your stand on this article and also my character and my motive of writing this article.your mind is so sharp that it calculate all the probabilities in micro seconds.As now you already have a perception and you will read the further writing while keeping this perception in mind.But I am asking you to drop your mind.Leave your perception,your thoughts.If you cant drop…dont read further.I am not going to share my views on sex.but,Yes…I will discuss love making.If you are such a fool that you
already have started relating love making to sex then please leave this space,you will not get a single word from now onwards.

Well…love making is not sex.We are in between animals and Budhdha.When I say Budhdha,It doesnt mean a person,It doesnt mean an idealogy.Its juz consciousness.Its only dropped mind.Animals have no emotions while doing the act.So for them, Love is missing from the love making and thats why we remove this
word and called love making as sex for animals.Budhdha dont need the sexual organs only to do this act.Their whole body is a sexual organ.Their whole existence is full of love and for them the feeling the joyousness of this act dont require any organ,because they are only representative.In our religion we worship of Shiva-linga.That structure doesnt have face,not legs,not arms…that is only a organ,bt its not.It represent that the whole body have become the sexual organ.This is an ultimate example the how sacred this love making is.We are human,as I said we are in between budhdha and animal.We are above the animals and below the
Budhdhas.Going upward is very difficult because lower layer has gravitation.Gravitation of getting joy without binding youself.Here you gets the freedom.But this joy is momentary because it doesnt involve any emotions,any love.In this world,there are only few people who are getting orgasm.The first thing to understand is that ejaculation is not orgasm.Its something different.Orgasm is the creation of energy.It will generate through the organs and will flow in the whole body.When this whole energy flow,one can feel the energy at all his part.Its like that his whole body become the sexual organ and that is only the reason which I mentioned above…logic behind Shiva-linga.

But,There is always a question,How to achieve this? For feeling that you have to be a budhdha,atleast you have to reach near to it.It requires pure love (is it exists?),it requires selfless emotions,its require thoughtless mind,it requires lots of faith.Once someone gets it,then It will be very easy to get the ecstasy,ecstasy of love.Love making is not only the way to express your love ,but it is a great source of energy production,which creates vibration in all of your body.Well,Its enough for today..sorry tonight…I have to wake up at 5.30 AM to meet the office timing….Dont think anything :).you cant understand it,you can only feel it once you reach that level.It requires pureness…n it will come slowly.Chaps I will continue with topic ….bt as for now…I dnt want to fight with my eyes….keep reading …I knw its a incomplete article,but please dont complain 🙂 Its just ot give a platform that what I am going to share in cuming days ….cuming is not the word 🙂

I am dead ..

First time I dont want to write,I dont want to think,No love remain for myself,even I dont want to respect my soul…this thing hurting me so deep inside.Still my heart asking can I think like this.Its really absurd…Sumthing is fighting inside.I cant live in this state so long and this is the reason I am writing,I am writing on ma blog.I wanted to share it wid my beloved,But at that time I was in metastate.I have decided to write bt I dnt have much words…I dont know what I have done, sin or virute ??

It was the sudden break which driver put,a guy was holding the hand rails in volvo…that break was surprised him a lot and he lost his control.All his weight came to his hand.I realized when he fell down.Immidiately He held his own left hand…I came to knew in a moment that his shoulder get shifted from its place as I also had this a decade before.I hold him and sumhow managed him to sit on my seat.He was crying like anything…all was so spontaneous.My mind didnt think anything….No hospitol was in that area,I dialed to justdial and got the address of nearby hospitol…but at this time all the logics had been started…my mind woke up,it was trying to fight with my soul…why should I go to hospitol with him? I dont knw,who is he…den y suld I help? He is tamilian ,hardly understand me,how will I inform his relatives? Might be he dont have money,den y suld I expense for him?I am traveling from last one hour,If I go with him again 2-3 hour will go,den y suld I waste my time? nobody is even bother to see towards him,den y should I prove that I am a human?and I started thinking this stuff for 15 minute…I have forgot all my past,all my knowledge,all my culture,all my sanskar…I cant believe that I can think like this also…how could these things came to my mind..I claim to a human…I claim that I am near to GOD..I claim that I m different…But today only, I realized that my humanity is depended on others…my Humanity is relative.

Anyways the hospitol came,me and one guy took him to hospitol,called his brother…Injury was minor.But effect will be more painfull,effect of this on me is very deep…how can I think,when someone is struggling with severe pain.Its not me,It cant be me,Its my brain is only alive…I am dead,my brain is ruling me…I am nuthing,I dnt have existance,I dont have humanity…I am becoming more logical..something is killing my emotions…this city,this lifestyle,this tradition or me only…but something is dieing..I am towards death… I am dead?I am still thinking…can I recover ?

PS : some tips while standing in the Bus @

महबूब नज़र आता है..

प्यार में कहा कभी, किसी को मिली है मंजिले
परवाने का मुक्कदर है, शमा में जल जाने को

आईने में देखू अगर, तो महबूब नज़र आता है
इश्क कहते है शायद,दो जिस्म के मिल जाने को

नजरो से नज़र मिले,तो मचल जाता है दिल
वरना कौन पीता है शराब, सम्हल जाने को

ऐ खुदा, अब ना यूँ मंजिल मुझे मिले कभी
बड़ी मिन्नत से माना है वो, साथ चल जाने को

ये चिलमन की खुमारी है या नजाकत महबूब की
घूँघट में यूँ बेक़रार है आफ़ताब, निकल जाने को

अब के सावन जाने क्या बीतेगी तुम पर शादाब
ढेरो अरमान भरे है सीने में, पिघल जाने को

Dus ke Chaar !!!

Kahe kabeer suno bhai shadu …..discourse of OSHO which I am listening while traveling in train…yes,yes man !! Don’t you follow me on twitter? After a long time I got the chance to travel by train …Its not because of my wish though I love to travel and meet the people, but this time someone made herself a reason.Rajdhani cant be a good medium to know the people and the place. Tightly glassed window force you to concentrate on your epicenter. I hate this typo of ambience which makes you to keep away from the nature….Ooh I am going so philosophical? Okay leave it….Well,I had a wish to have good experience in this journey…Insah Allah,I will get.

Nobody can tell about his/her future…even being an astrologer I am also not able to predict the upcoming incidents, But one thing I can predict with 100% of surety and that is …I will never get a girl next to my seat 😦 But this time I failed ….dont smile,this time no girl in the full boggy …..But I got two Marwari couple as my humsafar.Two old aged Aunties with full of Rajsthani traditional Saaris and uncles are with theth Marwari accent.They boarded from Hazrat Nizzamuddin at time when I was settling down with my luggage. Uncle entered and gave me a beautiful smile,like he was saying that Beta kismet se kaha bhagega 🙂 I moved up my head to thank Mr. Kanha to keep playing with my luck. Destiny…I hate this word.There is nothing in this world which we call past or future.The only thing which is present is present.Past and future is non-existential.Only thing which exists is present….hehehe,you know one should be philosophical to keep depression away..and that I follow,So I am just thinking about present with two Aunties and two Uncles 🙂 Santosi sada sukhi …

Well the things started as I knew they should have to go. A 10-12 yrs old boy came to our place..our ? Ya now we are in the same coach,we all five 🙂 hum paanch that guy was selling some essential stuffs …..Unavoidable stuff. Uncle stopped the boy and enquired about the papersoap..
Boy replied … Sahib,10 ke 3.
Suddenly the smile which I was seeing from last half an hour changed to the full Marwari kutil expressions,and he told…bhai,tera bhai 10 ke 5 de riyo tho abhi
Boy got him in less than a second that he is Marwari.He replied,Sahab koi na bechta 10 ke 5…a perfect Haryanvi accent.
Then the true bargaining had started,It went for 10-15 minutes …and deal was closed with 4 packs in 10 bucks.Boy went away. the ever smile again came on Uncle’s face.Uncle took the packs counted the leafs of each pack and after getting assure that every pack has correct leafs,he put them in his shirt’s pocke.But,It was not the end.Even I was not expecting it.Now the discussion was started among all four. I was seeing them as a silent spectator.But it was a fun.Uncle was celebrating his victory in the best deal of millennium 🙂 he described the full bargaining technique to her wife.Anyways the discussion diverted to some other topic and at last paper soaps got relief,which were first time going to loose their life in Marwari’s hand.The amazing thing I came to know while typing this stuff is that Marwari is the word which was included in Oxford dictionary….great work guys !!!

Now its time to Dinner, Its almost 10.30 and two bread stick was not enough to those people so they were waiting for dinner restlessly.Atlast,Dinner came and they had it very silently and this time I was not expecting this,They are really unpredictable. No,no …this time pickle…I was correct,how could a dinner get finished without any Marwari act.They didn’t eat pickle,I don’t know the reason though I was very eager to know.But they kept those pickle packs in their bag,So three time meal and four pack,If one pack has 10 gm of pickle, then when they will leave the train,they will have 120 gm.12 bucks profit 🙂 Anyways dinner had finished.Its time to sleep.Actually they didn’t know about the sweet,which is usually given after 20-30 minutes of dinner ….Indian lazy, mismanaged train services.All four got slept.But I was still awake as I was downloading a sufi song on my mobile and it was too slow or that song didn’t want to stay wid some English stuff. Suddenly I saw something in Aunties eyes….she wanted to tell some thing, suddenly she screamed….ice cream !!! This time laughter straightly went to my heart…Its always good to sleep with smile and happiness and also with Begun Akhtar…………..oops,I mean wid her gazals 🙂

I am sleeping now,Actually I am not sleeping.I am seeing my body which is sleeping.I am just a spectator a Sakshi.Its all happening,everything is happening.I am not doing anything,I am not the doer…I am a sakshi,Lots of things happened in last 20 days …ohh don’t go so sentimental,I have many things to tell ….still around 21 hours remaining …keep waiting and keep tracking me on twitter or on facebook for more interesting stuff !!!

मोहब्बत दिल से जलाने दो …

प्यार के गीत गुनगुनाने दो
अब महफ़िल-ए-शमा बुझाने दो

ख्वाब आते नहीं मगर मुझको
नैन भर यूँ सपने दिखाने दो

बरस हुए, याद में तेरी शायद
आज रात बन के सुलाने दो

आग में जल इश्क किया हमने
मोहब्बत दिल से जलाने दो

जो किये वादे प्यार में तुम से
जान दे कर,मुझे निभाने दो

PS – इस ग़ज़ल की बह्र है बह्रे-खफीफ मुसद्दस् मख्बून मक्तुअ जिसके अरकान हैं फ़ायलुन् फ़ायलुन् मफ़ाईलुन् या 212 212 1222

अश्को की जो बात हुई

ये खेल नसीबो का ,तुझसे जो मुलाकात हुई
शब ने की साजिश ,जो ये हसीन रात हुई

यूँ ही फिर रहा था,सेहरा में मैं अकेला
खुदा की मेहर,तेरे इश्क की बरसात हुई

ना तुमने कुछ कहा,न जुम्बिश मेरे लबो की
वो मिलन रूह का था,अश्को की जो बात हुई

तेरे हुस्न का जादू है या,कसूर मेरे नैनो का
मेरा दिल मेरे पास नहीं,जिंदगी खैरात हुई

अब न जी पाएंगे हिज्र में तेरे ‘शादाब’
धडकनों को गिनने की अब शुरुआत हुई

कोई दीवाना याद आता है ….

आज भी तेरा यूँ नज़रे झुका के, शर्मना याद आता है
यादो में समां के, दिल में उतर जाना याद आता है

बहुत बरसते है बादल,टकराती है घटाए भी पर
मेरे चेहरे पे तेरा यूँ ,जुल्फ गिराना याद आता है

आकर मेरे करीब चुपके से मुस्कुरा जाना तेरा
फिर अपने पल्लू से आंसू छुपाना याद आता है

मुश्किलें थी मिलन में और संग दिल था जमाना
पर ऐसे में भी तेरा वादा निभाना याद आता है

हमने तो सब कुछ फ़ना किया इश्क में ‘शादाब’
क्या तुझको भी ऐसा कोई दीवाना याद आता है

माँ …

Today is mother’s day ..I am rarely believes in these ‘day concepts‘ but somewhere we changes even though we don’t want to be,because the people are changing around.Anyways,I have tried to write something on this topic better to say on the strongest relation,on the best creature of GOD.This is the subject which is tough for me to write upon,I don’t have words to describe it but still I managed to write few lines.The only thing which I want to share is that I was crying whole time while writing this poem …I don’t know why !!!

तू कितनी सुन्दर ,तू कितनी प्यारी है माँ
दुःख सह कर कितने,मेरी जिंदगी सवारी है माँ
खुद गीले में सोयी,मुझको सूखे में सुलाया
मेरी हंसी की खातिर,अपनी हर ख़ुशी को भुलाया

माँ, याद मुझे है आज भी वो पल,जब में पढता था, तू स्वेटर बुनती थी
मैं पढ़ लिख कर कुछ बन जाऊ,इसलिए मेरे साथ रात भर जगती थी
याद है वो दिन,जब अख़बार में मेरा रिजल्ट आया था
आटे से सने हाथो से तूने सीने से मुझे लगाया था
फिर मेरे माथे पर रोली का तिलक लगा, भेज दिया कुछ बनने को
अपने से दूर इस मशीनी दुनिया में,अपने सपने सच करने को

आज भी मेरे कांधे पर, तेरे आंसुओ की नमी है
सब कुछ है मेरे पास माँ, बस तेरी एक कमी है
मखमली बिस्तर है,पर तेरी गोद अखरती है
तेरे आँचल की छाँव को, मेरी आँखें तरसती है

थक चूका हूँ माँ,जीवन की इस भागम भाग से
इस बेसुरे संगीत से,इस नीरस राग से
मुझे तो एक सिर्फ तेरी लोरी सुहाआएगी
तेरी गोद में आकर ही अब मुझको नींद आएगी

मुझे भी मेरे बेटे होने का फ़र्ज़ निभाने दे
तेरे पाक दूध का कुछ तो क़र्ज़ चुकाने दे
एक बार बुला ले माँ,सब कुछ छोड़ चला आऊंगा
तेरे आँचल को छोड़, फिर कभी कही नहीं जाऊंगा
कभी कही नहीं जाऊंगा,कभी कही नहीं जाऊंगा…..

Mehdi Hassan Hospitalized In Karachi

Its not more than two years since I am in love with indian classical music,but its enough time to develop good ears.My favourite rag is “Rag Darbari” and I enjoy it every time when I listen any song in it.the gazal I like most in it is “Hungama kyu hai barpa”….Anyways.I am not here to tell you people that what I like and what I dont… :P,its a long list baby !!! see……I forgot what I want to tell……hmmm, ye!!! it was the rag ‘Sehara’…the most dangerous and rare rag in the Indian claasic music history…dangerous because it used to sing at the of funerals and impossible because its an bad Bad Omen.So,nobody wants to sing and nobody wants to listen but the reason what I see is that, there are many off-tune notes,which is not present in piano and harmoniums.Rag Sehara named ater the word “sehar”,which means desert.It resemble the lonliness of a person….Mehdi hasan sahib has tried this Rag in one of the Eden’s gazal…I am sharing it here… enjoy it !!!

Song without words

Kesariya Balam padharo mhare desh … fav song which is keep humming in my heart.Rajasthani music is rich in Rags and sufism.This song is basically in Rag “mand”.Like rag darbari,this is the darbar rag for rajasthani music.Wherever you go in rajasthan this is the first song you encounter with.I am fortunate enough to stay in Jodhpur for more than a year and visited each and every place of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.My stay in that part of country most influenced me.The way people enjoy there life,the tradition,the music,the dance,the survival,the climate,the desert and the honest hearts…you cant find in the world.When someone ask me,where you want to spend your last days of life…I always says,its Vrindawan,its Mcleodganj and its jaisalmer !!! Still reading ??? Might be you are thinking that what makes me to write this post…you people always want to go in core 😛

Well there are two reasons,one is Cathy’s Blog,she is visiting Jodhpur nowadays and other one is Indian Idol 5.Former is using her Camera and later are using there music.Both are fabulas !!! really amazing…swaoop khan and sattar …In the show,a song given to both of them “Bhawra bhawra aaya re” from Kaminey movie.Both folk singers are belong to a very small village of jaisalmer.Both tried so much but didnt able to remember a single word from the lyrics,but they have to perform.So they started but once they started nobody wanted them to stop ….everybody was enjoying the song,the song without words…they took the song at that level, where words doesnt matter …If any thing was there,then it was only the fragrance of Rajasthani soil…..

Art of leaving

I know,I know ….please dont say anything.I know you are fully bored but believe me I never writes poem for you people its your kindness that you read them.Ok leave it,today after long long time I am trying to write something different or better to say totally different,this is not a poem,this is not a story,this not about photography,this is not about astrology even this is not all about my traveling 😛 …den wat? wait wait I also don’t know what I am going to write but its something which I wanted to write since few months.Even after deep thinking of months I only got the title”Art of leaving “….n rest, I am leaving on you.

I just want your views on this title…what you have understand with this.Dont you think that it sounds like “Ravishankar Ji ” ka Art of living 😀

living is the continous process,we have to map our past to our present and this present is again mapped to our furture in the next moment.So all are integreted.The things you have done in your past is reflected in your present and whatever you are doing in your present will must be reflect in your future.Just becasue of this the problem starts.You cant escape from your past,you have to drag it to your present.Your decision of present is highly influnced by your past and its a constraints,You cant help….believe me,you cant help.So,you have to be live with your past.With this theory you can only live…only live,you cant enjoy the life.But nobody want to live there life,they wants to enjoy,they wants to see the colors.Then what? What should we do ? Answer is leave the things….

Leaving is not the escapism.Leaving is to kill every moment,die in every moment….shocked?? No no ….You are not getting me.I meant to say that once you enjoy the moment kill it.dont take it with you while entering in another moment and this is the key.Lord Krishna says – “Karmanywa dhikaraste” means do your karm and forget it,kill it….but how? How can you forget your action which you have done with your all intensity,with your all will and with your all efforts.How can you forget the act in which you have given everything? Question is easy …damm easy,But answer is complicated.What you were thinking,”leaving” is an easy concept.Its more more difficult than “living” and that is the reason people dont talk about it.

Anyways there are many ways 😛 …..I will try to explain how to kill the past,how to die in every moment and how to enjoy the life…No No its not complicate,its a very simple ….But my favaroute lines are ” Simplicity is the most complicated thing in the world”….these are my lines,but I cant patent them,might be someone else already have said..if not then tell me how to file a patent 😛 :).We can make things complicated in a second but making things simple take years and years….So just hold on …I will be back with a simply complicate subject …till then happy life …..dont leave me ….after all still you dont know how to leave 🙂

लगे के तुम हो ….

जब पर्वतो से बादल टकराए तो लगे के तुम हो
ठंडी बयार मेरे तन को छू जाये तो लगे के तुम हो
सड़के जो बल खाकर इतराए तो लगे के तुम हो
और जो तेरी याद मेरे लब पर आ मुस्कुराये तो लगे के तुम हो

चाँद बादल में छुप, मुझ को यूँ सताए तो लगे के तुम हो
फिर वो चांदनी मेरे तन पर बिखर जाये तो लगे के तुम हो
इन वादियों में कोई आवाज आज भी यूँ ही कही
मुझे पुकार कर छुप जाये,तो लगे के तुम हो

तेरा ख्याल बन आंसू, मुझको जो रुलाये तो लगे के तुम हो
और तेरी यादो का आँचल मुझ को सुला जाये तो लगे के तुम हो
हर पल में तुम हो और तुम ही रहो सदा , यही दुआ उस रब से
पर जब देखूं हूँ उस रब को बंद आँखों से मैं ,तो उसमें भी लगे के तुम हो

किस पर लिखूँ ??

आज फिर सोच में बैठा,क्या लिखूँ,किस पर लिखूँ
कोई एक एहसास तो ऐसा हो,जिस पर लिखूँ

महबूब के पावन प्यार पर लिखूँ
दर्पण में रचते श्रृंगार पर लिखूँ
नमकीन मोहब्बत की बातें लिखूँ
या इश्क की मीठी तकरार पर लिखूँ

दुनिया की दुनियादारी पर लिखूँ
पैसे की बढती खुमारी पर लिखूँ
महंगी कारों में बैठे लोगो पर लिखूँ
या कहीं रोटी की लाचारी पर लिखूँ

राजनीति में भिखरे खून पर लिखूँ
खून पे होती राजनीति पर लिखूँ
करोडो की चढ़ती माला पर लिखूँ
या माला पर चढ़ती कूटनीति पर लिखूँ

स्वार्थी होते एहसासों पर लिखूँ
पैसे पर बिकते जज्बातों पर लिखूँ
धोखे में डूबे दिन पर लिखूँ
या अय्यासी में भीगी रातो पर लिखूँ

तड़प रही कलम मेरी,भावना विहीन हो अब
तुम ही बताओ प्रिय,क्यों ऐसे संसार पर लिखूँ …

तू गर हमसफ़र भी होता तो क्या होता

आतिश-ऐ-इश्क में जलना था मुझे अकेला,तू गर साथ भी होता तो क्या होता
जब मरना ही था मुझे प्यासा, तो तू समुंदर भी होता तो क्या होता

दिल से निकले पाक-ऐ-अश्क को भी तुने जो बहाना माना
यकीं तुझे मुझ पर इतना तो फिर वो लहू भी होता तो क्या होता

मर तो यूँ भी रहा हूँ काफिर तेरे हाथो से में
तू महबूब न हो,दम-साज़ भी होता तो क्या होता
[दम-साज़ = जल्लाद]

हम तो चले फ़क़त उन रास्तो पर जिनकी कोई मंजिले न थी
किस्मत में था अकेला चलना,तू गर हमसफ़र भी होता तो क्या होता

बहुत निकला इस दिल से प्यार,पर खुद से हारे है ‘शादाब’
ये दिल अगर दिल न हो पत्थर भी होता तो क्या होता

एक इलज़ाम और सही

यूँ तो चाँद में इतने दाग है,फिर एक दाग और सही
खूब लगे इलज़ाम इश्क पर मेरे ,फिर एक इलज़ाम और सही

हर जाम का हर याद से हिसाब लूँ,हर अश्क का हर शाम से
तेरी याद गर ये शराब भुलाये,तो फिर एक जाम और सही

हर साँस पे तेरा नाम लिखा,जिंदगी तुझ पर फ़ना हुयी
खून-ऐ-जिगर जो झूठ है,तो ले मौत तेरे नाम और सही

सख्ती-कशाब-ऐ-इश्क से तुम खूब लड़े हो ‘शादाब’
अब जो जिस्त दुश्मन हुई,फिर एक इंतकाम और सही

Mathura – A holy Land of Lord Krishna

Dhan Ghati Mandir – Govardhan(Mathura) A temple which is going down in earth by a few millimeters every year

Dwarikadhish Temple – Temple was built in 1814,just 200 mt away from my home 😛 This is the most visited temple in the Mathura.Managed by followers of Vallabhacarya.


Vishram Ghat – According to Hindu mythology, it was here that Lord Krishna rested after a long battle fought to kill his evil uncle Kansa.