Bomb blast in Bangalore

There are 8 blast today in IT city, Bangalore ,3 ppl are injured. Place is very near to my house. People are blaming on muslims ( as i read frm many portals) . I think Terrorists hav no caste . This is Friday and many of the Muslims are busy in thier in prayer. More muslims are injured then Hindu .Why Terrorist choose this time if they related to the particular community. Dont blame to anyone . This coward act is only to spread panic among the Country.

There is another blast reported on mysore Road . No one is injured on that area.Amonium nitrate and urea is used in the explosive with Nut and Bolts . So, the intention was to ensure that the blasts were of low intensity.I have some question ..

1. Why the culprits choose friday ?

2. Why the Intensity of bombs are so low ?

3. Why this is happened just after 2 month of new BJP govt ?

What you think abt Congress or JDS …………….r they r behind this ???

One SIMI activist is arrested in bangalore . IB identified that masterminds of those attack are in Pakistan , originally both are from INDIA. Both are related to Harkat-ul-Jihad-al Islami. They recruit the ppl from the India and trained them at POK. IB said that Indian Mujahdin is nothing but the banned SIMI.


29 thoughts on “Bomb blast in Bangalore

  1. Multiple Bomb Blast in Bangalore has took place today. The Bomb blast rocked Nayandahalli, Madivala, Adugodi areas of Banglore city on Friday. One woman was killed and several have been injured. According to Rediff Gelatin sticks appear to have been used in the bangalore bomb blasts.

    More details awaited.

  2. The Places were in Places Like




    Hosur Road,



    areas near Mallya Hospital,

    Richmond Circle

    M.G. Road,

    Langford town.

    Mobile phone networks in the city have been jammed

    Traffic has been Routed,and there are lot of traffic jams around the city…

  3. We were in office suddenly people started spreading that there were bomb blast in and around bangalore. we went to canteen and switched onn the tv could see lot of information bomb blast were near Koramangala, adugodi, madiwala,l angford road, richmond circle and Nayandhalli …

    1 women has found dead and there are around 17 people found injured.

    Hope police people will find who the culprits are will avoid such incidents in future .

    There is no security .Bomb blasts have started in bangalore also i think in few day bangalore will become llike kashmir.

  4. @Avinash: Hope you won’t change your words if one of your family members is a victim. Just wondering why you want others to die… you can lead by example…

  5. hey avinash you should not tell like this, if you would have one of the victim you would have known what is the problem. you are the worst person i have seen,you dont have mercy.

    yah what you have said is correct india is highly populated country because worst people and bastard like you also living in india. If you people would have died in this blasts entire country would have been happy.

  6. Hey hello avinash …
    u and u r family also die it will decrease the population…
    R u an indian.dont talk like a nonsense.

  7. Avinash, Can you also help India in decreasing the population by Commiting suicide!. India does not require people like you, to Improve. Even your family can contribute for this.
    Please let me know if you need any help. I can kill any one ..that too population means I can kill..kill!!!

  8. 25-07-2008 this is very bad day. This is very bad news. I am in Hyderabad when heard this news i am shocked but my friend said that 1 women & some people were injured i said to god thanks. because bangalore is a nice city i am from karnataka i love karnataka i have not lossed so many brothers and sisters. I think some CID or Police Branch plan like POKIRI FILM (Telugu). Then i think our India is more safe I LOVE INDIA.

  9. Guys,

    I am a IT proffesional from Kormangala.

    This blast was very low intensity, it was just a attemp to scare people and IT’ians. After Inflation raising t0 1.90% only IT servces / ITEs are still surviving with maintaining good growth rate….but this nusence can cause treat to us…we need to really understand and find out below answers..
    1) what was the motive behiend 7 low intensity serial blast…i think to create terror and havok
    2) if this…then who, why..their intentions? what they want to convey?
    3) Is this warning of something big is going to happen…and this was just a tailor?
    4) This is similar blast as happen in Hyd…means same group of people?
    5) Is this caused after War between Congress and Left , and win of congress….
    6) IT Sector is only strength of india and reason of growth of indian current economy inspite of slowdown and sensex trading @ 12000 from 22000
    7) we really need to deepdive and think of problem ..cause and solution……..without blaming any community by words or spreading any rumors

  10. Avinash: You cowardist saddist, why no comments man. I guess that you could be one of the culprits for the bombing, we could trace you by your ip address.

  11. hey avinash, how dare u to tell like this in the forum…
    if ur mother dies infront of u .. wil u say that thank god population is reducing… I think there is no meaning if u still live in my country..
    first go out of country or commit suicide and contribute..

  12. Hi Avinash,

    INDIA never bother about people. why are you thinking like thick population. we are proud to say INDIAN. you also one of the INDIAN remember that….not only BOMB Blasts effect to kill people. if you r thinking to decrease the Population (people) in INDIA. You First, please do one thing go and do sucide. then we will feel good on your comment.

  13. Dear all,
    let us all become vigilent.

    let us all love and support each other and then there will be no room for terrorism in this country.
    Love and peace ro all.

  14. Totally agree with you, on he point of the religion.

    1. Why the culprits choose friday ?

    Obvious reason to mislead.

    2. Why the Intensity of bombs are so low ?

    “terror”, diffusion of fear.

    3. Why this is happened just after 2 month of new BJP govt ?

    Don’t know may its a combined effort, team work of all of them.

    Also this can be a corporate scandal to gain a propaganda Telecom companies surely made huge profits today????

  15. It is sad that in today’s society so many people have so little regard for human life. Why is it that the cowards of the human race must make their political statements by taking the lives of innocents?

    My deepest sympathies to anyone who has lost a loved one. More importantly, my deepest sympathies go to humankind… those who must live in constant fear of people who have been brainwashed by their religious leaders.

    The God I have come to know would never condone senseless killing.

  16. sux like hell

    i hate such things which disrupt out peace


    india’s population can be controlled if guys like u are castrated and killed

  17. This is coward act. I think only solution is to kill people who plant bombs.

    All groups should be tracked and stopped spl. minority institution who on the name of education teach bomb making.

  18. Should India government track who come in and goes out and what reasons.
    Should every citizen have proper identity and parental roots with photo identity?

    US has SSID why not in india. then we can track where are these guy are coming to india.
    It also bad to suspect or hurt any innocent muslim or any other community guy

    look at other countries. they have strict visas. permission for what they can do. how money they can spend also.

    What the hell?
    If terrorist are coming to india thru border
    or they are welcomed like that

    Proper Citizenship identity will identify these guys easily

    What are ur review about this

  19. These blasts are done by the terrorist to create fear amoung the people and for hindu-muslim riot. The blasts are common in delhi(many parts north) and the better way to provide security to the civilians is through bringing delhi police and CCTV’s.

  20. This is the time when we actually need to create private police system in India where citizen of the country India should undertake some measures themselves to protect general public

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