Wipro lay off

Wipro Technologies has put about 4-5 per cent of its workforce, about 2,400-3,000 employees, under the scanner for non-performance. Company sources reveal that about 1,000 employees have been asked to leave.

While some would be given counselling to improve their performance, others would be asked to leave.

Wipro’s corporate vice-president (human resources) Pratik Kumar confirmed the move. Asked how many employees had been asked to move on, he said the company did not disclose that number, but it was “significantly lower than 2,000”. “I can’t comment on a particular number,” Kumar said, when asked to comment.

“It’s a regular annual exercise. As the appraisal cycle gets over, a multi-layer review happens. Following that, people who have fallen in the lower quadrants of performance are put on watch. Some are asked to pull up and others are asked to move on,” he said.

The review includes all the 60,000 global IT services employees from the senior leadership team down to the person with one-year experience.


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  1. Hi,

    Shame shame shame on Wipro technologies, where it aksed people to move out as it could not provide proper facilities to ladies (especially for married). My sister has been with Wipro technologies for the past 3 1/2 yrs. She got high appreciations from the client and even she got good rating when she was on Maternity leave. In october she went on maternity leave and afterwards due to post delivery complications she was on LOP for 1 to 2 months, later she was not able to find a suitable project (Infact Wipro management failed to show her a suitable project) esp interms of timings. As she is having a small baby, she told she would not be able to stretch beyond 7.30 and she will work in normal timings, where they showed all the projects which needs to stretch till 8.30 with out any drop facility. If she said no they asked her to resign the company voluntarily with out showing anything. I am not telling anything out of anger, this is what every lady is going to face from all these so called IT Companies with out providing any facilities to Baby mothers. Also they are covering it up saying that they are removing only ppl who are falling under poor performance band and even they are asking that how long it will take up to find a new job. These companies are all telling lies. So girls…especially ladies please beware of this nonsensitical companies like TCS, Wipro and Infosys, where they boast themselves as software gaints, but failed to provide good facilities for ladies , esp for baby mothers.

  2. Anitha u are so angry. But its not only wipro, TCS or infosys who does it. Its a rule in industry, companies have promise made to the share holders and business means business. So we should accept the fact and take a break when such personal commitments come.

  3. I am ex employee of Wipro,Last year I attended some campus recruitments,in those recruitments,HR GM,Russell purushothaman has done 25 crores of scam,one fine day they called me for interrogation,they tortured me more than 13 hours,cruelly ,very cruelly ,
    i tried to commit suicide by using my wipro tag,but they have taken that also from me,after that torture they forcebly taken letter from me,that i also involved in that scandal……………………………..

    People who really involved in that scam are resigned and joined as VicePresidents and GM in satyam and TCS Now.

    Wipro is good higher management is too worest.

    I dont have any social back ground,so i cant do anything.

    They tortured me to agree that one of AP high court Justice son has involved in that,I dont have proofs about that guy,even thoug if i have proofs i dont have guts.

    People who have back ground of Police dept,or any high level ,they can do wrongs and they can enjoy wipro .

    1. Sriram, I am strugglinf for job and you have written very negative feedback about me. Arte you sure I have done a scam. Please remove this comment. Will appreciate it.

  4. This is the work culture created by the software giants in India for which their employees are suffering. People do not get machines…do not get works for months…so the laziness is induced into the employees, after that they ask people to perform, some employees get sacked, some get consultation…haha…shame on these companies.

  5. hello,

    i am working in wipro… suffering for 3 years for the same reason stated by Kaushik… till now i am not sacked but could not get any hike this year in the name of under performance… no manger is willing to put me in his project as if they need rocket scientist… to tell you the truth, i was on bench (literally or virtually) for more than 2 years… academically i have always been among the top rankers… but here they have put me in below 10% on performance scale because i refused to execute the same commands without even looking at the software… they also know the reality of the work these service companies take up but they are the so called old innovators ( ha ha ha ) running wipro tech… one manger asked for testing… when i asked the details he spoke out the innovative idea of wipro… i had to test an audio/navigation pannel of a car… you might wonder as what is the problem in testing this… so here comes the gem… they are testing the knob and panels manually as an end user… god knows why didnt they hire a car driver to test this… why do they need an engineer who has invested so much in life to get the degree to test the buttons and keys of consoles… wipro sucks blood and you will not get to know for a long time… one of my friend in infosys was testing an audio/video system made in china… so he was listenig to audio (in chinese) to check the sync between audio and video… LOL.. people like azim premji think that they are feeding the world…. nonsense…

  6. Responding to Puja’s comment.

    Puja I guess you are a HR executive of Wipro. You are NOT understanding the situation. When my sister had really personal constraints, she was on Loss of Pay itself. When she felt that she could join back to the project only , she rejoined. But Wipro Resource management refered her only two projects where she needs to work more than 9 1/2 hrs and she said she can’t. Afterwards there is no update from Resource Management even they dint ask her to change technology or insisted her to go to Bangalore. With no advance notice Wipro HR people called her and asked her to resign voluntarily saying the reason that she is NOT being productive for the past 10 months. Infact in that 1 year she was on Maternity leave for four months and on LOP for 3 months , so she was on bench for only 2 months. Where wipro HR management is projecting her that she is not being productive for the past 1 year with out considering her Maternity leave. She got the best ratings through out her career. The day when HR Management forced to resign her immediately the next day itself she got a mail from Wipro project team to inform them her convinient timing for her profile check. I really donot understand whose mistake is it? Is it the mistake of HR People who identified the wrong person and mistake of Resource management who failed to communicate her and HR people in advance. Shame on Wipro for maintaining such an inefficient HR management. I am sure that this may happen tomorrow for another lady too…I could say WOMEN ARE BEING VICTIMIZED IN WIPRO, where as men who are on bench for more than 1 year / under performed people are enjoying the fruits. In such case where the women empowerment these so called companies are boasting off. Failed to provide atleast cresh facilities for their small children.

  7. Layoffs or asking for voluntire resignation with out any warning is strictly condemnable and Wipro Higher management ensure that this should NOT happen due to any one due to inefficient HR managemnt team.

  8. This is true for all the so called top 5. Dont forget abt satyam and infosys and above all TCS. I am working and have worked with all almost all with no difference in either work culture or employee benefits. Its only employer benefits or the top management with ESOPS and benefits, with junior and middle staff to slog.

  9. Well.. Ya there are problems with 60000 people company, as bereucracy and mismanagemenr creeps in. There are good people, but there control is limited owing to the large workpool.
    But still 60000 employees are working here… Choice or No Choice… There are Lacs of software professionals in India, everybody wants a decent living for them and their family, so a decent salary, which these IT giants can offer.

    Ever thought, what would have happened, if these IT giants were not there. Only top brains would have went abroad and had worked in foriegn companies. Some of the top brains would have worked for government offices as officers/scientists.
    Luckier of the rest, would have worked as clerks and mediocre in government and small privete firms. No at all a decent salary what they are getting now.
    Rest of the junk would have just romed around, crying unemployment.

    Moreover, No IT outsourcing, means no foriegn money, no cash flow, no foriegn quality goods in the market etc.

    So, these IT companies are must, as they bring in lot of positives and also feed well to many.

    But, ya, the bereucracy and mismangament should be solved at the earliest, otherwise, the work quality and efficiency drops down and brain drain happens (foriegn companies are setting up their centers in India and picking up top brains from Indian IT).
    This will finally leave the Indian IT companies, with no quality and then as other south Asian countries come up in IT (China, bangladesh, etc), we loose the deals and that will give Indian IT a final lethal blow.




  11. Hi Anitha,

    As you said I really suspect that Poja is from Wipro HR department, but she never thought that if she has to go in a family way or her sister or daughter is in such a situation, how these things can be…. My wife was working with Wipro and she is the family way facing the same situation. She joined Wipro as a fresher. She got good academic result and career points, but she had to take leave for 90 days, as doctor advised her to prevent the complication she had in the initial 4 months. After 2 months break, her manager asked her whether she should be able to work weekends for the projects, she said if it is required but he thinks that she not willing to work in the week ends and during the appraisal he just put comments for all “Needs improvement” and removed slowly from the project by mentioning that she cant work to meet the clients targets. She got depressed and came back home. I just told her that I need my baby… I don’t care about your career in Wipro, if they don’t care why should we… I asked her to quit the job and sit home happily… Reading books and listing songs will help our kid grow well. Career can develop any time of our life but a happy family should be there with us for whole lifetime. I working for an IT company (It is a MNC but not Indian origin, has nice business ethics and employee friendly environment) and now I am more happy and can find more time to spend my evenings with wife, well.. my wife will finish her all work before I reach home. I can concentrate more on my work…no need to worry about wife’s job and picking/dropping her.

    IT MNC’s will take good students from campus as their employees and send for training which will not related to any subjects studied in their whole academic career. This training will go up till they find a client and project to place these guys, basically a chance to put in billing. Manager will give an ocean to swim in a short time span; these guys will jump, as there is no other way. Managers in IT companies’ thinks that they are the supper heroes, they will come by 11 or 12 and stays till 8 or 9 in the nights to show clients that they are very responsible at work. But the real facts are that they do nothing. Some how they came to this position, mostly influencing top level. I am not telling all are, I am in similar position and had good managers; I will always try to understand my team members’ ability and also feelings. I will assign the jobs in such a way that it will not leads to pressure. Before committing to my client I will make sure that my team can achieve the their targets. It is 15-30 mins job to find out how critical is the job and time required for this task (this you can do only if you had a good experience on projects), even count the people who are planning for leave. I am really happy with my team and they are happy with me, which gives happiness to our client. I found out myself that wasting whole night would not give solution for my task, just sleep well for the whole night and think about it next morning can solve with a better solution. One who is really managing the team is a manager, not making the clients happy with employees’ tears.

    Better to learn from French and UK men… They work well and never miss their happiness in the life.. USA men, they ask people to work…and they enjoy, as they are world leaders, they just drill Indian’s brain for their needs. Guys think… we have only one life, enjoy at the maximum…targets can achieve if we plan well..

    Many managers in IT company needs their junior (girls), who can go out for company parties and can do long chats in cafeterias. If any one is not willing that then it will reflect in appraisal feedback form. These Manager would have 6 to 8 year of married life and not happy with their wife, as she will be busy with house work when these guys go home, so better to catch unmarried good looking juniors for their pleasure. This will go until these girls gets married and starting of her difficult time at work place.

    I never thought about writing all this…but I got a chance to see this article while browsing.. It is purely my feeling and thoughts, never thought anyone in mind (HR). Let us be a happy man…in the short span of our life…and try to keep others also happy…

    1. hi ,
      I think u HR person is like parrot ..you are telling always same thing
      We are engineer we can understand the machine code So what you think we can’t understand ur mind code which is runnning same alogorithm..

  12. Hi Anita,

    Instead of scolding the company why don’t you undestand their pain. Bussiness won’t wait till your sister delivers. Why dont you and your sister resign take care of the personal problems and when they are settled join again. what happens if wipro goes into losses 60,000 jobs will be gone. think big you sick fool. think if you own a company will you do that. its investers game not employees game.

  13. Hi Srikanth,

    You are a best employee or a best corporate business developer, who told women will not care about the growth of a company and their business? Are you against working women? Hope you know Indra Nooyi, she has a excellent top level employee with all the company she worked, now she is the business queen of PepsiCo. There are many women with excellent skills, if you want, I can tell you why women manage things better than men. Every women has to go through this cycle of life, she has be a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother. If a man thinks women is only for managing family then they will not come up in their career. Yes, if any manger or boss thinks women have to be there at home to solve the entire family problem, they are narrow and devils. If you really know how complicated is women biological system, have you got any idea about “Menstrual cycle” and the complication comes with women mental and physical system, if so you would not have advised Anitha in this way. Sure, without a woman pain you wouldn’t have came to this world, if you carefully watch a mother you will not put such a silly repay again. Here we talk about, how the society can accommodate women’s talent. Yes, there are pain and gain when you have woman with you. If you think you’re a man with to handle multiple tasks, then you are a supper hero for your company. You asked Anitha, if she own a company will she give consideration for women, can I ask you something, will you go for any other girl when you wife is sick or carrying a baby? Will you put your mom in an orphanage or oldage home if she is bedridden?

    As you said business will come and go, but good and true employees are the assets of any company. If your company can give good satisfaction for your employee then your client will get a better service. If your don’t care your employee then they will not care about your business, when ever they get a good opportunity they will jump, without think about the business commitment that you have done with your client. If you can’t manage 60,000 employees and your business, then don’t go for anymore. Start a business with ethics and truth; it will be there for generations. Don’t think all people are fool, if you pay money and ask them to work for your company until you and your business clients will be satisfied.

    As I know there are men against women liberation and freedom, so I told my wife resign the job and sit at home and later whenever you can find a better job she can join, till that take care of our kid. She said ok and said let us teach some thing good to then next generation, who care family and society.

    If software companies knows, guy will be productive till the age of 40 at the maximum, so they pick people from 20, would have finished graduation. Else do you think why they are giving high pay packages, just for the better human life? Now thousands of Guy and Girls are on street with drugs and beer bottles, is this the best lesion learn from west? Now they are thinking how to teach kid about family and relations, because they realised that if they go another 50 year their wont be any humanity and healthy generation. Ask any US man to work for extra hour, you have to pay for that, but here people have to work even Saturdays and Sunday to meet the targets. None of the US or UK people will work on their holidays, they are very much strict to the working hours, here asking to stretch until 12 in the night. If you work for any MNC, give me a example for any US or UK employee stretch his or her time, I am sure you cant fine 1 out of 1000, may be in million.

    Sorry guys…. for this long comment; I am not good in literature else I would have written a book on this, Thank got I am not!!!. I hate men who think that they are supper Techiees and managers (many act as business gurus). Let these guys watch their mother, sisters, wife and daughter, and learn the business of life and god will be your client, he will give you happiness as salary and bones. If people still think money and business parties (mainly to boos) are best then let then do that…who cares….

  14. Thanks a lot SS. I am really happy that there are still people who can understand the typical challenges faced by women. Women are striving so hard to balance their professional and personal life. If the health doesn’t permit and if managers are expecting to work at the cost of another child’s life, that is really brutality. I strictly condemn that Companies should follow some ethics. As I have seen already one more victim my ex-collegue who joined as a fresher from Pilani in TCS asked to leave on the name of poor performance immediately when she was 5 th month pregnant. She got that rating due to various reasons like she was @ onsite at the time appraisal and her appraisal didnt get initiate, she dint even think about that as she was busy with clients at that time. Policies have been changed all of sudden and it was a surprise for us as she was a critical resource in that project, asked to leave immediately , when she was 5 th month pregnenat. What happened to all her efforts, which she spent so much on TCS to earn billing rather than what TCS has paid for. Ofcourse the same thing happened to my sister with different name in WIPRO. What ever it is ultimately the sufferers are women only when really crisis comes

  15. Hello SS,

    You have mis interpretted my reply. I never wrote I am against woman. You will grow very well in politics because you can derive wrong things out of good intentions. You can litterally show a cat as a rat. Anita, I am sorry if you still think that I an against women. I am against Indain people who scream for their jobs, beg for the company to take care of them. You are paid monthly to save yourself from these events. See its like you choose to invest in mutual fund, which fund do you preffer. Obviously the best performing fund. Like that if the company performs better only then you will get good projects and company will progress farward.

    Anitha, I really simpathize for what happend to your sister. I worked for a product company and my product got scapped because of high level management decessions and we were asked to leave. And I comfortably found a job as I was technically strong. See, if you can add value to business, you will never be sent out. I have seen people in software who spend money like anything if they have a job and beg their friends for money after loosing their jobs. I hate loosers. you ,will never be a looser if you dont quit. There should be a proper plan. when you earn save part of it for times like that and then you will feel safe if your company fires you too.

    I have literally seen people who raised the real estate prices living in a mith their job will be for ever. they brought appartments for 60lakhs as both husband and wife are working and screamed when the job is gone. I hate those fools.

    SS, has you employment offer come with any commitment that they wil lserve you for ever. then whats wrong with the company as they are loosing business they made u quit.

    See companies like “Lehman Brothers” which got bankrupt as they havent performed well and 60,000 employees were now on roads. Do you want that to happen.

    What I said is if you have personel commitment try to place yourself as safe as possible from managers to save your job (or) quit company fullfill your personal commitments and then come back and join the company.

  16. Hi Anitha,

    I know I was harsh with people who comments about women are not productive and talk only about business. Business should have ethics and true aim for success. Many guys work for MNCs does not have true sense. And they will think what they are doing great. But in real, these guys are not doing any thing worth for the country.. can any one who thinks India is the Hub of software. Where B’lore is the capital for this… Do we have a good operating system developed by Indian brain? have any good CRM software? Have any good healthcare solution? They’re in nothing as Indian origin… We got good human resources and history of life. I feel very bad when our great former president A.P.J had to sep down. A president with vision and hope had to step down. Who are the reasons for this, the big corporate and political burocrates to make money out of it… New president is called as bride, know why.. She never shows her face… Person who can stand straight and face people has strong and pure heart… our current president doesn’t have.. Then how come these peanuts in the software has? See Iran.. See North Korea..See Japan… People from these counties has more strong mindset… Let these managers think about India and it custom… if they still think they are business gurus…great techiees..leave them.. Let us starts think of new generation… as many thinks we cannot change these guys and just look for next generation who can build new India…. I had a chance to talk with an old Gadhian, he said your are unlucky..you know why he had many good leaders when he was young…to bring freedom and develop this country..but right now we don’t have any one as a true leader… Yes I am unlucky to tell my kids that to give a example as a leader of my generation… Let people talk about money and business..and let god forgive them.. God bless them…

    FYI:- HR department in Wipro is worst as I know.. They will torture people while the are in Exit interview… So do not think these guys has moral… So I advice your sister to work as a teacher. who learned the real corporate world of money and business….

  17. Lay off… Indian IT is going to be in dangerous situation as US economy went down… Next is India and China… will face this in 4 month… US govt asked FBI to investigate on this… Lehman bro is the one of the biggest player in mortgage business. They played with US citizen money.. The top employees will face legal actions soon. Not like Indians, they have strong congress and lawmakers to fight for people… Now they are just kept all the way open for President to solve the economy as the world is watching…Wipro is one of the biggest client for Lehman…so you could see the business ethics Wipro has… This company had strong leader 3 years before..now it is going to fail in all the way.. so better to join with some other company, who has strong business ethics and innovative ideas… Wipro is going to fail in all it business process… I am not giving a gossip …it is true..

  18. SS,

    Hello SS,

    Which age are you living in? Do you think we got freedom through revolution? If we had got freedom through revolution we would have great leaders. As we got freedom through begging we won’t be having leaders, we have great beggars like Gan.., Neh… Don’t you know our first president is a beggar who begged for freedom in so called freedom struggle? The current president one more beggar begging US for nuclear deal instead of enriching our R&D. So, we don’t have leaders, we have only beggars. Your so called Ga…ian is also a beggar not leader. See US who revolted in the American Revolution and formed their country (Dream Country). If you achieve independence through revolt it you will have the pride and you will develop it. If someone throws independence on your face as they have problems correcting their economy after Second World War (British) it will be like this only. And don’t write a big story saying that I am against India; I am also a positive thinker who wants to have a great India (Not begging India) and I will try to do my part of the help to structure India of my dreams. I do accept there are great leaders but majority lack focus in the right direction. I don’t claim myself as a leader

  19. Hi Srikanth,

    Thank you for your replay.. I appreciate your courage for this. But as you said we got all from begging… sorry you are wrong, no Indian leaders begged for India’s freedom. They got it for us from a great war of scarification and dedication. Don’t compare India with US; India got freedom only 60 yrs back, but US has history for nearly 300 years. We will be the next power in this world, time will come but if have good leader and businessmen at top level. N-deal is a must agreement that India needs now, we don’t have good energy source for now. We are enough strong in Nuclear weapons but lack of source. Once we have technologies to enrich thorium and use for nuclear energy we don’t have to depen on any other country. But all the brains are going to software and serve as slaves for US then it will take some more time. If you think our leader are beggars then 70% IT employees are slaves..

    It is India’s curse that people in India does not realise the beautify of it and how to make it more better.. they just start compare with US, Europe.
    Yes I am from IT, and will tell we made normal people life worst. Any government employee can thinks of having 2 bedrooms flat in Chennai, b’lore or any other cities?? No… why? the big pay we get while serving (as slaves) for US or European clients.

    US act as a world police and do anything to any county and people for their benefits. Look at Iraq, people had better life when they were under Sadam. Why US went for the war, as they know world economy totally depends on oils (best energy source found till now). Now they are aiming for Iran to get control of 40% of world’s oil production. But US can’t touch as it has democracy and they are purely Muslim country. Iran is enriching their nuclear resource and they have Nuclear weapons also. US is scared of three counties in this world- China, Iran and North Korea. Let us be there in the hit-list…

    US spend so much of money to bring Tibetan issue to put and end for Olympic lamp in China… US intelligence bureau was worked day and night for this… but Chinese guys were smart enough they handled the situation in right way.

    Do not think India should become like US, we do not want. Still you can’t walk in the subways of New York City, Black guys will be waiting with gun to empty your pockets. So I don’t thing if you live in US, you are safe… Europe is better than US, so let learn from France, UK or Germany

    It is shame that guys in software will go to onsite (US) and praise about the life style they had in US and feeling pity for India system. 90% software employees are worth less, they can’t think for this country or do some thing for next generation. Most of the Indian software companies are service orient (TCS, Wipro, Infosys, ect) not pure product based. In short “more slaves than giants…” Feel shame and think what we can do differently… not today but tomorrow we can achieve some thing.

    Need to change whole system, let us have little communism with democracy, which will solve this. Revolt and gun fire cant changes our nation, calm and slow changes on people mind will bring all… sorry I don’t want to go more into it.

    US kids knows well about their history, rights and leaders…They learn that from schools so they can tell about their presidents and prime ministers, let us learn and teach our kids too.

  20. Hello SS,
    Don’t spend time for these guys. They think as they are genius and they will never change their views. These kind of f**kin Indian are shame for us. Nuts of show off @@@

  21. Slave..well thats a good word..the whole world works that way.. we are a developing country , not a developed country. the whole growth/boom blah blah whatever has happened is mostly because of this slavery. And, if you see there are more billionairs making it to the top in the world than other countries( including US). So what are these billionaires doing for the country and where did they make there capital from? Well you can use the word “slave” again for homegrown companies who sell their product to other countries, to fill the pockets of the rich.

    Everyone cannot be a product company, or at least some can be..how many are there in india..where is the innovation? how many medals do we get of being the highest population , booming growth?!!. China and US has comparable population and they take them all.

    The story/debate can go an and on and on.. Put it simple we are not a local economy ..we are in a global economy and get impacted by others as we try to sell our products to other countries. If we can generate enough jobs/prospects within our country, we dont have to talk about all these things. But that wont happen in a day.. no body knows..

  22. “We are enough strong in Nuclear weapons” – where did uranium came for these tests. This is a deal made to make indians belive that we are buyying uranium for good on the other hand they pocket somuch of money as congress usually does (Bofores – Rajev Gand…).

    “It is India’s curse that people in India does not realise the beautify of it” – belive India is beatufill thats it, what did you do to glorify this fact. Are you using feel good factor. Feel proud of India and do nothing. Cranks like kartik will never understand.

    “It is shame that guys in software will go to onsite (US) and praise about the life style they had in US” what’s bad about that. British wrote stories about the glory of India before turning India into a slave country. So, do you think British are insane. Do you still want us to feel india is better than US instead of accepting the facts.

    “Feel shame and think what we can do differently” why did you write this sentence – Don’t you live in a sylo that India is great (then why should we feel shame for what we are doing for earning our livelyhood – software).

    “so they can tell about their presidents and prime ministers” – what should I tell about my presidents and prime ministers. Can they be role models for the younger generation?

    Boss, Do you think if you bring some products in software then US is going to keep quiet and buy it. Will US companies buy Indian software. Why do you think oracle financials wins at every bid over SAP (SAP is german)? Do you think all these IT professionels (your so called slaves) are working in services although they have lot of chances to develop software products and sell them?

    Have you heard of British, French, American and Russian Revelutions?

    Don’t live in your own sylos Know the facts, Accept the fact and lets make things better.

  23. India needs a Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz or HU Jintao or Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the top of Indian administration. We had very good administrations like Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, T N Seshan, but where are they now? Still we have some good administrators in Army, civil services, but they cannot do any thing as our political leaders are fully corrupted. In our current cabinet only one minister does not have stains of corruption, Defense Minister A. K. Antony. Thank god at least we can say our defence service is better. Ministers are sending their kids to UK or US for education, you know why? They are investing whole money in these counties.

    Who said India can not do magic, we have better life, better human resource, better atmosphere with water, air and energy resource than any country.

    How many billionaires India made? As per my knowledge around 50, I agree few are good but what did they majority do for this county and for people. These people are take advantages of all the benefits from government (they will bend the laws in tier favour) and sell human resources for cheap.

    Where were reliance groups in 1980s? How come these brothers came in billionaires list, it is sure this money not came from a business has ethics. They influenced government and killed many companies who are competitors (many finally they will acquire). How come India can take a decision to open our energy resource to these companies? If we had a better administration we would have developed now.. India needs only 5 years to develop, do not need to do big plans, just come out from the corruptions. We our county 90% corrupted. UK and US have corruptions, but less than 12%. But in the past 5 year, under Bush it increased to 30%.

    Capitalism is good for making more billionaires not for normal citizens. We need to have long-term plan with little communism over democracy, which is good for majority of normal people.

    Just kick all the current MLAs and MPs from power and do not give more than 5 years term until they prove that they have done some thing for the people. Even though if he ruled like god for the whole 10 yeas, don’t give any more chance. Let us stop family politics, which is one way they protecting the money earned from the corruption. All the state government and central government are ruled by political family. Father, son, daughter, son in law ect.. Whole family is doing services for the county, why??? they know this is the best place to enjoy life. Any father brings his kids to some thing that is hard and difficult to workout??? My father was in Police department, I was very curious to join with police department. But my dad said “NO”, he told me “see as you think it not easy job so try for a better job, become a good engineer”. Then I asked him why you are sending me to some profession that I don’t think as a great job, I want to server for this country. Dad said ”You are hot blooded you cannot survive with sheep’s”. In Singapore, all the guys has to server in Army for 3 year, to server their county. I love Chinese guys as they are hardworking and stay for their county in any difficult situation. If you look in deep only Chinese and Indian had better history and knowledge.

    Again I will say we were slaves and we are slaves, were for British and now for United States of America. There is nothing wrong in accepting thing, once you accept the truth then you can try for a change.

    Why you want to pollute this air if you can’t purify, why you make water useless if you cant recycle, why you want to built roads and bridges if you cant maintain. If developments are not for good life, then why do we need to develop? Let us go back to 50s where we have happiness and peace.

    Next time I will share my thought on Product based and service based business model.

    Thanks you all, for making this forum more hot and sharing your thoughts.

  24. Hi Friends,

    People have to realize one thing, without the orders from WIPRO Management Russell simply cannot go for CAMPUS and select these may people.
    If you see becoz of the market down trend every company is looking for cost cutting and downsizing the teams.
    in this process they victimized Russell kind of people becoZ they are the front runners of the show and simply blaming them and reorganising the test for campus selected people.
    So people who are working like Russell shoud work carefully and should not get victimized by these MNCs.
    TCS,SATYAM,IBM every company have removed people and you have to obesrve one thing that there is no gurantee for any kind of employment in MNCs.
    If they are taking for 6 months or one year they should specify the duration of employment and people will be mentally prepared for such kind of system so that they will try for some other offer in advance before the end of the assignment.

    I request for a debate on my coments from anybody who really suffered by removal of companies.

  25. Hi Srikanth,

    You said Indians begged for our freedom, you are not sure, is it lead by prime minister or president. Thank god, at lease you left “Father of our Nation”. How come we believe that you know Indian history better than us. How could we know that you have analysed British, French, American and Russian revolutions? What revolutions you are expecting to happen to change India? It is our curse that still people are comparing India with Europe and US, we are totally different nation with different culture and life. Who wants to have kids who get out of the home when they are in 13 0r 14 and addicted to drinks and narcotic substances? Who wants schools dropouts, as we are trying to improve our literacy? Who wants to have Boyfriend- Girlfriend life when they are in 30s and 40s as we go with “one wife” concept? Western counties and US are trying to learn our culture and family life, they are telling Indian are lucky because still we have a strong family life.

    We are not masters, we are slaves and we love to be… British found this (not British first, Dutch and French) and now US also.

    We (a small group of Indian software kids) are trying to promote open source, I didn’t see good contribution to this community from Indian software legends, and they still praise Microsoft. Yes, I am kid in software field, but I love open source products like Linux, java, Mysql. Our group is try to contribute sample applications and support open source projects like Eclipse, java and Mysql etc. We share our knowledge with forums, to support open source. As we are not experts, we do only what we can.

    For your information, we are planning to promote Linux in Indian schools and colleges. As we don’t have enough support for Government and people, it will take some time as it need manpower and also money. Any one interested on this can join with us, not with money but with manpower. We can contribute only small things that we learned and currently working for our country. We hope for the best, will continue on this mission until we take last breath. We love to know as “Open source promoters” in short “OSPens”. I would not have shared this with you, but we thinks it is the time to share out thoughts to people. Let us know what experts think on this mission. And want to see what experts planning to do, if they are coming up with better solutions, let us give great welcome.

    Small more question:- What Wipro, TCS or any Indian software MNCs done for schools kids? If you know about their contributions to Indian education please share with us, as we do not know any knowledge on that (till now).

    We work for our great ex-president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s mission “India 2020” and we love India, for us she is great always.

    I am going to stop this conversation as it is crossing the limits of a healthy debate. Thank you all.

  26. The US financial industry has been shedding jobs at a record clip, world wide it will be 200000 job cut. IT + Business sector together face this. Exports say this will increase in next 3-4 months as US finance sector expects more collapse. The Mortgage Business will die, and it is going to happen in UK and other European counties even with Australia. 700 billion rescue is not enough as the banks have done business in trillion. Guys careful, there is fall with 20% IT jobs cut will happen in India in 1 year. Already 8000 people lost job. More than 12000 people are in borderline. If this situation goes worst then 20-30 thousand job cut will happen here in India. 50-60 thousand jobs will go in US.

  27. Wipro is facing critical time now, their financial clients 70% are from USA. Out of which 40% are having hard time. Wipro will lose 3 billion $ plans, which they had for the next 5 years. TCS and Satyam also facing the same problem. This year protecting job is critical than expecting promotion and salary hike.

  28. Please don’t go for interview for the company like WIPRO,TCS,IBM.These are worst company as there are lot of my friends faced such problem like in terms of work culture,politics.bad work ,transport facility particularly WIPRO.

  29. Our country needs better, reformed, modern labour laws which are clear and devoid of loopholes. And not Fidel castro or Ahmedinajad 🙂 (No communist country has made a prosperous country with happy and prosperous people, so its not a good way to go. And communism has failed all over the world and why in the world are we still having these communists in India ha ha).

    We need better regulations and better implementations of these regulations. Always a privatised free country is much better, but with good, thoughtful regulations which will be possible to be implemented.

    it is sad that Wipro is treating women this way. Does not suit a company of this size to have such low attitude towards mothers. And how can they cut off people based on performance? And announcing it loud ? We think some humans are above others, its not true. Wipro can only say that they are not suited for the work that they have, not that they are under performers. Btw, people are recruited after having a rigorous interview. unless they changed after getting recruited, their argument is hollow and shallow. The truth is Wipro does not have business created by them, but instead they rely on outsourced work which is created by Big innovative companies in US and Europe. If Wipro was innovative India would have transformed into a place where lot of products in the world are generated in India which is not what is happening now. May be Premji just gets satsifaction counting the dollars he earns and not by innovative ideas with which he could carry Wipro into new and adventurous businesses.

  30. Now capitalism has failed in America, it is clearly says that any thing other than democracy will not stay for years. Communism is good and it is hard to implement, as countries like US, UK, Israel etc still working to fail this system. Russia failed, as many other counties need that failure. Look, next world power is going to be china and next Japan. Once British was in power, now America, tomorrow China. China has democracy with taste of communism, it is going well.

    Wipro is planning to take more people who are sitting in bench more than 1 month. The real fact is that they do not have any new projects and in existing projects client does not need more people, as they need cost cutting. Wipro got lots of mangers, who are not fit for the job. They can’t create new projects or protect the projects. Many clients are not happy because of these managers are not technically good and they came to Wipro when the IT market was good (5-6 year back). These guys never worked well and were sticking with Wipro as it was like Government Company, now they are managers (Talented guys shifted companies as they got good offers from other companies). Still one-year back the employee evaluation was just a drama, but now it is a way to fire people. Manager take this opportunity to Fu*k the guys who were not in good terms with them. Managers are firing pregnant women from their project, as these people will go in maternity leave for 6-9 months with 3 months salary benefits.

    Wipro took more than 6000 people from campus for year 2004 and 2005, among theses 10% of employees left in 1 year. Next year 20% people left wipro,as like these guys were waiting to finish off their bond with this company. 2007-2008 batch students are still waiting for offer letters from Wipro. There was no intimation from company on this. Guys please look for some other job. Wipro lost 2 billion dollars business (5 year term) from Lehman bro now. Most of the financial projects in Wipro are in trouble. Only telecom and health care is going well now, but not sure how long as entire US market will go down slowly for next 8-10 months. May next US governments will come up with much more stable financial plans, if they succeed then IT market will pick up to protect atleast our current jobs.

    Wipro is planning to invest money into retails market as the IT is going to be more trouble in coming years and which is a stable. Their electronic product market also not picking up well. Some times I feel Premji is sleeping whole days, he or his directors are not coming up with any better innovative plans for the whole IT company and its future. They are looking for new business not for alternate solution to boost current business process.

    There are confidential plans are going among Wipro employees to form employees union. They have discussed with other companies’ employees to form this as a formal non-political employee union to protect employee and their career.

    Once this has come to in act then any IT company who wants to chop employee or employees need to approval from the union accessing committee. This committee will assess the employee and give their feedback. It is to protect the employee and employer in a good manner.

    Time has come now, there should be an employee welfare union in this county, there more than 1 million employees working in IT and related sector.

    All the best for Wipro and its managers. Let god give them good solutions to protect business, not to cut the jobs.

    If any HR is looking into this blog, see how they can answer on this.

  31. SS and Sreekanth performing well …talkin about complicated subject(…like capitalism,…..).But de issue is not this.okay we are in trouble…..what we can advise to our followers.Nothin…..”please dont involve in camp placement,dont leave ur nights and food…..or anything for these giants.complete ur accademics……come out…search for job….then find some good company(…not indian)…even if they terminate you they wont leave you in street with ‘0 ‘balance(economically and professionally)…”

  32. Dear SS

    You had given a hint that an IT employee union is going to be formed. If you have some latest info on that, then please provide further details. Personally, I don’t think so if such kind of union would going to be there cause most of the people don’t have time even for there friends. One of my friend is working in Wipro and his manager had already told him that there are no new IT projects n there. Hope this economic downturn would resume ASAP.


  33. Soon the BPO based jobs also will be in problem,so people who are all working in BPO sectors they can resign from the job and they can serach some other job or they can change thier role in their companies otherwise they will face the problem in future,already US economy is in poor condition.Since Most of the BPO’s in india concentrating on US companies only,so please ask our friends who are all working in BPO sectors to switch over the job otherwise they will be sacked crucially

  34. I am an Ex-wiprorite. From my observation, they give growth only to people who have graduated from REC,NIT etc. for rest of others it will be the tough time to learn or get good experience.

  35. There are people who are affected due to Market downside. Leave out layoff have paycuts and have bad appraisals. Now say that market makes a good comback in like 6 months. Would these companies revist the people who had a bad appraisal and give them what they deserver.

    2ndly. we say market is down all the time. What does Indian Market being down has to do with indian IT firms. Everyting that these people do is for either the Dollar, pound, Euro etc. So even though the market is down, the inflow of money has increased e.g. what 1$$ stood for until last month 39 is not 50 which is almost 1.5 times more. Why cut jobs when you earn more????? Yes i will not get new business but what i am currently doing will stay on maybe reduced rates.

    All these Big 5’s focus on doing business with the banking sector since there is a lot of money there. with every economy the Banking sector is the first to crash. WOuld they have not thought about it?

    Some points to ponder.

  36. hi i know these companies…!!! ..I had been in one company like that before and actually i had a tussel with one of the manager and i had to leave..he knew i was good and still had to leave…no issues…i started freelancing and hhope full my company will be as good as theirs…
    Point is..wipro ..all the big players are drinking blood of all the employees..it is like big companies here have formed a team where they can exploit the employees..at will!!1
    so moral of story leave the company …go abroad try working with the client directly…

    right now the market isbad.. but it is worth it abroad..
    these companies never let the real talented people go out..it is just sad state here..i am back here but will be here for one more year and then leave..
    (lot of spelling mistake since i am tired and also feeling sleepy)

  37. i was reading all the comments..yes i agree wipro was never innovative..ony the innovative guys where the hotmail guy..and some rare people..
    wipro what he had was he was from india and he used all the employees..and he made the money it is sad that the indian it employee always gets used and misused ..internationally and domestically too by these big selfish fishes !!!

  38. Stop This arguments ….You people have made only one mistake….What ?

    Joined in IT field..

    Day by day ….afraid about lay of…recession..What a Life….Go and do the agriculture

  39. I agree vijay, IT Field should be vanished forever for the bettterment of our ecnomy and make the doors opened for we non- IT students cuming from life science and agri fields. For quite long years you people are supressing with your money power.. Now where it has gone??????
    Watch and see we people are goin to become the business typhoons!!!!!!

  40. Some body in discussion earlier mensioned Top brains Comes for IIT .. I work in MNC and i am not from either IIT or REC .My company has layoff start of july 10 people out of 100 member team was effcted …6 out of tem were from IIT .. point i want to tell. i am agree IIT has reputation .but once it comes to prove and perform we see employee from other college even you may not have heard name is doing much better. So moral of story you can take any one because he is from IIT is not true . reject some one because he is from other college ..looking at all recods now my company is planning to call off campus recuitement instead of going to IIT only for campus recuitement earlier .

  41. Response to Ravi.

    Thats a biased conclusion ravi. Forget about IIT. Take any lot of people from any family. You find all qualities in them from good to bad on your reference levels. Point i like to make is don’t be biased on a particular set of sampled facts to decide that IIT’ns came into market just because of reputation of their premier institute. You will find people from IITs on both extremes ranging from poorly skilled to outstanding. This is not only about IITians, this point applies to any group of people.

    I agree to the point, rejecting people based on institute or some other sick reason reflects how bad that particular interview process is framed and how immature the person is who takes that biased decision.

  42. Its shame shame shame to Ajim . I pray to god not for myself not for my family but for Ajim ” Requesting god to give all diseases to Ajim so that before he die he should get all the pains which he has given to innocent people of India.jai hind
    lets pary all” Kutte se bhi bhattar ki mouth mare”

  43. Dear Reshma

    You are pretty wrong in blaming IT people for taking all the money from the market. Let me correct you here that each and every company be it technical, agriculture, petroleum…and the list goes on. They all need strong IT support as in Software/Hardware without which they will fail. You should had done a thorough research on the economic recession prior pointing IT guys. This recession effects all…. 🙂

  44. Reshma and Vijay,

    You can not live without IT, in Hospital and health care, Defence, banking, retail markets, schools and colleges etc have IT solutions and systems. If u see, everywhere u find IT solution to support your needs. If you want to live as in 18th century, then u can avoid IT, but how come you can avoid mobiles, internet, ATM and live??? So the society is moving with IT. I am with IT solutions for the past 5 years and every time I realise that this is growing faster than any other sector. Each seconds has an update, people are very fast in learning process. You cannot say just KILL IT. IT great to server the mass population, are ready to stand in long queue to withdraw money? Can you think about shopping without ATM cards? Here we want how to solve the issues in IT companies when we are in trouble. How people can build strong career in IT sector. My suggestion is instead of building 50,000 or 1,00,000+ employees-strength companies are not a good model. This industry needs a mushroom type of companies with maximum of 3000-5000 employees. Where they can work closely and be more productive. Adding employees for billing is not advisable, add people and make them productive. Wipro, TCS, IBM all the major players are doing this. Now they cant afford a single person without billability. They were keeping 2000-4000 people in bench, when there is opportunity get new projects. Now these excess employees gone out of the companies, saying they are not good performers. Employee worked more than 3 years are now not a good performer, how was he/she in the past 2 years?

    Young guys have to look for small companies and build one if you have vision. It is always better to work in some companies for 4-8 years and learn the process. Come out and join together start a new business. You should make sure you have learned the process not their business and clients information from your parent company. With out giving any harm to your parent company, any one can start new solution systems in same or different domains. Naturally there will be some level of conflicts coming as the businesses in IT more or less are in similar business model.

    Why mushroom model? It will help some level of down falls, Companies can protect employees with cost cut measures like salary, allowance cut, power saving etc.

    As long as leaders come with clear vision, in politics and industry we cant live happily. None of them think about common man. I hate people who wrote books on their life experience as like they have clear vision and passion to this country and people. Yes they are successful in building their life and business, but what is their service, service is done without expecting any kind of benefit.

    Don’t think I am an expert and trying to become a brilliant born-leader. What ever I wrote is a common man thought. May be I am 100% wrong, but it is great to share people ‘s thoughts and learn.



  45. Guyz,

    How is the current scenario ? Is it better to join wipro or ibm, I know both companies are worst, can anyone let me know which is less bad.

    I completely agree with you guyz on Layoff’s, But I also want to tell everyone that we need to see our safety first than companies, Companies will be asked to do junk work.but it is our duty to always improve our skills and be the best in everything, You shud create a value that the whole projects runs because of you..if it is ..I dont think no company think abt firing the employee…even though they do we have our skills to get another job….


  46. Hi Kiran ,

    Wipro was supposed one of the safest company in the Indian IT market. Firing,better to say layoff is the global phenomena .This is new to in India ,thats why there is so called panic is realizing . No company is bad or worst. If you are fresher than You should think about the profile of ur work . If you are experience one I think you should have to think about the Project,where you are going to deploy ……….

    Rest is the Luck ……….. But in my view ,Wipro is better than IBM in ethics …. 🙂

  47. Hi Anitha,

    I believe that you sister was discriminated by Wipro. Share holders or not a company has a duty of care for their employees. There is no use training and firing people, a good company must ensure that they are able to keep their good workers. Your sister should have been given a project that would have suited her needs until such time when she could become fully available. It appears that your sister was squeezed out of Wipro by ensuring that she was given a project that they knew she would not be able to cope given that she has a young baby in her care. The Indian Government must ensure that policies are in place to prevent such discrimination against people on the basis of their gender. If the same has happened in a developed country, share holders or not, the company would have paid out a massive sum to your sister and their reputation would be in tatters.

  48. I was woking in wipro technologies for more then 2 year’s, last week HR called me @ 7.30 PM and asked to give resignation letter.The resion he is telling is for ur skill set there is no project.It is really stupid thing which wipro is doing

  49. Guys, Every IT major is going thru tough time, This year the professional will survive and amatures will be out. No sympathy for any Gender/Experience/Skill set or anything. The value you bring in to the business is what it matters.

    I was in onsite, the entire onsite team worked every single weekends for continously almost 8 months. we are able to impress the customer and now we are getting more business even with the current econmic situation. The credit goes to the team especially the manager. He was able to motivate us y his ability provide us the directions for an issue/task.

    Almost the all the team members are married and got kids , in some cases ,new born babies. we were away from the family for almost one year and just keep the focus only on the project. Only contact is weekend calls. There was a huge effort from the entire team to complete the taks and we were successful. So I guess I will survive this quater.

    From now on if you want to be in IT you must do sacrifies. Market is bad now and even if it better in near future the management will expect the same level of commitment and performance from an individual.

    I guess I will not be able to delivery the same thing once again as it required too many sacrifies, but when you want to survive this is the only way I coud think of. You can call me a HR or a Manager, but the truth is I am just a senior developer.

    I know in many cases people were asked to relocate, even the Girls /mothers of school going kids were asked to relocate, as the business demands, some people opts to quit and some take the offer and leave the loved ones in home town and relocate. Its tough time guys, no mercy for anyone. If you want a 9 to 5 job and nice evening with family please start your own business or take a govt job.

  50. Hi
    SS and Srikant
    I think you people arguing unecessarly so times going out of topic the main issue is the managment behaviour towards its employees
    dear SS let’s imagine that you run a hotel, then you expect your workers to work form morning 4 am to 11pm to meet the customer requirements at that time your are no ware concerned about the healt or any problems of your employes if you start bothering their problems, finally you will be in a big problem, the same is the case with the corporates if they considers ebery small and big problems fianlly no one will remember them. grow up this is a competetive world if want to survive you have to perform thats. for this you need not worry about the biological changes of women.

    Mr. Srikant India is the land of Great leaders not beggars , many have scarificed thier lifes for this land.
    Just tell me one thing how much did you scored in 10th class history?
    when the discussion is going on about the corporates and thier decisions you are supposed to share your views about that topic. You have no right to talk about our heros.
    and you feel that Americans are more superior than us? bull shit I feel that Americas are the most idiotic creatures avalable on this earth please do not comparte Indians with Americans If they are so great we will not get so many projects, even they know this fact the sad thing is being an Indian you don’t know this.
    I pitty you srikant ….

  51. I worked for Wipro for 18 months, I have been in IT for 20 years and never have I worked for such an ass backwards company full of so many unqualified people, don’t get me wrong there are about 10% of people on the US side mixed in that for the most part keep things going on the US contracts supported by a ton of H1 visa holders and remote working in India that would be better suited working at 7-11, they lie about what the contract is going to pay, they lie about the work, the lie about the support and man power, bottom line is they lie, the only thing I can say is my paycheck was always on time, might no be correct but it was on time, WIPRO is the worst company to work for period and this includes jobs I had in high school like KFC….I left of my own choosing and would rather take unemployment and eat dirt than work for those fools ever again, beware of WIPRO, you have been warned.

  52. Hi Shyam,

    I sounds like working in the Information Technology is like working in a war zone. Only week-end contacts with the family! Anitha and I are talking about the ethics of the companies that discriminate women. If a multi-national company such as Wipro is not able to provide an environment that is supportive towards their female employees then they have to come out and say this publicly that their company is not best suitable for female employees as their policy does not support female employees.I dare them to come out say this in the public forum.

  53. Really seen the IT giants which suck the blood of their employees.This is really brutal and these higher management sholuld be hanged.
    they r the ones who spend less effort and earn more through sal and illegal means like share from consultants , backdoor entry etc.

  54. Hi

    I love to hear words from SS

    He is my hero……. I wish to know his real name.

    you ppl are right about Wipro.

    I am still with wipro…………………………

    Plz don’t ever think to join wipro…………..

    no good culture, managements are bad.

    Manager are toooooooooo bad.

    mostly they try to use you for any thing……….

    don’t eat shit for 20 buggs………….

  55. hi, i worked for wipro too. there is lot of caste politics. mr rousel purshottam – recruitment head also is a victimof caste. as i know,he encouraged lot of rural colleges and needy students, fighting pratik kumar – hr globalhead. first they told he mabe 60 crores, then 25 crores, then 45 lakhs and then 6 lakhs. my uncle inpolice told me that the investigation showed he is clean and was framed. wipro lost its value with colleges and image with students. rousel sir could take anybody head on which people dont like. another thing we shall not blame others unless its true and proven. any body can sling mud on anybody. this harms people. we must find our weaknes and rectify it than blame anybody. there are lots in wiprowho have great regard formr rousel. his good deeds willalways ensure he flies high. idiots can talk rubbish and go on and on…

  56. Wipro to increase the operational margin has come up with this approach of asking people to leave telling some or the other reason. I know people who were onsite with EE rating has been asked to leave. The same aslo has happened to people working in Wipro for more than 10 years.
    They are putting in WASE students to fill up those billable positions. This is all about inflating the resumes and sending it to customer. Suppose a WASE student is in 3rd year they send his profile to the customer saying he has got 3 years of experience. This helps them increasing the operational margin.
    To be very honest the kind of work in most projects Wipro does can be managed by freshers and hence they are replacing the experienced resources with them.
    The HR policy says anything grey is black. Now I believe in Wipro everything is black!!!
    The TED guys are pretty reluctant to meet you like they are doing a favour. It’s only when you start escalating things falls in place.
    But if you escalate your manager puts a comment that you are demanding!!!
    Now let me ask a question how many people knows that they are getting the right amount ccredited to their account as salary?
    Corporate politics is there in every organization so I do not blame Wipro for that. But what is bad in Wipro is there is no way a junior resource can rate their supervisors.
    IBM’s work culture is still good.
    I had a discussion with my group head before I left and he said Sandeep remember you work to fend yourself not to the organization so the decision you have taken is a good one.
    I now realise after seeing all this in Wipro well I took a timely decision.
    If you work for long in Wipro you will lose your technical competency. I worked almost for 3 years and I feel the kind of projects I chose (I have fought it out to get into those projects) was good enough and I got a good exposure. Still on technical front I never felt I have done something great.

  57. I am in Wipr from 3 and hals years. No bands change.No one managers supports for band cange. only answer they give in clear codegym. after clearing codegym,they will tell us to go next level codegym exams etc. It is very tough for Band change.

  58. in case you are leaving without a ready job in hand – contact me for some prototype development work for my company. i may not pay great, but i will be able to sustain to some extent. i will consider all of you as partners in growth. if the product hits, we all share.

    and by the way, i am an ex-wipro sufferer. now i am my own boss (my wife permits me to say so).

    My own Boss………….

  59. Wipro was a great company when Vivek Paul was heading it , the current bunch is pathetic. Most of the good guys have left the organization last 2-3 years

    Mr Pratik Kumar will soon realize he is stuck with a whole bunch of employyes who are either bonded labourers ( WASEANS) or useless laterals < 3 years who have joined at the pathetic pay scales that Wipro offers.

    It would be interesting to see how Pratik solves this one and if he is up to the task.

    You cant add more people but have to show 30% increase in OM . Clients are not going to pay more dollars /pounds/euros Or yens for rookies.

    If you cant solve this one hope you have a job in hand ..BIG BOSS will give you a NI

  60. I worked in Wipro for 10 years and they asked me to resign citing performance…I wonder this kind of comments came only while layoff-ing me and it was not documented in any of the appraissal or email. How can I find job quickly during recession? What kind of reason can I tell to my future company if there is a gap. They could have atleast gave me 3 months notice to resign.
    These people are merciless people…Pratik kumar is an idiot who just want his job to be safe. If you give money to wipro, they might do anything….yes, I mean anything. If you go to wipro, you can find many banners about ethics… If they really care about ethics why the heck they forged the document to get project from world bank…
    It all appears total bullshit …If I ever get a chance, I would apply my shit on all top management guys including pratik and premji

  61. Well wipro removed almost all more than 5000 employees till now, and they doing it very calmly on monthly basis. i.e. not removing all employees at onece but they are doing it slowly at background.most of people in company dont know this. they are not only removing people but they are also creating problem for employees in getting jobs else where. they say that non performence is the reason for removing particular employee but as I know most of the people who got removed from wipro are well performers and key persons in the project. they are worked for many years for this company. TCS and other companies are removing peole but atleast they are giving them all the proper documents. like Experience letters and Releaving letters. but WIPRO HR team is such a bad management team which is not providing any experience letters to employees and even the releaving letter they are mentioning something bad. and even after that if employee joins some other company and id the new company HRs calls this company for BGC these guys are not giving them proper info i.e.Negitive responce. so the guys who got out of WIPRO are still struggling for jobs. if this will continue there will be no way but most of them will commit sucide.I know one of my friend who got removed from wipro. she is an inttlegent girl and today she is struggling to survive. her father is in hospital and he needs operation and this girl dont have money to pay for operation. is this what a company do to their ex employees. this gir have talent. and she got job in almost 3 big MNC s buit she lost those three jobs due to WIPROs negetive responce. why these WIPRO Hrs doing this to their ex employees. is there any benfit for them. what ever this issue is gonna very serious. not 1 or 2 employees . almost 5 K employees. every body is talented and every body server them for more than 2 to 3 years.

  62. check my blog for your answets guys. what actually happens with a student who actually selects software field as his career path. not one or two but lakhs of people are facing this problem. they lost their right to work.

  63. Dears

    Now only every body says layoffs at Wipro this is there at their blood itself (they call professionalism) if u see the history of Wipro they open a company for their need based to get market capitalisation when the particular market gets melt down they silently close the company and ask the people to leave whoever they want to retain (papetts or samchas) attach with someother division. Whoever does the jobs at the head of the division perfectly the papet get rewarded with higher position at some other divisions. These are live example – When Finance Market was boom they opened Wipro Finance and get the maximum gain after the down fall of Finance market they closed this company.Employees out or thrown. When the medical market of booming they formed join venture with GE USA they had 51% stake the market start stumpled Wipro off loaded their share to GE and they become minority share holders. Whoever was the pets of Wipro they have taken back to Wipros fold. The market statement from Wipro was this is not the core business. Come to BPO they purchased Spectramind the head was rewarded after the integration he was out and he started his seperate company.

    Another thing was they had Biomed divn the particular principal they were representing was contributing 80% of the income of this divn. The Principal was decided to come India seperately then the alliance was broken. The Prinicipal company has offered to take back all the employees of Biomed division on their roll – which Wipro has not accepted and asked the employees to stand off with them they will be strengthing the business few employees has left on their own and majority employees stayed with Wipro. The employees who has joined the Principal company Wipro has failed the suit and got the damage. After two years Wipro has decided to selll the divn since they felt it is not viable to operate they sold the company with employees and played the life/career of the employees who have served long – how to beleive Wipro. Wipro played the life all employees.

    The above story gets continues now on the meltdown of software industry.

    Tomorrow the consumer market get cracked this might get repeated for their consumer divn

    Wipro never gets bother about employees they bothers only for Money at one place

    Now the leaders also left whoever opened their own company they are successful. More leaders also left or leaving sooner or later – if there is a beginning definately there will be a down fall which you will find sooner or later only time will tell

  64. I am also a victim of WIPRO HR. Inspite of having project in my hand and having assured billability, I have been asked to resign. They are taking care that no records of this communications (forced resignation) will come on black and white. They are calling on phones and no mail communication is there. They told me that they are unable to provide any suitable project for my skill set, when I contacted them that I have a sure billability then they started saying it is due to non-performance. I will not suggest anyone to join WIpro as there is nothing like ethics in this company.

  65. Fresher-In-Wipro was a very sincere and brilliant student who was recruited by Wipro Systems in 1996 from JNTU College of Engineering. Fresher-In-Wipro was admired by everybody in the college because he was bright, friendly and yet humble. He completed his studies in June 1997 and reported at Wipro Bangalore on 7th July, 1997. He was given training for two months in Bangalore and transferred back to Hyderabad in September 1997. Fresher-In-Wipro was ambitious but he had no day dreams. He wanted to stick to Wipro just like his father sticked to IOB. In the first week of his reporting at Wipro Hyderabad, he observed Deviprasad Rambhatla having a verbal argument with Nathan in a computer lab. This created a bad impression for Deviprasad in Fresher-In-Wipro’s mind. Later, Fresher-In-Wipro was made part of a group which was being monitored by Deviprasad to assist Nathan for pooling a team for IBM Japan’s Daikoku project. We were given one month time to learn JAVA and one fine day Deviprasad (Deviprasad Rambhatla) conducted a written test on JAVA for the group. Everybody in the group copied the answers from Fresher-In-Wipro and Fresher-In-Wipro still assumed he would be rated number one choice for the project. Against his expectations Deviprasad announced Fresher-In-Wipro as the last choice for the project which hurted Fresher-In-Wipro, but still Fresher-In-Wipro kept quiet thinking Deviprasad is cheating. Later the team shortlisted for Daikoku project was introduced to Nathan and the other senior members. The junior Daikoku team was kept in a lab to create a demo and learn the Symantec IDE. On the first day in the lab, Deviprasad again interfered and forced Fresher-In-Wipro to work on user interface inspite of Fresher-In-Wipro’s request to involve him in backend. This again hurted Fresher-In-Wipro but Fresher-In-Wipro kept quiet and developed a code generator which talks to backend for generating DAO, VO and Constraint JAVA classes. Since Nathan was not accessible Fresher-In-Wipro disclosed this innovation to junior Daikoku team. The idea was not appreciated by Viswanadham in the junior team. Losing no faith, Fresher-In-Wipro then showed this code generator to Srini, a senior member in Daikoku project. Srini appreciated this idea. One day Nathan was not in office and Anil Pillai called Fresher-In-Wipro to pay a visit to Nathan and his wife in a hospital. Fresher-In-Wipro went to hospital twice along with Sridhar to give mental support to Nathan.

    The next day Fresher-In-Wipro heard Nathan was out of Daikoku project because he had no project plan and creating a demo was not IBM’s expectation on the client’s visit to Hyderabad. Fresher-In-Wipro was informed that Deviprasad was elected as the PM for this project by the senior management. That day morning Deviprasad approached Fresher-In-Wipro and enquired about his code generator. Fresher-In-Wipro then did not realize that Nathan was not informed about his code generator and Deviprasad is manipulating the facts to climb the corporate ladder. Fresher-In-Wipro then used to fine tune his code generator as per his team members’ demands, also develop new customized ui components for the project, also bring the project out of deprecated situations with his code parsers and generators, deliver modules in the project where there was no documentation and only word of mouth. As a whole Fresher-In-Wipro was doing 3 people’s job. This happened till December 1997. Meanwhile, Deviprasad used to consistently make false promises of hiking Fresher-In-Wipro’s salary or send Fresher-In-Wipro and Viswanadham to Japan. Later one fine day Deviprasad declared that he is going to send Viswanadham alone to Japan with his usual way of demoralizing Fresher-In-Wipro in the team meetings. Later Viswanadham announced he has no passport and then Deviprasad approached Fresher-In-Wipro to go Japan. Since Fresher-In-Wipro too had no passport Fresher-In-Wipro expressed his inability to go Japan. Fresher-In-Wipro also had a troubling family problem to stop him from going to Japan. Later Sridhar from Daikoku team went to Japan in January 1998. The team was kept under immense pressure to deliver as we were reaching some unknown or unannounced delivery dates. We were working late nights since the beginning of January 1998. Fresher-In-Wipro was one day in January 1998 working late till 9 pm at Wipro office and his dad called him to come home immediately. So, Fresher-In-Wipro seeked Deviprasad’s permission to go home and Deviprasad sarcastically denied his request. This has upset Fresher-In-Wipro and he used some bad language against Deviprasad after going back to his seat. Fresher-In-Wipro went home later and forgot about it in a week. Somehow, IBM Japan forced Deviprasad to come Japan in February 1998. After this incident Fresher-In-Wipro was abused on his face by everybody at JIPC Wipro starting from third week of February 1998. Meanwhile Deviprasad sitting in Japan used to change the requirements of Fresher-In-Wipro’s deliverable modules everyday back and forth. Since, there was no configuration management tool then Fresher-In-Wipro had to always struggle to keep upto speed. This tons of work pressure from Deviprasad and abusive comments from fellow colleagues in JIPC broke Fresher-In-Wipro. Fresher-In-Wipro submitted his resignation to KGK and Dakshina Murthy M. Hope you realized how badly Fresher-In-Wipro was manipulated by Deviprasad. Fresher-In-Wipro did not even know that Deviprasad behind this bad phase in Wipro and simply came out of Wipro without uttering a single word against anybody in the exit interview of Wipro.

    Wipro wired Fresher-In-Wipro and bullied him for past 10 years. They spoiled his public relations by sniping at him with voices in his head every second for past 10 years and making him react to it while he lost control on his senses due to the continuous sniping. Since, then Fresher-In-Wipro had hearing voices problem where ever he lived or worked. He could not sustain his relationships with any person or his employers for long after quitting Wipro in May 1998. Wipro not only bullied Fresher-In-Wipro at its own workplace but also made outsiders to bully Fresher-In-Wipro to ruin his life because his family wanted to sue Wipro for the same. Wipro management has misused their power to suppress a talented junior because they were scared that their crimes will come out in public one day. To be honest I can reveal many terrible experiences caused by Wipro and its supporters to Fresher-In-Wipro. Someone joining Wipro is betting his life with Wipro for some money. It is like selling your soul to Satan. Fresher-In-Wipro was 365x24x60x60 tortured between 1998-2003 without letting him to smile for a moment. Fresher-In-Wipro was forced to commit suicide in March 2002. I could say Fresher-In-Wipro saw hell because of being associated with Wipro and Deviprasad. I the other form of Fresher-In-Wipro, sent several mails to Azim Premji and Vivek Paul to seek justice. Unfortunately, the hearing voices problem is still hurting me and making me live in an unreal world. So, pl. do justice to me by making Wipro compensate me, give permanent cure for my hearing voices problem and punish the wrong doers in my/Fresher-In-Wipro’s life. For more proof, pl. wait for God to expose the culprits. O’ God punish Evil and save Good.

  66. Experience has no value in Wipro, they believe to have 10 freshers for a job than 2 experts. As the number goes up they can make more billable headcount and less pay for junior employs. Also Wipro believe in Capitalism and Money-Making-Bureaucracy, where employee will not get justice. They believe when a human at the age of 20-35, able to work hard and give profit for the company. They are happy to recruit BA, BSc and Bcom graduates for testing, customer supports ect. You know why? Young and smart guys will work (hard) for the company with less salary (7000-12000). Guys in software, beware that MNC believe that you will be profit making till 35yrs. Very few people can grow and sustain as management team. When you work for IT companies, save the money as much as you can and find a job at 35, which will give metal peace and happy family life. This will give you long life…

    I am from wipro, I know if the economic crisis is going to last for another 3 more year so always tell to my heart that I many have to drive a taxi to feed my family.

  67. One common incident in Wipro, they will give lots of pressure for pregnant women to create a situation where they will quit the job. This is to save three months salary (who is going for maternity leave) and can reduce employee strength with this Economic crisis. Girls beware… think how could you have a baby with the world is Economic crisis!!! Sorry girls.. Many girls already faced this and many marriages are in hold.. So plz hold your all family-planning.. Guys help your wife (who work for Wipro) without giving more responsibility, as motherhood is precious and this should come for a happy woman.

  68. Wipro the other scandal company with all lies faking employees resume to clients and cheat clients it one like satyam which cheats the share holders CBI enquiry should be done with wipro all things will be out One of the Wrost HR Sherya Shina Enabling does not know the rules and policy and play with employeess he cannot handle as the HR in wipro wrost HR in wipro does not know how to treat employess God will teach Sherya a less to her and family she will suffer they play with employess to safe gaurd themslef. never trust wipro top management take all freshers and make them with fake resume to clients and talk lies…

  69. Hi Anitha,

    You were perfectly right in predicting that this will happen to another new mother. I was forced to resign last month after returning from my maternity leave. I have filed a case against Wipro, please get in touch with me. I will not bring your sister’s case up if you do not want me to but I am interested in knowing more about it for my case. Please call me 98840 98787.


  70. Dear all,

    This not just for Anitha, if any of you have been “framed” and were forced to resign at Wipro and want to address it, please feel free to get in touch with me 98840 98787. I have risked my future in the IT industry to take Wipro to court because someone has to speak up against those bullies in top managment. I worked diligently as many of you have and am unable to accept it when they treat us like toilet paper. I have been traumatized to such extents by the HR and top management that I haven’t slept peacefully even 1 night since the day I was forced to resign.


  71. Hi lk,

    Your courage is highly appreciating……we all are with you …..Leave your mail id ,so that ppl can contact you .

    Keep visiting………


  72. Thank you Indian and Lucky, my email Id is lkwipro@gmail.com.

    While I agree with other opinions in the thread that any organization has to do what it takes to achieve its operating margin and profits, they can do so responsibly without harrassing the employees and degrading them.


  73. Dear Wiproites and Ex-Wiproites,

    If you are being harrassed or bullied by Wipro then pl. report to CIA at https://www.cia.gov/. Since, Wipro ADRs are listed in US they are answerable in US too. They cannot keep on playing games with innocent employees like us.

    O’ God pl. punish Evil and save Good for peace forever.

    Best Regards,
    Wipro Fresher

  74. Hi it wrost they asked me resign or else terminate it like blackmailing me , the good name of wipro is gone the bag top management came, clients will understand that wipro is playing games with innocent employees they suck our blood and throw away, the wrost HR from wipro do not know how to talk with employees let all fight for justice…

  75. Wipro said I was not performing after being on the project for just 3 days out of which I had a desktop only for 1 day and that too it was not configured for project requirements!! My previous appraisals were EE and ME, and suddenly in 3 days they decided that I was not performing. It’s okay to reduce head count but they cannot do it in such unethical ways…let them come out in the open give Pink Slips; its a much better way of handling the recession than traumatizing the employees.

  76. Wipro’s manager Ms. Jyoti Shailendra, Delivery Head, Testing services, Manikonda, Hyderabad Wipro, got promotion after she laid off 400 employees through faking non performance on their appraisals. She lied to 400 people shamelessly. When I met her she boasted about her promotion and how she had to think of firing 400 employees by thinking of fictitious non performing reasons. Shame on her!

  77. Wipro is one of most wrost company does not even treat employees good, The top management going bad, full of politics the day comes whole wipro will fall down into pieces
    in hyderabad Rajinikanth mupplla the wrost Delivery Manager
    ESS just look whom to sack so he can save his jobs do nothing just sit and enjoy he is one should be removed from wipro do nothing just sit and earn money Shame on him and Shame on Top Management of wipro

  78. This is valuable information; many thanks to those of you who have mailed and given specific information here. Please stay tuned and I will keep you posted on the developments on my case. We need enhanced labour laws to prevent employees from facing disgraceful and traumatizing practices in these IT companies that were supposedly boosting the Indian economy.

  79. ALARMING !AZIM PREMJI and Wipro’S CFO have instructed their HR TEAM TO REMOVE PEOPLE without highlighting to media

    I fully agree to the standpoint of exwiproites. I am also a casualty of harassment in Wipro. It is believed that Azim Premji knows about these unlawful activities of the HR and Technical Team. It is only after his approval that HR and associated people are behaving in uncultured way. THERE are thousands of proved cases to tell that this man is responsible for harassment within Wipro. A person who is close to the CFO has leaked this alarming information to me. This plan was instigated by Wipro’ CFO

    The reason why he endorses such act is to cover fraudulent Financial practices that are happening within Wipro. Very soon it will become bigger scam than satyam.

    So Share Holders ! Beware of this fraud company. Very soon it will collapse

  80. Ofcourse Wipro has been projecting higher Operating Margins. I was managing Operations for our business unit and I know exactly how they arrive at their numbers.
    Its high time we had laws and not just guidelines for employee rights; There have been too many cases of employee harassment in this country already.

  81. Wipro is going to layoff another 10000 ,i.e., bottom 10%. They will be humiliated as non-performers and asked to leave. Well done wipro.

  82. Pl. search for `radio waves to alter moods or thought` in Google to realize how Wipro played with the moods and thoughts of its ex-employees and current employees to make them work for them like slaves. Wipro is the greatest manipulator in history. People who work for Wipro lose control on their senses and do all kinds of mistakes.

  83. All these days I was sending mails about my pain. I forgot to mention that I saw Premji’s head from my cubicle at distance as if it was staring at me with no life in it. I am not sure whether Premji’s body was obscured by the cubicles or his head was put on a trolley. This is my experience during May-June 1999 at Sun Microsystems, Chelmsford, MA, USA. So, pl. do justice to the man who has raised as the second richest man in the world during 1999. The reason for me not mentioning this to anybody on email was I never saw the news on Premji’s death. My experiences at Sun during 1999 were multiversal.

    Thank God, I want everybody on this Earth to get equal justice without fail forever.

  84. Hi All

    Am a wiproite and all the experiences of my fellow wiproites are very true and 100% correct.. let me put my nightmare experience at wipro.. and i was working in e-enabling horizontal, wipro bangalore.. there was a technical manager by name Preeti Kamble.. people dont hesitate to call her as dirty bXXXh (even she looks like that :->)…because.. just for the sake of billability she is even ready to do anything and everything..she troubled so many people by giving complaints to HR and thereby loosing their jobs.. And Wipro HR’s are just puppets in the hands of these so called managers…and she behaves with team members like roadside lady.. can use all dirty vulgar language.. forget about the TM post in Wipro… she is not even eligible for treating her as WOMEN.. she has to read this and atleast learn lessons…

  85. Its seems we r having more personal attack on this isssue ….I dont know its fair or not ,but being a owner of this blog I m requesting all of u to think atleast once before writing anything ,sorry if I m attacking to your right of speech 😛

  86. I am a victim of Wipro after working in key positions. It all started in hyderabad by framing the recruitment person rousell. Still there is lot of regards for rousell from the IT community. especially the 1000s of freshers he has given an opportunity. Then they attacked another person who would fight with management( charyulu from microsoft account)> he committed suicide as the whole framing drama was taped in the cellar parking and he was hit by security staff etc. Wipro took him to hospital after that incident. To summarise, people who have built teams and verticals and got millions to wipro by sacrificing their personal lives etc are been sent out. so all the 10 or 15+ years exp put by these people is gone to dogs. Beware of joining these kind ofcompanies. Every wipro employee wether a fresher or a veteran of 2 decades plus in wipro are in the same boat. Ethics, HR etc doent exist in Wipro….

  87. Wipro is involved in bribary and unethical practices. Surreptitious payments are bribe But if it is a gift article given candidly and is confirmed to authorities then it might not be a bribe. For instance, diaries, calculators, calenders, small gift articles etc., are given regularly but not surreptitiously . Surely these are not bribes.

    Nevertheless facilitating payments is a bribe.It does not matter whether the payment was due or not, but to expedite it by offering gifts is corruption

    The major question is why Wipro gave gifts to World Bank employees only, when their own employees are not getting it? Is Wipro doing a Charity to poor WB employees? Then it shoud the same to all other bank employees.

    Identify it in any way. Be it WIPRO way of speeding up things(money), or anything. Bribing is most terrible. If one is offered out of way money(read favour of any kind to keep away from misunderstanding); for which he/she is paid by the employer(most of the times govt or psus etc) the person must feel a great insult.

    Such feeling must be nurtured from childhood. Otherwise bribery is going to cost us, to say the least, our lives. (as in the case of mumbai bomb blasts,Overpricing and underpricing, kickbacks and scams) Almost all major scams for which enquiries were made are eye wash and scapegoats found to fool us.

    Wipro ransacked all H1Bs earlier when there was no H1B quota restriction, just because the H1B application saves $700 over L1 visa application.

    Single guy getting billed to multiple clients at the same time. The is very common in managerial levels in Wipro.

    In Wipro, Supervisors and employees wth more than 10-15 years wipro only get wipro shares at IPO price. Rest of the 95% employees wont get never get any shares. Why did Premji allotted/bribed shares to world bank employees at IPO prices?

    The list is endless…These IT companies make record profits every ear, at least Wipro can discover ethics from American clients..

    Wipros code of conduct and business ethics is cleverly written to mask its unethical methods of business.”Payment of money to expedite a routine governmental action to which the giver is otherwise entitled to.’ this is nothing but bribing the employee to stop attending to other clients and do Wipros; job on last come first serve basis. It is totally unethical.

    Those who question these enethical ways were sacked in most irrational ways as reported in June 27th edition of Outlook business, http://www.outlookbusiness.com, However the rationale shown are different example:, Performance, No Business, Non billablity etc. But the end result is same for all dissent employees. That is SEPERATION.

    Click on http://business.outlookindia.com/newolb/article.aspx?102381 to get more details of the howling employees from the magazine

  88. All the time Wipro keeps on telling about the ethics it follows. My foot. They are the least bothered about ethics. I am glad that I am out of Wipro. Believe me, it is the worst company to work for. DIE WIPRO !!!! SHAME ON YOUUU !!

  89. Sad to hear that the company like wipro take people without checking and later send them out on short notices. This leads many bright candidates into great depression. Better let them absorb only after giving proper in-house training.

  90. I got a offer from wipro . this is the right time to join wipro technologies?

    I got lot of message from outside. bed name wipro technologies.

    So I confus.

    any one reply me

  91. “sharmi

    I got a offer from wipro . this is the right time to join wipro technologies?

    I got lot of message from outside. bed name wipro technologies.

    So I confus.

    any one reply me”

    Is this English Sharmi??
    How did U get an offer from Wipro with this kind of English dude?

  92. sudhir.muthirevula(Reddy) is crappiest manger in wipro ,disgusting human being i came across, end client also commented him as nervous manager and do not have knowledge of any of the technical terms and idiotic in all sense.Please do not work under such mgr who asks everything to his mgr ,dont use brain for common thing too,disgusting mgr and human being.Please god punish him.


  93. Hi, Let me tell you the real story of Wipro experience from my heart.
    I am working with Wipro from MID 2004. Since then I was put on Microsoft project, Hyderabad. I really enjoyed my work environment initially(I was out of office only for 6-7 hrs per day for sleeping including weekends) and got motivated to deliver quality works. This is because of both work pressure/deliverable time/my own interest learn. I have completed 1 year appraisals with good ratings. I got 3% hike in salary and when I asked my manager regarding the very low % hike, he said, there are more than 50% did not get a hike at all. You feel happy that you got hike. I did not take it seriously and started focusing on my work by delivering quality products.
    I joined National Grid project after an year and got an opportunity to showcase and earn credit to Wipro. I started providing a good proposal, poc and got very good commendation from client. As promised to client, I was able to deliver the project(with my 4-5 members) within time and absolutely an accurate model in 6 months. They were absolutely pleased with the product and nominated for industry award. The product won the award against ABN amro, Cisco, Accenture intranet product. From that time onward, Wipro started to used that brand in their PPT to provide a new client demonstration and also bagged many other projects. All I received is “Annual Excellence Award” and after end of that year appraisals, I also got good rating and got around 5% hike. When I talked to my manager, he said, this is good hike in the market. Please focus on next career band you have all quality to become architect. I also started focusing on my work and did not take this serious.
    I was put onto the US client project(currently working) in mid 2006 at onsite with the least salary package(around $55K, later I realize that all my peers are getting $75K)but HR told me that since you have to fly very soon, once you settle down we will give you a very good hike. No response from HR after I reached USA from past 3 years. No support from my manager also. I continue to deliver a very quality deliverables and no downgrade in my work or deliverables. I have also proposed 2-3 proposals and got into projects with Wipro. I have also performing very good and built a very good repo with client. I played a key role to keep customer expectation by working very hard (out of office/Offline 10 hrs/day except Sunday). I have not received a single penny hike(no career band change/promotion) from past 3.5 years. They keep telling me that once you go back to offshore you get very good hike and promotion.
    Now I have decided to quit Wipro but no good market condition. These are my learning’s:
    1. Wipro Managers are not matured managers. They are all MS Excel based managers. They can’t access employee contributions, hard work, intelligence.
    2. There is no measurement/Tool to measure Managers, whether (s)he is really doing good job or not.
    3. Wipro managers are bias managers who do a*s lick they get promotion, salary hike and not based on the hard work/quality deliverables. As long as you keep your managers happy, you get everything.

    4. You don’t have to be techy expert if you want to receive promotion in Wipro. You just talk & talk & talk & talk and act that you work very hard. No need to deliver or work hard. Finally, last but not least is ass liking your manager.
    4. If you keep your managers happy, (s)he will help you on everything.
    5. Live example: one of my peer who was asked to go back to offshore 6 months back, was started taking manager to hotel everyday(& ass liking everyday) and at last he was safe to continue his work at onsite.
    6. If there is anything goes wrong with your manager, then your life in Wipro is gone. Many of the managers will also start taking revenge against you.
    Live scenario:
    In my case, I am working very hard, I work for all technical aspects, coordinating offshore team and management issues as well. I also have started to prepare engagement ppts, billing everything to my project manager and he was demonstrating the same ppt/info to client & delivery managers as if he is doing everything(he did not mention me not even single time from past 6 months). I showcased /highlighted this info in front of Wipro management that I only prepared all this work. Later Wipro management sent my manager back to offshore. Now he is taking revenge against me. He is asking me not to go and talk to client directly. Talk to me first and get it reviewed if there is anything you want to discuss. Any initiatives/proactive work I do are not encouraged by him. Any client appreciations I received are not reaching to any of Wipro management. He is trying to convert as a team effort. Entire 1 month, my manager use to spend 1 hour for presenting PPT to client and other info review with me for 2 hrs. He is also holding my appraisals rating this year because I sent him to offshore. There is no way you can take this issue or talk to senior management regarding this. Wipro managers always support managers first unless there are full evidence/written records.
    If you are too smart, you don’t have to be good in technical skills. You will shine in Wipro very easily. I am not very good at communication/people management; hence my manager is taking advantage of it. He never gives me credit of my own work delivery. I am very strong in Technical/design/architecting and hence don’t do ass licking. As a result I am not getting salary hike, promotion what I am supposed to get. I am living in USA without a penny hike from past 3 years almost now and looking for new opportunity anytime (I don’t want to run away because of all these). I just want to come out of all these stupid politics and want to really focus on my technical skills upgrade and want to reach next level.

  94. For all,

    when companies concentrate on their business, we can’t we concentrate on our business, by completely looking after the money,

    i mean to say all search for a job, with the money you want, never look after the comapany, whenever you feel you need hike just jump for another company, thats my policy, and never bothered about the company or the projects.

    End of the day its all money.

  95. we are not running charities to serve for the company, by sheding our blood.

    Just look for a better opportunities when ever you need hike or money.

    when companies are money mined why can’t we?

  96. I have read with mixed feelings of shock and surprise the views ventilated by the employees and ex employees of WIPRO. The Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Government of India have been asking corporates to follow highest levels of ethics and governance in their dealings . Companies have to adhere to ethics with respect to their own employees and their treatment. It is really unfortunate that a company like WIPRO is treating its employees so shabbily. I wish Mr. Premji, the promoter takes some time off and reads each and every line written in the above communications and cause an inquiry to be made so as to find what is happening in his company. It is high time that IT employees form a strong Union/Association on All India basis to fight such evils. All those ex WIPROs who have been wronged should join and strengthen the hands of the one who has boldly initiated legal action against the company. Such class action will strengthen the case. Such unethical practices of erring companies should be widely publicized and brought to the notice of the students so that they do not opt for such unethical companies in the campus interviews. Most of the Indian companies lack ethics in their dealings . MNCs are a shade better in so far as ethics is concerned. It is high time that the law makers should seriously address this problem and come out with effective measures to prevent such unfair and unethical practices followed by the companies. The whole problem is on account of the fact that the country has far too many engineers and IT qualified persons than the actual demand. With lakhs of fresh engineers and IT specialists getting qualified year after year the situation is bound to become worse.

  97. There is blue film of Sulekha Jagadish of Wipro Technologies available over net. It was shot in wipro campus itself with one of the Directors in Testing sevices caught in the act

  98. Sex sells best in wipro, women employees joining wipro BEWARE!

    It is alleged that wipro’s apex HR bosses are mediating these illicit relationships. One such example is Chennai wipro employee “Manjula” whose tape is well-known over internet http://rapidshare.com/files/369234751/indian-mms-sex-scandal-video-of-wipro-employee-manjula-chennai-hot-girl-home-made-masala-clips.rar. Another case reported from Wipro cochin campus.Wipro Managers are a cluster of offenders playing rot with the wipro Senior leadership. Most of the managers make a fuss of forbidden activities within the company’s campuses. There was an allegation about intimate relationship of Shalendra Kumar, Project Manager with Shalini Macaden HR Manager in Wipro’s Horizontals . There is enough uncertainty about her kids paternity. Regrettably her spouse is ignorant of the facts. Equally there are frequent cases of paternity problems with horny wipro women employees. Wipro code of business ethics is a mere eyewash. Debate does not stop with this scandal. There is a bigger sting to this with top HR personal involved in funds dealings However for an normal person it looks unlikely that “How come a HR Manager at that level be involved in the financial fraud. The HR directors are encouraging these affairs to cover up their own financial malpractices. The proximity of these HR managers with the persons at director level is well known. However the senior Director level hr Managers encouraging these forbidden affairs within the campuses still remains a mystery

  99. Awesome post! I thought growing up was something that happened automatically as you got older. But it turns out it’s something you have to choose to do. ~From the television show Scrubs

  100. WIPRO TECHNOLOGIES never join ….. Its a big mess. you will spoil Ur future if u join. WIPRO is a big fraud. it just fired many 1000s of employees saying that they don’t have pf and bank statements from previous employers and that’s after working for 2,3,4,5,6 years in wipro.

    just imagine after working for this company for long time if they will give comments on Ur re leaving letter. what will be Ur future?

    it means the 5 years of exp is waste….

    really if I get chance I will hang all those middle level managers till death. bleady fuckers. their sins will pay off. they will suffer the pain some day.

    I am ex employee of wipro, and what ever I am writing here is true…. wipro BVG team torchured me to accept that I dId fake. I never did fake, only reason they are asking me to accept this is that I don’t have pf statement and bank statement. but my first company is a small company and they were not maintaining all these things even the pays were less at that time. I think now that company is good. Sorry boss but its true, mainly wipro has spoiled many good employees life. it has fired many of employees who got EE rating and even who earned lots of awards like feather in my cap, above and beyond. etc etc. wipro sucks…. never join wipro. its my advise to every fresher and ever experienced guy. wipro has fired almost 10000 to 15000 employees between 2008 June to till now.. that’s the worst thing ever happened. never consider wipro as good company. I can clearly say that its work environment is good but its Management is worst. they say Policies but they never follow. there is no value for knowledge and technical skills.just don’t join wipro. its like hell. be cautious.

  101. This Jyoti, bloody bitch is spoiling the entire hyderabad enterprise unit, she is dictating the people, she will neither live happily nor employees, why the bloody idiots will give chance to work this bitch in wipro. This bitch is spoiling the entire testing services unit in hyderabad.

  102. if u see suresh ram and nagraj lead and sdm from pitbey bowse project cdc 5 s3 spit on their face they screwed up my appraisal i raised to ombuds but those fucking people

  103. I would like to get a personal advisement from you about my joining date, that i am presently carrying and expecting a baby on mid of February. Now i got mail regarding about my joining date which is December 13th.i am ready for joining at that time and complete 2 months training. Can join on next month? Can i get maternity leave during training? As a fresher If i send my current situation to the manager, this will affect my career? Please give me a suggestion. I am totally confused now.

  104. There should be a thorough investigation done on why wipro spoils huge number of experienced engineers using cheap tricks. Will Wipro introspect itself and come out clean by rectifying these mistakes

  105. It is well-known that shalender kumar, shalini Macaden, Manjula are the ambassadors to used by the managers in wipro’s Financial unit to protect their illegal mechanism Even today there are abiding their financial scam. Unquestionably there should be some gain to the offenders. Wipro management is simply overlooking this truth

  106. I do trust all of the concepts you have presented to your post. They are very convincing and will definitely work. Still, the posts are too quick for novices. May you please extend them a bit from subsequent time? Thank you for the post.

  107. I completely agree wid what all the ladies here say about WIPRO…If u are a person who is hard working and ready t succeed and ambitious in life…Wipro is nt a place fr u..bec there r no decent ppl i can say atleast professional….Managers dnt treat their employees well….Billing sucks in Wipro…..
    If they wanna get rid of u,they r gonna hurt u and scare u t the max so that u can leave the cmpny…imp thing here in Hyd i observed is I know a girl who gets outstandg all the time irrespective of her performance or even projects…that is bec she is friendly t her male mgr(understand guysss)….huh!!…
    This is the most UNPROFESSIONAL env i have ever worked with……….
    EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION = <<<0.01%……why waste our energy in a suckg cmpny like this!!!…
    I had a female mgr NIKITHA who is 40 yr old b*****….I can say….bec she was jealous of me and gave all her personal feelings nd opinions on me in my appraisal….which i dnt deserve atleast .0001%..Can u imagine a female mgr like this ever!!…..PARTIALITY is another basic thng tht can happen here……..
    If u do ur wrk and dont involve in politics/impress ur mgrs (nt thru wrk…lemme say that)…..u r gonna c hell….
    Mgr r bullshit here……..They will demotivate u……….
    I ws married and i was reluctant t relocate and thats ws my mgr did t me….wrote all her bullshittg personal feelgs abt me in appraisal which she is nt supposed to….even i raised my concern wid other H.R they dint even support …..
    She will commit suicide if she knows how much i cursed her after that…Bec,i was friendly wid every1..but still i gt the shit back!!!… She was so insecure nd demotivatg lady in have ever met in my life….I know that one shud have a very bad attitude t wrk here….oops…i Cant sryyy!!…:p

    Anywys, i already had a plan t move out v soon…bt still thy would have told me directly sayg that dont have projects i would be happy atleast!….

    Anywys,i believe in Newtons Third law!!….:PPP..so be happy leavg the cmpny…Nw i m in U.S very happy gettg a new job…

  108. The things u all guys abt pf nd bank stmt is too much…..But, dnt wry guys One day ppl will get 10 times more wat they gave it t others……..ex: ramalingaraju..Dnt waste ur time fr even cursg abt this cmpny nd mgers…its waste of ur precious time…..We have better thngs t do,,,,,,,

    I felt i m the luckiest person t be out of Wipro…I even celebrated….freshers try t get a job in Infy r other product based cmpny…..u can learn sme new thngs atleast nd it will motivate u….

  109. I joined Wipro and now I am facing the music. I did not heed to the warnings from my friends and took up the job there and I am on bench for the past 4 months since my joining. Every time when I approach my resource manager, he says that there are no projects for my Band (they boast of 932 clients). Few days before the head of the business unit called all the people on bench and threatened us that we have to get into projects immediately or else we have to face the hardships.

    Till I joined Wipro I had good career path and I had worked in top MNC (not Indian company’s) but now my career is doomed. I get a feeling that I might get laid off pretty soon. The managers attitude is very bad. They have no good work culture. It’s petty factory type work culture. Never join this company. If you take risk to join then your career and life would be at risk.

  110. I worked in wipro for more than 2years..joined as a fresher..and i can say that wipro is junk cmpny..Plzzzz nvr evr join in ths cmpny..particularly freshers..this is not at all a good cmpny to strt your career..Ths is good for onsite..bt one who wants to learn smethng and who wants to become technical freaks thn ths is nt the cmpny to work for..

  111. Hi, My name is Sibtain Habib I had worked with Wipro for 3 years. I got good recognition and growth in the organisation. I had slogged my ass day in day out for the organisation thinking it was my own company. It was my first job and I loved it until one fine morning one of I my sub-ordinate who was sacked for misconduct sent a mail to the stakeholders mentioning my name for whatever evil he knew was happening in the process. I was unaware of the fact that there were certain miscreants who were misusing the liberage giving to the name and were compromising the integrity of the process. I along with 9 other supervisors were questioned for 17 hours at a stretch. Locked in a room, harassed, 2 of my personal email accounts security was compromised. All my personal chats and emails with my fiancee and family members were accessed which was very embarrassing. They kept harassing us for 1 and half months. They were unable to prove anything against me since I was not involved in any such misconduct. However I had tried to blow the whistle previously and was condemned for the same. Due to lack of proof I did not raise my voice or repeat my mistake of blowing the whistle. I had on multiple occassion escalated the issue to immediate supervisors that something is going wrong however no action was ever taken and we started believing that its been instigated by the upper management itself. THOUGH I NEVER HAD PROOF. I along with 9 other supervisors were given a show cause for not “escalating the matter”. I wrote everything and every occasion on which I had escalated and got no fruits. They had made up their mind, since the upper management had to save their ass they had to do something to close the case. We were called one by one, and asked to resign without EVEN READING OUR SHOW CAUSE RESPONSE. threatened of termination, emotionally attacked, abused and tortured. Then playing the tricks of being good when I started to defend and cry that I don’t deserve such treatment from a company I have given my life, loved from the anything else. I had done nothing to be at the receiving end of such a shame, a black spot on my honesty, my integrity. I was forced to resign. I don’t know what I have done to myself after being asked to resign. Everyday I get suicidal thoughts and I am unable to work for any firm with my 100%. I see everyone as a cheat and am scared of every individual. I think my honesty cost me my life,my career and my love to work.

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