Live In Relationship in India ???

Congress creates a new issue ……….. Live-In-Relationship 🙂

At the time when we are suffering from the problem of Terrorism , flood and Economy Tsunami ………. Congress present a bill for live-in-relation . Is Congress want to show their modernism ? When all the world want to accept the social architecture of Bharat , Congress want to demolish it.

Though people enjoy watching films like Pyaar Mein Twist and Salaam Namaste, which are quite open about live-in relationships, Indian culture still considers the concept sacrilegious. Yet, the trend seems to have caught on. And it is more prevalent among people going abroad for studies or work. These young men and women who are away from home without any family or local guardians are forced into such arrangements by circumstances. Apart from emotional support, they get to pool up finances for accommodation. They are not hesitant as the country encourages an open culture and there is no family to question them on the issue.

There are many questions over that …. Some of are

Is there any need for this law ?

How can court justify that the couple has Live-In-relationship ?

Married ppl have an option of divorce , Is Live-In-relationship have ant option ?

What happened when a married guy have relationship with a unmarried girl ?

What happened to their children ?

In my view Live in relationship is just a match practice before a match 🙂

Some good question asked by my frnds :

1. What’s the point in loving someone and not marrying them?
2. Live-ins at least save you from the legal hassles but marriage not ?
3. What wrong in opting for a live-in more as a rebellion ?
4. marriage is a complicated package ?


4 thoughts on “Live In Relationship in India ???

  1. I do think there is any need for anyone to worry solong as the individuals who are in live in relationship do not tresspass your privacy. let’s stop worrying about the private life of individuals in the name of myths like Indian culture etc

  2. actually v indians r double-faced!!wt v want d most,v hide d most!!dis s one life…one shud b atleast honest to his soul nd almighty!!

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