Sadhvi Pragya Thakur is on guilty ??

sadhvi accepted ownership of the LML Freedom motorcycle, as also the fact that she had given it to Ramji, one of the suspects in the Malegaon blasts and is absconding. While claiming to be ignorant about the conspiracy, sadhvi also said that her carelessness was punishable under law and that she was ready to face the consequences. More importantly, sadhvi also shared with cops the fact that Ramji, when asked by her about the whereabouts of the motorcycle, nonchalantly told her that the vehicle was used in the Malegaon attack.

There are witnesses to the conversation where Ramji also told a concerned sadhvi, who had by then been asked by cops to account for her vehicle, that she could shake off the police by telling them whom she had loaned the motorcycle to.

Click to read Pragya singh thakur’s affidavit , whihc she has given to court  here   pragya_affidavit2


One thought on “Sadhvi Pragya Thakur is on guilty ??

  1. Congress offered job to Sadhavi

    Thakur claims that when the Digvijay Singh government was in power in Madhya Pradesh, the state Deputy Home Minister Govind Singh, “a friend”, had offered Pragya the job of a government teacher in Bhind. She refused, says the father.

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