Aakhir kab tak ?

आज फिर धमाके हुए , शहर के उस चौराहे पर ,
जहा खिखिलाती हुयी जिंदगी आज भी खड़ी थी ,
किसी बस के इन्तजार में,
और कोई आया था , कुछ खरीदने ,
अपने छोटे से संसार को खुशियों से सीचने I

वो इन्तजार में थी आज अपने इंटरव्यू के लिए ,
मन में आशा थी की आज वो नौकरी पा जायेगी ,
और जो उसकी बूढी माँ , सालो से उसको पाल रही थी ,
उसके दामन में ढेरो खुशिया भर जायेगी I

कुछ बच्चे भी खड़े थे , स्कूल के इन्तजार में ,
जिन्हें बड़े होकर इस देश का भर उठाना था ,
भारत की सभ्यता , संस्कृति को विश्व पटल तक बढ़ाना था I

कुछ ही पलो में मिटा दिया उस आवाज ने ,
उन आँखों के सपनो को , जिन्हें सालो से पाला था किसी ने ,
आज आँखों से सामने अँधेरा है ,
जो कल तक किसी का सहारा थे ,
आज सहारे की तलाश में है I

ये सपने नहीं जानते ,
किसी हिन्दू को न मुस्लमान को ,
न ये जानतें है हिंदुस्तान को , न पाकिस्तान को ,
फिर क्यों उन्हें ही चुकाना पड़ता है हर बार इस क़र्ज़ को ,
क्यों भूल जाते है वो ‘कायर’ मानवता के अपने फ़र्ज़ को ,
क्यों आतंक को हमेशा जेहाद कहा जाता है ,
क्यों धरम को इस तरह नंगा नचाया जाता है I

आखिर कब तक यू मानवता का अंत होता रहेगा ,
आखिर कब तक बूढा बाप ,बेटे के अर्थी ढोता रहेगा ,
आखिर कब तक सुहागन की चूडिया बिखरेंगी ,
आखिर कब तक बच्चों की आहें सिंसेकेंगी ,
कब तक …..
आखिर कब तक …..???


12 thoughts on “Aakhir kab tak ?

  1. Its time for a beleagured Congress to fall back on its ploy of blaming ‘foreign hand’ much as it used to do in the 80s. But these days we do know who that foreign hand belongs to don’t we? Or is the UPA still awaiting nirvana on this account? While the ATS was awashed in its glory of exposing a ‘hindu terrorist’ group, the ‘regulars’ have come and whipped their ass, and how! Their Chief is dead! Lets just say he could not handle the realty of terrorism! Salaskar sure must have found out the reality of real-life encounters before he bit the bullets. 9/11 was one day in the history of U.S.A. but for all they are worth, Jehadis haven’t had a chance to crack it a second time over there. But India continues to be exposed and ignorant and unaware. Much like the falacy that a woman in saree is usually not raped!

  2. We are enjoying to the fullest of an insecure nation. No doubt, i am infact expecting many more these kinds of things to see as we live in a place where we vote for fun and see stupid groups fighting and we are the victim for all these. Our Gov was never serious on security except words, we are bound to loose our national brothers like Hemanth, Vijay and Mr.Kamte and many others. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….let us be serious and instead of grabing money in the pockets of politicians, let us ask them to shed their luxry and invest money in upgrading our national security. Otherwise we will see lot many mumbai, bangalore,delhi and Hyd incidents further.

  3. This is not patience or tolerance. This is lack of will and callousness on our part. can’t we see it? God also said to forgive only 100 times. 101st time he asked us to act!!! Strike it off India. Get rid of the elements behind this display of dirty minds, doesn’t matter who it is, may be one of us or one of them. Who ever it is get rid of them!

  4. Are we a Banana Republic or joust a cluster of federal states. The rule and low is vanishing on from the scene. No India or a foreign feel safe on our Mother land. Thanks to the politicians at the helm. It seems as if India is competing with its neighbour, read Pakistan, in terms of unstability and terror reign. The need of the hour is not to get glued to our TV screens but to join hands and connect minds in solving the dreadiest of all puzzles…if we unite we can uproot this menace…take help form other countries like Israile, US, Russia or UK

  5. I am a common Indian citizen sitting far away from Mumbai where the terror strikes are being fought by our forces. I am far away but I share the same fear which is being felt by Mumbaikers right now. The last few months have jostled my faith in peaceful survival and living. Any one of us could be the next victim anytime anywhere. Our government ought to try harder and put an end to all this?? Our intelligence and our forces must rise above the conventional ways and means and tackle terrorism on a war footing. If they are doing intelligence then it got to show. So far it hasn’t!! My sympathies and heart felt condolence to all those who have suffered.

  6. Politicians are only busy in saving their seats.They want security for themselves but are least intresred in the security of the country whom they have made hollow and filled their own homes.seen the Bombay tragedy

    This is the Worst Scenario, the intelligence wing has to work harder to avoid such situations happening in India, If the Terrorists have come through boats and landed in Mumbai its by the help of the locals. The Govt has to nail all the locals who are involved in helping the terrorists enter Indian soil.

    While everybody is writing here so many things about the security forces on one seemed to be bothered about the fire men who are doing a slient and wonderful duty. They are the unsung heroes, They are doing three jobs. Dousing the fire, resucing people and are offerring themselves as targets for the terror attacks that too totally unarmed, My salutes to the brave firemen and the fire department, No paper, channel or even the people here have mentioned a word about these heroes and that is really paining

  7. My sincere appeal to all muslim organization(be it religious or scholistic) please come forward and condemn the massacre of innocent lives in the name of ‘Jihad’. Why innocent people should pay the price for some fanatics fancy and imagination with their lives? Why people belonging to this sect do not realise that by indulging in hyneious act against humanity, they themselves are ostrasizing themselves from the international community? In Future their name alone would be sufficient for denial of a visa of a developed nation. No major institution may not admit them for higher education…. No potential employer may hire them…… Muslim community may be responsible for their decline and may be responsible for deviding the world in two bi-polar world, Muslim & Non-Muslim.

    Please wake up and come out of the clutches of the teaching of religious fanatics to make the world a better place.

  8. I am impressed and would like to reproduce this poem in the poetry page of our journal LAW ANIMATED WORLD. I will be thankful if your consent can be intimated to me urgently either by e-mail or by ringing up 040 – 23300284. I hope you will gladly consent and ring me up or e-mail to me by 9-10 AM tomorrow. Thank you – I. MALLIKARJUNA SHARMA, Advocate and Editor, LAW ANIMATED WORLD, 6-3-1243/156, M.S. Makta, Opposite Raj Bhavan, Hyderabad – 500 082. Ph: 040 – 23300284.

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