Karkare killing was planned ??

This is new “Sagufa” from Minority affairs minister A R Antulay . When the whole Indian are coming together against Terrorism,inspite of their religion our minister want to color it with their well known vote bank politics. Is this conspiracy help Congress ?? According to Antulay ..It will. In his words ,””I owe explanation to none. I have not said anything which has embarrassed the government and the Congress party. In fact, I have helped the government”.Nation wants to know that this statement is personal view of Antulay or Congress party is also thinks like that .

Antulay’s past is dubious. When the entire muslim community in the country have unanimously come together to condemn Pakistan and stand by nation, Antulay’s statements and the same of Mehbooba Mufti are meant to incite the muslim community on communal basis and also provide ammo to Pak to fire in defence amongst the international community who are pressing them hard. He is representing the Union Ministry being a Minister. Disassociating from him does not help the congress. If he is not immediately sacked as Minister, it will be construed that the ruling party is also involved behind the curtain. Both Antulay and Mehbooba have proved to be traitors and have damaged image of the country as well as the Congress party. The government will now definitely be on the back foot. In my opinion, Antulay’s offence is criminal and he should be tried under law for anti-national activities. What are PM and Congress President waiting for? Please do not let this become a contagious disease.

I dont know,what will be the impact of this .but I believe we have given Pakistan a another chace to make this terror attack as a “inside job”.


7 thoughts on “Karkare killing was planned ??

  1. Whatever has Antulay has said, should be probed properly. he has some substance to it. People in India are overwhelmed by Indian govenment’s and Indian media’s propaganda against terrorism. but outside world sees it from a distance and thinks otherway. Karkare killing seems to be well planned conspiracy and thats the theory doing round around the world and Indiand should accept that fact and get it probed by an independent agency havng brave officers like Karkare.

    Raman Brar, toronto, Canada.

  2. “When the whole Indian are coming together against Terrorism,inspite of their religion our minister want to color it with their well known vote bank politics.”

    “When the entire muslim community in the country have unanimously come together to condemn Pakistan and stand by nation”

    from which movie did you get these 2 paise dialogues from?

    check these out:



  3. I agree with Raman Brar. The way Karkare, Salaskar and another – all three prominent anti-Terror top police officers died as if they were walking in front of death inviting it is inexplicable. It is not improbable that they were victims of a conspiracy and were ditched by some colleagues of their own. Likewise the role of Hindu terrorists in Malegaon blasts and Samjhauta Express massacre cannot be ruled out and the fact that Karkare was actively investigating that and drew the ire of many Hindu fundamentalists is also relevant. It is not disputed that he received death threats from that side too. Whether they died fighting valiantly or were shot dead like sitting ducks due to their own stupidity coupled with some treachery has to be ascertained which is only possible through a thorough enquiry. Actually a fullfledged judicial inquiry into the entire 60 hours mayhem in Bombay is very much needed.That Antulay is corrupt and may be communal too cannot be made a point against any rational argument he makes or doubt he raises. At times even scroundels and thugs speak truth or hint at truth.

  4. I have to add further that the entire phenomena of Islamic Terrorism in India has its origin mainly due to 1. Kashmir issue; and more important 2. Babri Masjid demolition. The latter was quite unwarranted and Advani and other rightwing leaders instigated it and even supervised it and it is nothing but treachery to the nation. The aftereffects we are witnessing in the form of this rabid communalism and terrorism of Islamic fundamentalists. This is not to condone Islamic terrorism which has to be fought tooth and nail and should be overcome. But at the time people should beware of the dangers of Hindu fundamentalism and vote bank politics which provoke worst communal fires and all sorts of terrorism and anarchy. As such the recent Bombay Terrorist Mayhem should be thoroughly probed from all possible angles.

  5. Request to All Indian,
    As the whole India united coming together against terrorism. When we are saying we are one Indian. We should fight with all types of terrorism including simi, Bajrangdal,VHP, RSS, BJP etc. etc. and etc. and not only Pak based terrorism. There is nothing like internal terrorism and external terrorism. Terrorism mean terrorism When our respected hero Mr. Hemant Karkare pointed finger on hindu based terrorist, named some of our prominent leaders like Tugadia, modi etc. involvement in Malegaon blast, they should also go through litmus test. There is nothing wrong in this. Why Mrs.Hemant refused to take money from Modi ? why muslim terrorist had saffron band in their hand ? Why they claimed to be Daccan Mujahedeen inspite of LeT ? There are many unanswered questions.
    Now about Mr.Antulay, he is also on war against terrorist, he has not given a single statement in favour of terrorist. The only thing he did is, he has pointed on all devil inspite of some devil without partiality. he is a right Indian.
    If we really want to have united peaceful and loving India. We have to stand against all of these imps.
    Ajmal Kasaab, the terrorist captured is an illiterate, uneducated man just 4th standard passed. In his statement he said “We have been shown videos of Gujrat riot and Kasmir and speeches of Tugadia and Modi. ” Their poisonous speeches had turned him a fearless terrorist who just wanted to kill people and die, thinking he is right according to his mental level.
    Now just compare the statements…
    When ajmal kassab asked he says he is right he killed many innocent in Mubai because he saw video of many innocent dieing in Gujrat.
    When Modi or Tugadia like people asked, they say they killed many innocent in Gujrat because many innocent died in Godhra.
    Now tell me what is the difference between Ajmal Kassab, Modi and Tugadia like people.

    Be a true Indian, keep your religion for yourself. If you want to use it use to spread love & peace and love your country first. Love the Indians first without differentiating on cast, area or religion.

  6. This deserves some thought. According to our research the Mumbai attacks are the work of hindu fanatics. This deserves some thought as it there is a lot of evidence that suggests it. Pakistan has been blamed for the last 40 incidents in India and in the samjhauta and malegaon attacks it was later proven Pakistan is not responsible. So this too destroys much of the credibility of such statements by India.

    As far as the previous posts are concerned I am deeply grateful that Indians are giving this some thought. The incident should be probed in its fullest and agree with the views of many members here.

    Some Indians want us to take action against Jamat Ud Dawa with over 60 schools and 40000 students without proof while in India itself Shiv Sena and These double standards are hated here in Pakistan. Also we urge the tolerant and secular Indians to probe links to Hindu terrorists. Mr Qasab apparently was wearing a Kalava and I doubt any Pakistani would believe he is a Pakistani.

    I hope action in this regard is taken because those 180 deserve justice and so does Karkare who for the first time was set to give justice to the Indian muslims.

    Pakistan should confer an award to him and honor him because he cleared Pakistan of involvement and exposed the blame game.

  7. Hi Dimention ….

    Thanks for ur comment , but shuld not choose the things which is in favour of u. Kasab is a pakistani …..and it is prooved,even FBI also telling the same thing . You cant proove him a indian just because of red strip ….

    Jamat Ud Dawa —- then why UN wants to ban it ?

    Do you hav any proof that shiv shena is an terrorist organisation ? Are they attacking anywhere with AK-47. If they are protesting Velantine-day ,it doesnt mean that they are terrorist.

    samjhauta – Do you know ,who is behind this . Dont change the things with just because of malegoan ( which is even not prooved) .

    I dont know who is playing the blame game .

    We hav lost thousand of ppl just because of terrorism ……n now we are determined…….doesnt matter wat way we hav to take ,we will destroy this terror …. either they are in India or in pakistan !!!

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