New year Greetings 2009 …. years means a lot to me. The symbolic value of finishing one year and starting another is something that many people use in different ways, but I use it a whole lot. Even when I was a kid there was something special about the arrival of a new year…

Looking back at 2008 I can say that it was a really good year, probably the best one in a long time. I could write an entire book about things that have happened during the year (and what I have learned from it), and I could probably also write a whole lot about my plans for the next year. But I know by experience that things usually don’t go as planned, so this time I am not setting up any traditional targets. Instead, I will allow myself to be a bit visionary towards a very exciting future!

Every December millions of people begin penning their New Year’s resolutions, planning behavioral changes they want to make during the coming year.

Typically, resolutions include high-payback targets such as tobacco cessation and weight loss, as well as increased fitness activity, stress management and financial planning.

As the clock ticks away the final minutes of the old year, we believe we’ll be able to tackle our goals effortlessly.

But after the rush of New Year’s celebration fades and reality sets in, ambitions often seem insurmountable. Soon after, we rationalize that “it’s just not a good time of year,” due to numerous obligations. We justify, that when spring comes, “I’ll really get into shape.”

In freeing ourselves of the guilt, we can justify putting off habit change for another few months. The focus of resolution support is on how to make and attain resolutions and goals using the four dimensions of wellness — physical, social, emotional and spiritual — as a framework.

Why do people abandon their resolutions? One reason is they become discouraged when results don’t come quickly enough, or when they encounter obstacles they hadn’t anticipated. Behavioral change requires sustained effort and commitment, but this can be achieved only with good preparation and action planning.

2008 have given me many things and also I lost as well. I don’t wanna go in details ……. I am just rating ( following ratings are out of 5)
Religion : *** (I am more stronger than 2007 )
Profession : *** ( I worked with new technologies in this year )
Hobbies : *** ( I am continue with my new blog , poetry and astrology remains same with me )

2009 Resolutions :

I have no resolution for this year .BUT Ya, I am thinking for some new things ………I will tell you later when they finished 🙂

Now Its time to wish you “Happy New Year ” . Thanks for your support for this blog (and other one also ) ,It was really encouraged me when I got more than 55000 hits in 5 months ………I promissed you that from now you will get more usefull information and comments . I am also expacting your contribution this year .

I am giving some of the link for New Year Greetings …….Enjoy 🙂


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