Prestigious moment …

Folks, As I told u in my previous post that new year means a lot for me .Every year I start lots of new thing and also get separated from some of the stuff, no matters either they are good or bad .Even I am not able to draw a line between in these two .In continuation with it , this year I am thinking to write my daily diary ….though Its a very common task but yes ,a difficult one for me ,who is never be punctual with anything…….but let me give it a shot…

It was the 27th time when I was seeing clock to change its all data abruptly. Everything has been changed second,minute,hour,day,month,year …..really it was a great moment of my life .I was celebrating this new year with some of the college guys and girls else I can say with friends whom I knew from last 3-4 hours.Its really seems to be very interesting when u celebrate your precious moment with unknown people.But the things were going well ….people were nice.We enjoyed a lot ….danced with some of latest tracks which were playing on three lappies …I dont know why people believe in quantity .I was missing some punjabi tracks which I assumed shuld have been present in chandu’s system.Anyway …….I believe that girls and beer are most motivational source of a man’s life 🙂

I got confused when a girl(forgive me I forget your name , Its really a problem with me) asked me abt my life’s Prestigious moment . Yes ,I was confused.I never take my life so seriously….how can I dig it.Anyway Nitin’s small n lovely stories helped me to get some time to think.Prestigious have two meaning for me.A moment which u want to recall/reappear every time in life ,n second ….. a moment which makes you to feel proud.I adopted the second one…..may be ppl defines it as ostentation 🙂 Now,the table turned and it was my turn to ask. I knew she was expecting some romantic questions from me like ,your first crush…latest love..or who u like most etc.But really i felt very afraid to ask them …it doesn’t mean that I cant ask or I never asked to anyone, but I didnt want to hurt any feeling of her cos I dont know even a single second of her life .The question I asked was really silly,but it had some meaning .May be most of there were relating it to castism or anything but for me It was just analyzing a personality….I was expecting more than wat I got ….but I ended that with some lines from madhushala……. 🙂

I love you ppl ….you chaps are simply great,you made my new year eve unforgettable …..wishing you a very happy and prosperous new year !!!

PS : Special thanks to Nitin,Lalit,shushma ……. U ppl are wonderfull organizers …… 🙂


11 thoughts on “Prestigious moment …

  1. I thanks for all u written for us people.Dear you know you are one of my best friends i can never never forget the moments i spent with you wether in college or anywhere else. You supported mr in Blore when i needed u most. U always take care of me….. it wasjust a token of love. You are always welcome.

    Thanks Buddy!

  2. Didn’t knew that there is so much emotions hidden inside you.
    being a techie in one of the prestigious company of Bangalore you still have your feet in ground.

    one of the best pal i ever got.
    thnkx for everything…….
    ur friendship, ur help…..
    and above all for u being urself and of course ur EMOTIONAL ATTYACHAR………

    Thanks Buddy!!!!!

  3. hi dear
    we should be thankful to u.It was not only v people who were responsible 4 this great fun.It was the efforts frm the whole group.Just bcoz u peopole v enjoyed to the fullest
    thanx dear

  4. I am bit confused too.. You talking abut the most Prestigious moment??? 😮

    Lol…kidding! Whatever be it, its always a good thing to acknowledge the love you get, & then have it reciprocated..’re a lucky man!! 😀

    A very Happy New Year to you..!!! 🙂

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