dharam arth samjhau kya ?

This poem was written on the reaction of a debate “Religion and cast” on one my frnds blog.Few was rigid for their stand that there is no need of religion and caste . I have done everything to make them understand that its necessary for our culture and our social system ,but all wer waste …. so here is something for them

जो रक्त से सना नहीं ,जो रक्त में बहा नहीं
उसे रंगे-खून दिखाऊ क्या
उसे धरम अर्थ समझाऊ क्या

जिन्हें न मतलब ध्यान से
न गीता से ,न कुरान से
उसे वेद पुराण पड़ाउ क्या
उसे धरम अर्थ समझाऊ क्या

जिसमें भावः न ,न भक्ति है
न सुनने की ही सकती है
उसे मंत्र श्लोक सुनु क्या
उसे धरम अर्थ समझाऊ क्या

जो कुतर्को से भरे पड़े
पाश्चात्य में रंगे पड़े
उन्हें तर्क वितर्क बुझाऊ क्या
उसे धरम अर्थ समझाऊ क्या


2 thoughts on “dharam arth samjhau kya ?

  1. gr8 man!!!!

    this is tight slap to everyone who feel they have nothing to do with their religion and often debate about them being cool. Religion is one of your identity in this bunch of crowd of this world. You need to be attached to your religion as it is one of the foundation of us within us. It help us to relate ourself from supernatural power known as GOD. Without religion we are nothing.

    All the BEST and KEEP IT UP.

  2. I cannot read Hindi but I get what you’re saying. Just saw Slum Dog Millionaire and got the same message. Religion should bring peace and not violence.

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