Diplomacy outsourcing by Pakistan

Its common to see outsourcing of business but now Pakistan is outsourcing his diplomacy to China ,He is doing cheap politics about bringing china as mediator for Mumbai blast incident. They simple acting as childish behaviour…

Pak to China : Papa papa india thinks i stole his lollypop but i just borrowed it and ate it and never was held accountable of making the mistake I am not stealing I swear.
China to Pak : ooh kiddo I told you come to me only when there is an aligator in your pajamas (read satellite images confirming terrorist camps in pak) okay give me all the change in your piggy bank and I will go to delhi.


One thought on “Diplomacy outsourcing by Pakistan

  1. This will piss off US really badly :D, now US will come for our aid, Ha ha ha.

    We will wait for a DVD now, Peace Talks,Made in China

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