Lokoktiya(Proverbs) are the symbol of Indian village philosophy .This is the art to describe long experience in short sentance. These are based on some basic truth or practical precept .An African writer have said ” Proverbs are the daughters of experience.”

My effort is to accumulate all available ( may be not in write-up) on a single place . Please contribute…..

So , here I started with some proverbs which I usually listen from my Ma …..

1. पुरखा तो मर गए कुवारे , नातिन के नो नो व्याह
( पुरखा = fore-fathers , व्याह = Marriage )

2. नादिदे को खसम आयो , धोरी दुपहरी दियो जोडो
(नादिदे = Greedy ,खसम = Husband , दियो = Lamp )

3. के तो पहनू साडी ,नहीं तो डोलू मूंड उघाड़ी
(मूंड = forehead )

4. गधा कु दियो गुलकंद , मेरी आँख फोड़ डाली
(गुलकंद = Rose petal jam)

5. नचनिया ने पहनी पीतर , बाहर जाऊ के भीतर
(नचनिया = Dancer , पीतर = Bronze)

6. बाबाजी को सल्लम सोटा , ले गए गोरा पारवती

Expecting more proverbs from ur side ….mail me @ sandesh.ec@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “Lok-Ok-ti

  1. Some Lok-ok-ti are not corret to the word

    1. Andhi(Bliend) ko de dayee teetar, bahar dharoon k bheetar

    2. Gadha ko diyo non(salt) ke bane kahi aankh for dayee

    3. Gadha kya jane gulkand kha k

    4. Bhains (Buffalo) ke aage been bajayee, Bhains ne sochi sani(food) aayee

    will post more..if some comments received…

  2. what is the meening of

    6. बाबाजी को सल्लम सोटा , ले गए गोरा पारवती

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