IPL 2009 – Curtain Raiser

Modi is the famous surname in India Nowadays. One is Narrendra (future PM and CEO) and the other one IPL CEO lalit Modi. In last 4-5 month Lalit showed his power of money and the position ,every state Govt were begging to organize the matches ,but Modi sahab ke man mein to kuch aur hi tha.

Shahrukh was the most profitable team owner.He has a list of sponsors,it gives a trick to Shilpa ,who is only mard in the Indian women film industry . She has taken a mardana kadam and took stake in the Rajasthan Royal . Now beloved Yog Guru Shilpa Shetty is halla boling with Shane warne .

The origin of Cricket is England.All the countries which were rules by Britishers are doing well in Cricket.So its responsibility of IPL to give honour to England team,thats why they are giving $1.55m to both Peterson,Flintoff even when the last time England board refused to participate.That is what we called Swamibhakti .Peterson is the most costly player .Dhoni is the most valuable among Indian Cricketer players.

Pakistani players not allowed in this session because they are busy in making bombs and doing amendments in the constitution for shariyut law. But some Talibani contacted IPL to give a chance. Pakistan team wants some modification in the pattern of cricket.They want that ball should be replaced by hand grenade and bat should be replaced by Rocket Launcher.


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