Four ppl four thoughts

Last week I was little bit free from all of my assignments and had enough time to make new frnds as I am always curious to know about diffent people and their personality.As I have stong believe that you can find a guru anywhere in anybody.Getting new views about the life and the way of living is new hobby which I am seeing that developing in me.In last 4-5 days I was in touch with four new frnds obviously the mode is Orkut and Yahoo IM.Luckily all four are girl:).All four have different views towards life but two have little bit same thought as both are have same origin of thoughts.Let me introduce them…..I am hiding their name…otherwise they will spammed my blog (all are computer tachie).Ok…..let me give a shot

First one is Jugni…..full vella type.Chating is her passion.Daughter of an Army officer,based at delhi.Totally dilli marka………having many new words which were not present in my dictionary before….Chipaar,****.She sleep when people wakeup and she opens her eyes when people usually on bed.Fashion designer by profession and have a contract for my marriage.Had a boyfriend and now having a strong believe that he will again make her life happy.She is not a Typical Indian sati savitri but having some principles towards life and respect indian culture values.I met her on solar eclipse night (morning for her).A sher for her”Ab main samjha tere rukhsar par til ka matlab,dault-e-husn par pahredar bitha rakha hai”.She hate urdu which I like at most.Still she dont know how to make roti ….how can I marry her 😛

Second one is Mohini.Very well impressed with Osho’s thoughts.3-4hours meditation is a regular activity of her day.A graduate,working with a marketing firm.A smiling face which gives u a reason to hang with her.She is also from delhi and waiting for Nov like me ….as we both are going to marry in this Nov.No,no …….there is a catch,only the person are different to whom we are getting marry.Strong believer in meditation and having a ear for indian music.She is strongly affected with Osho’s thought and trying to live with them but also using her instinct to decide what to do.This is the way which i think every one should have.

Third one is Anandi,Gives you lots of options to call her ……..she have lots of name.A married lady and a school teacher.Living in chandigarh and claims that she is living as sanyasin ………an OSHO sanyasin.Came to know from her that Osho sanyasis are different from the definition which we have in our memory discs.Thinking that nobody can stop her to do anything what she wants to do.These thought come when you cross some of the states of sprituality and also when you doesnt understand sprituality.Believe in Ekla Chalo but in a different manner.Lots of things to tell about this personality but still im trying to understand.Well,She is the only girl who gives me challenge……I love when some one trying to attack on my roots of thoughts.Anyways a strong supporter of Live-in relationship….But seriously,she has patience in her core.

Fourth one is Pushpa…….No,Not Amarprem wali,She is an engineering graduate and having a eye on IAS.Cleared Pre and moving towards Mains.An Indian litrature fan and belongs to Chattisgarh.I get in touch When I was searching for Rag-Darbati,A book written by Shrilal Shukla.Little bit confused girl and gets irritate when something goes out of his thoughts.Having a great respect towards Indian culture and keep herself in her domain.

All four girls are from same country and having different views.But the common thing,they have is “respect”.Respect towards theirself,respect towards religion and respect towards me.A week and four personlity really makes me to think, who is the better and who is best.But,It feels good when you see that really we are growing with our thoughts.


5 thoughts on “Four ppl four thoughts

  1. Nice blog. I have always had this feeling (which got strengthened by this blog) about young Indian generation that they are free (in many senses), independent, super confident and the best part is they know, understand and “respect” who they are, what they belong to and what they want to be. In last few years, I got chance to know and learn about the people (specially young gen) around the world, I can proudly say, Indians are doing great in every sense along with keeping themselves intact with their roots.
    I am sure, these are not the thoughts of only 4 young “sensible/spiritual (Osho type!)” people but whole educated youth of India and the BEST part is: They are happy!
    BTW I like Anandi the most 😛

  2. @Rewa,

    Thanks for coming this bloody blog after long time ……..Dont you think that these lines are written by Ramdhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ 😛 …….This is just a coincidence that these are my fav too 🙂 ….


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