Bangalore to Shivasamudram

3P is my interest,my hobby and my passion……3P(People, Product and Process) basically a concept of six sigma TQM and industry is adopting it to improve their quality.The same funda I am applying in my life to make it more meaningful.But here the meaning is little bit different….3Ps here …Places,Person and Parmatma.All three are inter-related and after getting first one,you can reach rest two.Place gives you a chance to meet person and interacting with person you can easily meet with Parmatma.But,you cant say that your search ends up, cos it cant be.No,no………I m not going to be spiritual or philosophical.Actually I was not finding any other better way to start with.

I am not a travel blogger.Even I am not a blogger as I always claim.Then why the hell I am doing this now.Reason…..cos,This one was my last trip ………ooo ok,no no ………I m still alive.A simple reason that my journey now comes to end,I have covered almost every places resides in Karnatka.Shivsamundram was the last.The above darshnik vichar still valid here that you cant get anything full.Now I m looking towards Kerala.Its monsoon and a good time to visit heaven.So waiting for this weekend.The plan is already sealed.hey…….all the readers who are coming here by the bloody google links,cant find anything.Seriously I am not interested to write anything about the beauty or the way of Shivsamundram from bangalore.Only what I can say that,this is a must visit place.Bike nikalo,jacket pehno….and you will reach in 3 hrs.Take any road,either Kanakpura or Mysore.But I prefer kanakpura cos its staright goes to Shiv-Samundra.No right no left…….If you take mysore highway,take left after Mandya.

Two beautiful falls(Gagan Chukki nad BaraChukki),Kaveri rivar and a power project.A beautiful and sure shot spot to suicide.So If you truly thinks that “Yaha kon hai tera,Musafir….“,Go to Barachukki,get down little bit,You can find two rocks,jump from there and its guaranteed assured by Wadyar kings that you will meet the Paramtma.I was not so lucky ,I tried with one rock but a stupid fellow hold me.A suggestion,have kabab from Ali kabab Center which is just in front of a mosque situated on the top of the hill.Kabab is deadly tasty and gives you a reason to suicide.

After Barachukki you can visit to Talakad.A cursed place for cursed people like me.By returning from Barachukki there is a diversion towards left,dont take it …..this goes to hell.take next right which is almost 5 km far from this place.On the way you can find one and only petrol bunk in the circum of 20km.On the second left you will find a smooth road but after 5 km the reality start.This is just like a lie,Its looks beautifull but after some time its makes your life worst.After 15 Km on this road you will reach on a junction.Now,You have to decide,you want to go Somnathpuram or Talakad….Ek taraf uska ghar, ek taraf Meh-kada.You can find beer on talakad …..somnathpuram is a temple,ppl says its built on 3000 yrs ago.

Barachukki is a state of man’s ebullience and Talakad is immanent state.The water is same on both the place.But the behaviour is different.Can this compared by our man??

There are five temples in Talakad,but You cant see them ….they are burried in sand.Ppl says that this was the curse fromKing’s wife.But its good to see desert,100 mt aways from great Kaveri.Both can live together Water and desert……But in our life,we want only water where the hell desert should go !!!


6 thoughts on “Bangalore to Shivasamudram

  1. while I was in bangalore many time planned to visit this place.. but as usual always missed… aftr reading about beauty, surly i will go next time…
    Sandesh bhai.. whether didnt accept BUT YOU ARE TRUE BLOGGER 🙂

  2. ur way of expression s honest…..sketches d whole journey nd exotic place as if v juz been to d place ourselves..keep it up!!:)

  3. achha laga pad ke…. laga khud ghum raha hu….our bhi photo post karo dost… or woha kaunsa hotel mein raat ko halt keya tha…kaisa tha hotel…thoda ye saab bhi likha hota to bada help hota kabhi plan banate toh….

    u r a lucky guy man…traveling a lot…enjoy.. !!!

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