Meaning less words

Uff……what shoud I right? Even I dont have RSS feed on my blog,still ppl ask aajkal tum likhte nahi ho …really ppl r freak to read meaning less things.This time also dont expect that you will find anything which will contribute to your knowledge in any sense.Last 20 days was full of experience.I got …how ppl make use of others emotions? How you can ride a puncture bike?how you can write documents without any reference?How you can choose your life partner?How to cook bisibelle bhat? and the most interesting how to crack farmville on facebook? Lets make this post as continuation of previous one 😛

four-ppl-four-thoughts was the story of better to say my judgmental theory on four gals.Among them one is happily doing her marriage shopping,other one is fighting with her parents cos they want to marry her n she dont believe in this social concept,third one(will tell u later) and the last one is still confused let her remain the same :).

The traveling is still filling happiness in my core,dont know how long it will work.Last weekend I was at nandi hill.This was the 5th time when I was there.Surya maharaj still angry to me and in this shot also he was not agree to give darshan simply I missed famous sunrise this time too.Might be the reason that I hav Sun with Rahu in my lagn house :D.Had a plan for wayand,but bikers wer more scared with rain so left.Someone has rightly said akela chana bhad nahi bhooj sakta …. 😛

Ghazal listening is replacing many old stuffs from my music loving architecture.Iqbal bano is the new name.Ghalib is all time favorite which forced me to do what I dont want.I hate reading ….but Deewan-e-Ghalib is exception.I have its rare hindi softcopy ……interest ppl can mail me.Shayari is on full sabab. My chatfrnds used to see new caption every hour ….frnds I cant help,you have to bear.A new edition on classical side is Rag Sehra ….. I m not at all …….What ? You said something ? 😛 Ohkay ….Love aajkal and Kamine havnt left any impression…..yes Lali character in Agle janam mohe bitiya hi kijo,real name Ratan Rajput has something which we call values,that r the thing which i really appreciate in a girl…gr8 sense of humor,intelligence….looks matter?? I m in search :P.She came on the set of Dus Ka Dum…ppl who have seen,can judge.

Aur unke liye jo kehte hai ke aajkal hum kuch likhte nahi hai…….arz kiya hai

jis chorahe par lagte they hasino ke mele
us dagar par ab tum kabhi milte nahi ho
kafir !! fir poochte ho ke tum likhte nahi ho

Abhi islah karna baki hai …..puri hone par pesh-e-khidmat karunga …hehehehe

I told you na kuch nahi paoge …. par padna hai …….meaning in less words 😛


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