bade hote raste ….

lo main fir aa gaya ……. its exact 3 months,last post I wrote on 5th sept.Its 3 month past and I dont have much to say …hmmmm, I have….but,ok…..better to say I have many things …no no,let me think …..ya,yes I dont have much to share…..this is the correct statement,really i can never be a good writer…..damm !!! Anyways its not good to share personal things in public places.But In India generally ppl do it ;).Well life is going kewl,on pace ,on luv,on cell,on talk,on chat,on lappy,on bike, on cab…cab ?? me n car ??? no way …….I hate this word ‘car’ ….y?? go to abt me ……I olready have given so many reasons 🙂 …….I m harsh??? ya I m listening this words frm last friday nite …..ooops !! no sharing 😉

So,Wish/dream/desire …….I dont know da perfect simply ….I m da owner of Sony @ 700 SLR ……kimat na poocho yaro ……bada tanghal ho gaya 😦 lenders are invited …….chatni se roti kha raha hu ………hehehe !!! at least I m better to those who r eating with onions.I was there at my home on diwali.Its always good to be at home…. in small town also, things are changing rapidly……bade hote raste,chhote hote dil,badta internet network aur aapsi batein gul …….relations,emotions,love,everything vanishing too fast.But the tree in my garden is still giving shelter,may be because he is 50-60 yr old and keeping its moral with him ….ooh,serious toks !!! no no …..ok leave it too.The one thing I did in ma life first time is cancellation of tatkal ticket.But it repaid wid the biggest happiness of my life…..sharing ???

okay !!! lemme say sumthing on friendship …… i m always friendly wid everyone n I got good friends.last three months I got good experience about the friendship.Ppl say, time is the best way to evaluate the things.I think its not …..things/ppl change with time. because its time who change the circumstances,relations,priorities.So better way to judge the behavior of a person by his circumstances.May be the one u like most at moment,u hate on another moment cos he/she change his behavior towards you according to his/her priorities.well,last three months gives me chance to visit various places….starting from yellahgiri,dd hills,nandi hills,mysore,ooty,allapy,wayanad n many more… office is got shifted to Manyata(name sounds good) a worst and far place from my home house.daily 45 km riding was changing my hobby to majboori.So,I m availing cab service.I got a book “alchemy of desire”,I m forced to read it and I have completed its 23 pages in last one and half month.This shows my keen interest in reading books.Neways I like the first line of this book ‘Love is not the greatest glue between two is’…….but author ends after 518 pages with ”Sex is not the greatest glue between two is’.Might be this is only the reason behind my speed.I already knows the last line den y should I read whole book…..par majboori hai bhai kya kare !!!

On poetry side …..u can see many new poems n ghazals on this blog.My request is to leave comments.cos,comment is the only thing which makes me to write….I m planning to buy Electra 350 …lets c,kab kanha ki meharbani ho …… its ol abt past 3 month….ab aap batao …ki hal hai tuhade?? 🙂


3 thoughts on “bade hote raste ….

  1. …ur inner thots alws move ma heart…cos dey r v.simple yet powerful.u r d panacea to many bewildered hearts.Never discontinue writing….u wl go a long day i wl b spotting ur book at Om Book Shop… i wl tk ur manuscript…promise?:-)God bless u!!!!

  2. Hii…. Sorry to have been away for so long from the blog!!
    I can totally understand your thoughts.. sometimes you have so many things to say.. yet they are so personal that you can’t help but keep it upto you..
    There is one thing that I have to agree with you .. “May be the one u like most at moment,u hate on another moment cos he/she change his behavior towards you according to his/her priorities..”
    True .. very true…

  3. Rastaa kya hai? wo jispe chal ke mazil tak pahoncha jaye ??
    Parindo ko udte dekha hai kabhi? Kis raste jaate hain wo ?

    Sara ka sara patal, poora ka poora rasta hee to hai. Jab chaloge to rasta nirmit jayega. Aur suno, uspe kewal tum hee chal sake ho, aur tum bhi bas ek bar hee chal paay ho. Koi aur uspe nahi chal payega. Rasta pehle ghatit hota hee nahi. Jab chaloge to gatit hoga aur phir patal mein vileen jayega…

    Rasta ??

    “The name that can me named is not the enduring and unchanging name,
    the path that can be trodden is not an unchanging and enduring path.”
    -Tao Te Ching

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