Triveni by Gulzar

Triveni…A sangam of river Ganga,Jamuna and saraswati !!! In poetry it is a different art of saying.Urdu sher consists of two lines,better to say two misras.A shayar or poet is able to express his feeling in two lines.But in triveni,poet introduce a third line which gives it a new dimension all together,even though first two lines are well enough to express.Gulzar introduce this new technique of poetry.I wanna share some trivenis from Gulzar sahib and later I will share something from my side.But first something from master.

saawle sahil pe gulmohar ka ped
jaise laila ki maang mein sindoor
dharam badal gaya bechari ka !!

सावले साहिल पे गुलमोहर का पेड़
जैसे लैला की माँग में सिन्दूर
धरम बदल गया बेचारी का …

First two lines are just symbolic,he is comparing the beauty of nature with beauty of his beloved.but when third line comes(Gulzar call it Saraswati),the whole meaning gets change.See,If laila got married then her love wuld have lost his existence.Poet wants to say that Love has its beauty only when lovers are apart.Once they meet love fades its color.So laila is laila till she is unmarried and this is only her religion …

In Pt Sumitranand’s words

मिलन अंत है मधुर प्रेम का,और विरह जीवन है
विरह प्रेम की सास्वत गति है,और शुश्प्ती मिलन है

Triveni has its own taste.If you wanna enjoy its beauty then first read two lines,understand and make a picture that what poet wants to say.After that just read the third one and you will find that whole picture gets changed once you read this. 🙂

The another triveni from gulzar saheb

Udd ke jaate huye pankshi ne bas itna hi dekha
der tak haath hilati rahi wah shaakh fiza mein

alvida kahne ko? ya paas bulane ke liye ?

उड़ के जाते पंक्षी ने बस इतना ही देखा
देर तक हाथ हिलाती रही वह शाख फिजा में

अलविदा कहने को ? या पास बुलाने के लिए ?

first two lines are self explanatory,bt the reason of bird’s flew can be different.May be he want to sit on another branch or bird don’t want to put his weight on this branch further.So when he flew away because of this pressure,branch moved to and fro or if we take first meaning then branch just saying goodbye cos bird is leaving it.But when third lines comes,triveni takes its twist.Bird is not able to figure out that this movement of branch is for saying good bye or it doesnt want to let him go……beauty beauty beauty …….. 🙂

Will update some of his Triveni in future,till you people can share your creation …..ur comments will be highly appreciated …. 😛


9 thoughts on “Triveni by Gulzar

  1. Something from me :

    Maashoka ki bewafai to samajh na sake..
    Unki mohabbat se saalon saal ubar na sake..
    Unki majboori ka ehsaas hua, jab humne bhi ek dil toda..

    Am a huge Gulzaar fan, looking forward to more Trivenis from him..

    1. wah wah.. anjum ji… kya likh dali aapne….ik nazm yaad dila di apne :

      tumhari vaffa se shiqayat nahi hai – nibhana to koi ravayatt nahi hai
      jahaan tak kadam aaSake aa gaye hain – andhere haame aaj raas aa gaye hain

  2. …srrry sandesh sahib…bt Indians gt an art of concealing der cowardice in d garb of sacrifice….dat way I appreaciate Other habitants of our planet who dare to do!!!!If luv loses its fragrance on d joining of lovers…..den ws it LOVE???!!Thou m a gr8 admirer of urs:-)

  3. I m quoting the comment of “reitu ”

    I would recommended you to learn about the Love. Though I an not an Indian, I have many friends who belong to the same culture. They really do sacrifice. I have many real life story.
    There is cowardice who just say we moved on, once we loved.
    If you say that you lovED, it means you were never into love.

    Dear Reitu, it take a courage to stay away from those you love the most. These Indian Folks are made of something else. if you say the lines love looses its fragrance, and you concluded from those lines, then I would say you have not got the actual meaning. May be its a language barrier, you can be blamed for that. But certainly a friendly advice that you should not comment until you are not sure that what you got that is right.

  4. Are meri pahali triveni
    हमारे ज़ेहन से जिनका नाम कभी जाता नहीं
    गलती से भी मैं उनके ख्यालों में आता नहीं
    कोई बताये चाँद के महबूब कितने हैं ???

    tell me how is it ????

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