Art of leaving

I know,I know ….please dont say anything.I know you are fully bored but believe me I never writes poem for you people its your kindness that you read them.Ok leave it,today after long long time I am trying to write something different or better to say totally different,this is not a poem,this is not a story,this not about photography,this is not about astrology even this is not all about my traveling 😛 …den wat? wait wait I also don’t know what I am going to write but its something which I wanted to write since few months.Even after deep thinking of months I only got the title”Art of leaving “….n rest, I am leaving on you.

I just want your views on this title…what you have understand with this.Dont you think that it sounds like “Ravishankar Ji ” ka Art of living 😀

living is the continous process,we have to map our past to our present and this present is again mapped to our furture in the next moment.So all are integreted.The things you have done in your past is reflected in your present and whatever you are doing in your present will must be reflect in your future.Just becasue of this the problem starts.You cant escape from your past,you have to drag it to your present.Your decision of present is highly influnced by your past and its a constraints,You cant help….believe me,you cant help.So,you have to be live with your past.With this theory you can only live…only live,you cant enjoy the life.But nobody want to live there life,they wants to enjoy,they wants to see the colors.Then what? What should we do ? Answer is leave the things….

Leaving is not the escapism.Leaving is to kill every moment,die in every moment….shocked?? No no ….You are not getting me.I meant to say that once you enjoy the moment kill it.dont take it with you while entering in another moment and this is the key.Lord Krishna says – “Karmanywa dhikaraste” means do your karm and forget it,kill it….but how? How can you forget your action which you have done with your all intensity,with your all will and with your all efforts.How can you forget the act in which you have given everything? Question is easy …damm easy,But answer is complicated.What you were thinking,”leaving” is an easy concept.Its more more difficult than “living” and that is the reason people dont talk about it.

Anyways there are many ways 😛 …..I will try to explain how to kill the past,how to die in every moment and how to enjoy the life…No No its not complicate,its a very simple ….But my favaroute lines are ” Simplicity is the most complicated thing in the world”….these are my lines,but I cant patent them,might be someone else already have said..if not then tell me how to file a patent 😛 :).We can make things complicated in a second but making things simple take years and years….So just hold on …I will be back with a simply complicate subject …till then happy life …..dont leave me ….after all still you dont know how to leave 🙂


Your feedback is very important for me ..please leave a comment !!!

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