Song without words

Kesariya Balam padharo mhare desh … fav song which is keep humming in my heart.Rajasthani music is rich in Rags and sufism.This song is basically in Rag “mand”.Like rag darbari,this is the darbar rag for rajasthani music.Wherever you go in rajasthan this is the first song you encounter with.I am fortunate enough to stay in Jodhpur for more than a year and visited each and every place of Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.My stay in that part of country most influenced me.The way people enjoy there life,the tradition,the music,the dance,the survival,the climate,the desert and the honest hearts…you cant find in the world.When someone ask me,where you want to spend your last days of life…I always says,its Vrindawan,its Mcleodganj and its jaisalmer !!! Still reading ??? Might be you are thinking that what makes me to write this post…you people always want to go in core 😛

Well there are two reasons,one is Cathy’s Blog,she is visiting Jodhpur nowadays and other one is Indian Idol 5.Former is using her Camera and later are using there music.Both are fabulas !!! really amazing…swaoop khan and sattar …In the show,a song given to both of them “Bhawra bhawra aaya re” from Kaminey movie.Both folk singers are belong to a very small village of jaisalmer.Both tried so much but didnt able to remember a single word from the lyrics,but they have to perform.So they started but once they started nobody wanted them to stop ….everybody was enjoying the song,the song without words…they took the song at that level, where words doesnt matter …If any thing was there,then it was only the fragrance of Rajasthani soil…..


One thought on “Song without words

  1. Hi Munda,

    Thanks so much for your appreciative comment & your link to my blog too. I’ve had a truly wonderful 3 months in India – what an beautiful & fascinating country, & what a lively, colourful & heartful nation of people. I’ll definitely be back to explore more…

    Do you come from Jodhpur? There’s several more posts still to come from there, along with Jaipur & Udaipur, but I fly to Mumbai today & then back to London early tomorrow morning, so will upload those once I’m home & back on broadband.

    With warm wishes,


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