Mehdi Hassan Hospitalized In Karachi

Its not more than two years since I am in love with indian classical music,but its enough time to develop good ears.My favourite rag is “Rag Darbari” and I enjoy it every time when I listen any song in it.the gazal I like most in it is “Hungama kyu hai barpa”….Anyways.I am not here to tell you people that what I like and what I dont… :P,its a long list baby !!! see……I forgot what I want to tell……hmmm, ye!!! it was the rag ‘Sehara’…the most dangerous and rare rag in the Indian claasic music history…dangerous because it used to sing at the of funerals and impossible because its an bad Bad Omen.So,nobody wants to sing and nobody wants to listen but the reason what I see is that, there are many off-tune notes,which is not present in piano and harmoniums.Rag Sehara named ater the word “sehar”,which means desert.It resemble the lonliness of a person….Mehdi hasan sahib has tried this Rag in one of the Eden’s gazal…I am sharing it here… enjoy it !!!


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