Dus ke Chaar !!!

Kahe kabeer suno bhai shadu …..discourse of OSHO which I am listening while traveling in train…yes,yes man !! Don’t you follow me on twitter? After a long time I got the chance to travel by train …Its not because of my wish though I love to travel and meet the people, but this time someone made herself a reason.Rajdhani cant be a good medium to know the people and the place. Tightly glassed window force you to concentrate on your epicenter. I hate this typo of ambience which makes you to keep away from the nature….Ooh I am going so philosophical? Okay leave it….Well,I had a wish to have good experience in this journey…Insah Allah,I will get.

Nobody can tell about his/her future…even being an astrologer I am also not able to predict the upcoming incidents, But one thing I can predict with 100% of surety and that is …I will never get a girl next to my seat 😦 But this time I failed ….dont smile,this time no girl in the full boggy …..But I got two Marwari couple as my humsafar.Two old aged Aunties with full of Rajsthani traditional Saaris and uncles are with theth Marwari accent.They boarded from Hazrat Nizzamuddin at time when I was settling down with my luggage. Uncle entered and gave me a beautiful smile,like he was saying that Beta kismet se kaha bhagega 🙂 I moved up my head to thank Mr. Kanha to keep playing with my luck. Destiny…I hate this word.There is nothing in this world which we call past or future.The only thing which is present is present.Past and future is non-existential.Only thing which exists is present….hehehe,you know one should be philosophical to keep depression away..and that I follow,So I am just thinking about present with two Aunties and two Uncles 🙂 Santosi sada sukhi …

Well the things started as I knew they should have to go. A 10-12 yrs old boy came to our place..our ? Ya now we are in the same coach,we all five 🙂 hum paanch that guy was selling some essential stuffs …..Unavoidable stuff. Uncle stopped the boy and enquired about the papersoap..
Boy replied … Sahib,10 ke 3.
Suddenly the smile which I was seeing from last half an hour changed to the full Marwari kutil expressions,and he told…bhai,tera bhai 10 ke 5 de riyo tho abhi
Boy got him in less than a second that he is Marwari.He replied,Sahab koi na bechta 10 ke 5…a perfect Haryanvi accent.
Then the true bargaining had started,It went for 10-15 minutes …and deal was closed with 4 packs in 10 bucks.Boy went away. the ever smile again came on Uncle’s face.Uncle took the packs counted the leafs of each pack and after getting assure that every pack has correct leafs,he put them in his shirt’s pocke.But,It was not the end.Even I was not expecting it.Now the discussion was started among all four. I was seeing them as a silent spectator.But it was a fun.Uncle was celebrating his victory in the best deal of millennium 🙂 he described the full bargaining technique to her wife.Anyways the discussion diverted to some other topic and at last paper soaps got relief,which were first time going to loose their life in Marwari’s hand.The amazing thing I came to know while typing this stuff is that Marwari is the word which was included in Oxford dictionary….great work guys !!!

Now its time to Dinner, Its almost 10.30 and two bread stick was not enough to those people so they were waiting for dinner restlessly.Atlast,Dinner came and they had it very silently and this time I was not expecting this,They are really unpredictable. No,no …this time pickle…I was correct,how could a dinner get finished without any Marwari act.They didn’t eat pickle,I don’t know the reason though I was very eager to know.But they kept those pickle packs in their bag,So three time meal and four pack,If one pack has 10 gm of pickle, then when they will leave the train,they will have 120 gm.12 bucks profit 🙂 Anyways dinner had finished.Its time to sleep.Actually they didn’t know about the sweet,which is usually given after 20-30 minutes of dinner ….Indian lazy, mismanaged train services.All four got slept.But I was still awake as I was downloading a sufi song on my mobile and it was too slow or that song didn’t want to stay wid some English stuff. Suddenly I saw something in Aunties eyes….she wanted to tell some thing, suddenly she screamed….ice cream !!! This time laughter straightly went to my heart…Its always good to sleep with smile and happiness and also with Begun Akhtar…………..oops,I mean wid her gazals 🙂

I am sleeping now,Actually I am not sleeping.I am seeing my body which is sleeping.I am just a spectator a Sakshi.Its all happening,everything is happening.I am not doing anything,I am not the doer…I am a sakshi,Lots of things happened in last 20 days …ohh don’t go so sentimental,I have many things to tell ….still around 21 hours remaining …keep waiting and keep tracking me on twitter or on facebook for more interesting stuff !!!


3 thoughts on “Dus ke Chaar !!!

  1. awesome dude…… it was a fun experience….. and i could relate to quite a few instances in this story …. and just wait to get married ….. after that all the girls will sit next to you ….. thats the irony of life ….. nyways it was cool ……keep sharing such stories ……

  2. Hilarious!!! I miss train journeys for this very reason!! Such a fun medium to meet different people and have interesting experiences.

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