Sex and Love Making

Its almost 2 Am and I am still alive,generally at this time I get died.Really this is weird, when sumthing comes in mind to write at this particular time.But its a mind and I cant help it.Nobody can control on minds even on his own mind.The only way to leave all the thought is, drop the mind.drop the mind? you ppl cant understand cos
still u r using ur mind while reading it …anyways leave it,I am not a budhdha neither i am a Tao.Well,today I want to discuss some weird topic…is it really weird? yes may be,because we have been representing it from last thousand of years as weird .We dont want to discuss it openly and hide it as a top secret,we have made a sacred thing as a scared one.Okay let me tell the subject first…its love making..ohh you havnt got it? how can you? …its sex man!! Ohh,now you u have made a picture,an image,an video n blah blah…dis is how mind works :).Its not your fault,our mind works on base of memory,it works on our past,on our experiences.We have gone through so much of sexual stuffs that at the moment you read the word ‘sex’,the next moment your mind made picture.It recalls your all memory related to this word and give the finished product….your perception,your thoughts,about this word and your stand on this article and also my character and my motive of writing this article.your mind is so sharp that it calculate all the probabilities in micro seconds.As now you already have a perception and you will read the further writing while keeping this perception in mind.But I am asking you to drop your mind.Leave your perception,your thoughts.If you cant drop…dont read further.I am not going to share my views on sex.but,Yes…I will discuss love making.If you are such a fool that you
already have started relating love making to sex then please leave this space,you will not get a single word from now onwards.

Well…love making is not sex.We are in between animals and Budhdha.When I say Budhdha,It doesnt mean a person,It doesnt mean an idealogy.Its juz consciousness.Its only dropped mind.Animals have no emotions while doing the act.So for them, Love is missing from the love making and thats why we remove this
word and called love making as sex for animals.Budhdha dont need the sexual organs only to do this act.Their whole body is a sexual organ.Their whole existence is full of love and for them the feeling the joyousness of this act dont require any organ,because they are only representative.In our religion we worship of Shiva-linga.That structure doesnt have face,not legs,not arms…that is only a organ,bt its not.It represent that the whole body have become the sexual organ.This is an ultimate example the how sacred this love making is.We are human,as I said we are in between budhdha and animal.We are above the animals and below the
Budhdhas.Going upward is very difficult because lower layer has gravitation.Gravitation of getting joy without binding youself.Here you gets the freedom.But this joy is momentary because it doesnt involve any emotions,any love.In this world,there are only few people who are getting orgasm.The first thing to understand is that ejaculation is not orgasm.Its something different.Orgasm is the creation of energy.It will generate through the organs and will flow in the whole body.When this whole energy flow,one can feel the energy at all his part.Its like that his whole body become the sexual organ and that is only the reason which I mentioned above…logic behind Shiva-linga.

But,There is always a question,How to achieve this? For feeling that you have to be a budhdha,atleast you have to reach near to it.It requires pure love (is it exists?),it requires selfless emotions,its require thoughtless mind,it requires lots of faith.Once someone gets it,then It will be very easy to get the ecstasy,ecstasy of love.Love making is not only the way to express your love ,but it is a great source of energy production,which creates vibration in all of your body.Well,Its enough for today..sorry tonight…I have to wake up at 5.30 AM to meet the office timing….Dont think anything :).you cant understand it,you can only feel it once you reach that level.It requires pureness…n it will come slowly.Chaps I will continue with topic ….bt as for now…I dnt want to fight with my eyes….keep reading …I knw its a incomplete article,but please dont complain 🙂 Its just ot give a platform that what I am going to share in cuming days ….cuming is not the word 🙂


6 thoughts on “Sex and Love Making

  1. You always writes very sensible stuff,It is becoming more difficult to understand your thoughts by a simple mind.You reaching the high.I still remember the day when you were discussing GEETA among us.You understand the things so simply and describing them so beautifully.You are more than a species.Keep writing

  2. absolutely right boss, whatever you have written is the motivation to feel the inner and pure enjoyment. whatever we do is almost affected by what is present in our memory . I am totally agree with you whatever we try to do, try to feel is impacted by memory recalls. if we try to do things with maximum purity ,we will surely enjoy it. need is to learn how can enjoy anything to the greatest level…

  3. I didnt understood the motive to put these words, no conclusion, no answers, just uncompleted, unanswered QUs. Did u said if one person doesnt felt energy (you talking abut) in love making then he/she is an animal? What i belive Love is not related with sex, orgasm or anything like that, its just a feeling like hate, anger, only diff is we leanred to control these but To love we never wanted to control, so its uncontrolled and takes us wherever it can. And usually its leads towards sex bcz thats we saw around, heared, sensed. But Love is biggest rock you ever seen and other hand sex is a single atom in same rock. you remember i told u i belive in platonic Love 😉

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