Paul Allen the Octopus…Shri Shri 1008 Astaang Baba !!!

From last month All news channels,news papers are full of world cup coverage.People are tracking each and every matches and their favorite stars.But the hot one is that bloody Octopus :)…Paul Allen the Octopus !!! What is the relation between football and the octopus?? Yes,there is.He is predicting…n predicting with 85% success rate..Amazing..huh !! Well,There is another relation too…Octopus family has one species which is called as Football Octopus(Scientific name is Tuberculate Pelagic)…and that might be the reason why Paul is predicting so well 🙂 …No,No I am not going to find any other similarities but I just imaging If this Octopus belongs to India then What would happen 🙂

India is a spiritual country,We have around 2 billion Gods and Goddess,and the reason is that we start worshiping each and every person as GOD who does something little bit above than humanity or if he has some miracle skills.SO,If this Octopus belongs to India then we would already have made him a Baba(saint)or a God.First step we would do is nomenclature(Namkaran Sanskar):)….He would become Shri Shri 1008 Astaang Baba,We would have occupied some Government land,would have made a temple for him,A long queue would be there in front of temple.Some sweet shops and music store will open near to the temple,few people will become priest who knows little bit of sanskrit,T-Series will release bhajans and aarti for Astaang baba.Illegal parking will be open.Few techies will open website for online aarti and darshan,and stupid people like me will start writing the miracles of Astaang baba on their blogs and people like you will start commenting on that 🙂 negative way of marketing 🙂 …Anyways we Indians have habit to make Gods…But see the GERMS sorry Germans,they want to kill him and wanna make soup…we cant do,be are religious…how can be do it? We havnt done anything to that BABA ChakChakanand sorry Nityand :).

Its not funny,I got few facts from badhes blog which shows why Octopus is near to our GOD.First,Octopus have 8 tongues 🙂 AstJivha…Octopus tentacles are muscular hydrostat,which are much like as human tongue.Second,Half of the nervous system they have in their arm and they have one or two favorite arms which they use in preference.Third,they have Cephalopod intelligence.So they can use tools…most of you have seen that paul opened the jar.Fourth,they can be effectively invisible…Antardhyan :).Fifth,The female Octopus in some species can have a couple of hundred thousand eggs…only God can create so fast :).Sixth,During the egg-caring period, the mother Octopus will not hunt, instead sometimes choosing to eat a couple of her own arms…and it shows nirvana,no attraction towards body….What else is remained to become a GOD ….

And GOD loves all,that why Octopus have three hearts,its enough to love all …..Jai ho Astaang BABA ki 🙂


4 thoughts on “Paul Allen the Octopus…Shri Shri 1008 Astaang Baba !!!

  1. ब्लौग पढ कर तो इस बात से आश्चर्य जरुर होता है कि इतने देवी-देवताओं के बीच , एक भी औक्टोपस देव नहीं हैं । लगता है इस ब्लौग को पढ कर अब लौग इस बात पर भी ध्यान देंगे । और कुछ महिनों मे लौग अब औकेटोपस देव-देवी के नाम पर चंदा माँगेंगे ।

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