Maula mere le le meri ………..jaan !!

Do deewane sahar mein,raat mein dupahar mein
aashiyana dhoondte hai,aabudana dhoondte hai ….

Yup !!! again I am in search,But this time this is not for truth,not for GOD, not for humanity not for any scenic thing for shoot ..this time my search is for a materialistic thing…a Ashiyana,a house 🙂 I am really fed up with daily 4 hours travelling.So now its my majboori to search something near to my office…bloody office,every year it gets change …dnt knw wat I am doing ? Perhaps I am not doing anything…I am juz watching,life is doing 🙂 I love this philosophy of OSHO,it helps me to hide my Alsipan 🙂

Well,I was talking about the search :).Searching for a house on rent is the tough job and the toughest is to find a home.Getting a job is more easy than getting a house.This is really a hell created by land lord and those bloody brokers.Basically one can compare this hell to the so called religious hell.ya,ya you can compare it with our whole religious system.Leaving a house is simply similar to leaving the dont know where you will go…it all depends how lucky you might be become a insect,or dog or cat or lion or man or manmohan singh…what is the difference between man and manmohan singh?? dnt knw ..u guess 🙂 …nuthing u can do ..its ol depends on ur effort which u have made in ur this birth :).In this hell there are three is Yamraj(landlords),Nowadays its very difficult to meet yamraj,he is very busy.he never comes to meet you but yes, you can meet his doot(property brokers),the second character.An the third character are we ,the free spirit …bhatakti aatma. you will never find these Yamraj,how he is? how he looks ? How he sounds ? Nuthing..Nuthing you will come to know For getting a new birth (house) you have to be reach and meet to these agents and they will  not come to you.You have to go,you have to take appointment,you have search their contact details and call them.Actually its simple economics concept..demand and supply.there are more free spirit in this world than the bodies available.SO Aatma has to and meet to these doots.The system is got changed but the behavior is still the same.Once you meet these agent,they will capture your free spirit and they will not leave you till you get the body.They will provide you body,no matters whatever, it can be cockroach,lizard,dog etc….u see the houses he showed me…bloody stupid !!!

I started at 12 PM with loads of excitement that I will get a new house and I will select it with my own choice.But wat I got ? A house where a girl was in so objectionable state,well I dnt know 🙂 I havnt seen only.dat agent only told me,she didnt open the doo..I dnt know then how he came to know,Might be he heard  husky tusky voice of her..poor guy !! Next house was in some village typo colony…the apartment was just like dharamshala having number from 100 to 399 oops !!!.Then again 4-5 agent came…again they repeated the same story.I was too tired and hungry.I was on bike …n after traveling around 80 km I was gone…hey,dnt underestimate me ..I have driven for 600 km in a day …way to Gokarna from Bangalore 🙂 but im not a good pillion…my back was paining.The only thing which culd help …ws sing a song n sing it loudly …n i started ….Maula mere le le meri jaan…bt my body ache made it as maula mere le le meri ….jaan 😉

It was now 6 PM,so decided to have some thing ….few of you know that I m too foody …so reached hyderabad biryani at 6.30.Usually it opens at 7 but I requested n after seeing my garib face he arranged it quickly …oo la la …I love it !! Had it in 10 minute like I was hungry from 5-6 days 🙂 And after that it was so tough for me to even stand…anyhow I managed ….bt still the song was on my lips …

maula mere le le meri ……
maula mere le le meri …….. haan haan ‘jaan’ !!!


2 thoughts on “Maula mere le le meri ………..jaan !!

  1. दिल की बात अक्षरों में बाँधना कोई तुमसे सिखे । बहुत अच्छे से तरसा है आपबीती । मजा आ गया पढ कर । और हैदराबाद बीरयानी , कभी साथ चलो तो मजा आ जाए । बहुत दिन हो गये वहाँ गये ।

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