Thanks to all ….

It is almost 30 months since I am doing Blogging.It started just for fun but somewhere It was the tool which helped me to express my thoughts.I know that my thought are weird,many people dont like them at all,I am getting the hell lot of criticism but more than that I got appreciations,which made me to continue my writing.Might be the another reason cos I never care what people think about it.I believe in my heart so always try to write what my heart says.Mostly I published my poems,gazals and stories.Also I wrote my traveling logs and few personal experiences.I want to thank you all who comes here and gives valuable comments and encouraging me to continue.I feel that for every act whatever it is,the essential things are motivation and the appreciation.
My journey of 30 months and 3 million hits is just because of you people.I want to use this occasion,to know your views about this blog.Please suggest me,which all topic should I include to make this blog more interesting.I have few ideas in my mind, like including photography,movie reviews and political discussions.So from now onwards you will see more controversial writing on this blog and I am here to defend my post 🙂 .Wanna keep this post as short as possible.
you people ,be ready to read my pakeli writing and keep commenting.
Thanks Again … Munda Sanichari

Your feedback is very important for me ..please leave a comment !!!

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