Fir bhi dil hai hindustani …

Now the whole India (I count 10% Indians in it,rest are busy in earning two times bread) celebrating CWG(Common man wealth Gang rape) opening ceremony.People are comparing it with beijing olympics ,Neways nothing wrong to compare because we both are fastest growing nations,this is another thing that we have huge difference in growth rates.Two thing I wanna say before going further that I am totally un-biased while writing this stuff and I am not pessimistic.I also want that my India should be a super power and I want to contribute it as much as I can.I also know that India is suffering from various problems like population,caste-ism,corruption,separatism and many others.I also dont want to pull the things down.But I am worried about pseudo Patriotism.I saw many of my friends putting status message on Facebook regarding CWG opening ceremony declaring it world class.these are the same chaps who had lots of comments on the corruption involved in CWG.Only one ceremony changed their views.leave those guys ….till 10 days before I respect one media person,Mr Arnav Goswami,he is the guy who had the campaign against Kalmadi through out two month(thousand time he said that we cant let kalmadi and corruption go on the sake of India Pride) and suddenly he changed and come with “Go India Go ” slogan and defending Kalmadi now.Isn’t it a pseudo Patriotism?Things are still same,allegation are still there,investigation is going on. then what changed ?
Ok..I dont wanna go in controversy.lets talk upon data.Beijing Olympics was the most expensive game and the same CWG India is the most expensive in their genre.Before reading further,keep a difference between Olympic and CWG in your mind because I know you will argue on the budget.So let me give it a shot
China constructed 31  Beijing based games venues,11 they renovated and 12 they constructed from scratch.Among these 6 are the main venues and they are the largest architectural pieces throughout the world.the total budget for them was $2.1 billion.This money directly came from investors,after the game stadiums given under ownership of those invesotrs.Some games held outside the Beijing,mainly in 5 cities and honkong also.Their biggest stadium was the Bird’s nest which has the unique design in the world including retractable roof.cost of $423.Money came from state owned corporation.
Apart from game.they constructed a new Airport terminal which is the largest in the world.they doubled the size of all subways.laid 7 new tracks for metro,80 new stations,new link from airport to games location.Now have a look on revenue,its 3 billion dollor.Major sources of revenue included broadcasting rights, sponsorship, merchandise, lottery funds.
On the other side,CWG …total cost is $15.47 Billion(90% money from the Tax payers).Developed one city.metro connecting to airport still not in service just because of safety issues.14 new station,2 new tracks.12 stadium(none of them is newly constructed).Constructed new terminal on airport (still suffering from security problems).
India got the CWG game after a promise to give 10k$ to each country who all are participating along with air tickets.boarding,lodging and trip to tajmahal :).There were many issues on ecological side,Supreme Court allowed the construction on the grounds that “much time had been lost” and “the damage already caused to the environment could not be undone.Bamboo screens have been erected to hide slums (we won oscar just because of these slums :)).100000 people removed from their shelters.The whole Games village is constructed by GMR and after game he is allowed to use this infra.All the rights given to govnt companies,like doordarshan,IRCTC…looping back the money and again the big corruption.
Still If one ceremony can make you to forgot all the corruption then have a look to below table

2 thoughts on “Fir bhi dil hai hindustani …

  1. Boss…everybody knows that Organizing Committee did lot of corruption in games which has actually presented a bad image of India but after all that people are appreciating the way ceremony started and are little convinced that it will somehow again bring better image of India in front of world….but thats true all people who have been involved in corruption and has made money for themselves with this should be punished…

  2. sahi boss, everything is rightly said by you with correct words, specially I liked : “whole India (I count 10% Indians in it,rest are busy in earning two times bread) celebrating CWG(Common man wealth Gang rape)”

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