Worms/Virus on Facebook

It is almost a year when facebook entered in Indian Society . Few month before I wrote something about Facebook.I saw many worms and viruses when I was using Orkut.I moved to Facebook because it was giving more freedom and free from viruses and worms.But from last two days I am encountering with lots of worms.The first one is “who visited”.This link claims that you can see the profile of people who have visited your profile.Orkut has this application where you cant see recent visitor.But,Facebook does not support any application like this.When you click on this link it takes you on a blank page and asks for allow application option.When you allow this application to use your credentials its spread this link as comment on your friends comments.Facebook found this application and make it down.

Today again I see a link “Do you think you are special? Find it out http://apps.facebook.com/imaginedat/”.The subject lines keep changing comment by comment.If you click on the link,it takes the control from you and spread this comment to status of all your facebook friends.

Facebook is having an eye over all this and try to take down all such application.They also does not have any open thread for hackers to make black use of it.But still hackers are hackers and they are keep penetrating the security of facebook.

So next time when you see these type of links with creamy subject do not click without exactly knowing the application.

var infolink_pid = 154409;
var infolink_wsid = 0;


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