Farewell….the fair cruelty

I hate farewells,might be the reason behind that I’m damm emotional or it can be the pain of loosing dearest friends.This is not the first time but this time, its more bigger,more painful. I never had an idea to stay in this city though I always thought to move from here…but,on this last eve,my heart is showing all of its affection towards this city.This place gave me everything….it was like a new birth for me.A poet transformed to a traveller,a biker,a photographer,a writer,a lover and more important a spiritual human being.

Journey started in june 2007…when I left heated Jaipur and landed in Bangalore.I was so amazed to see the climate (must be the reason for many to live in Bangalore)…I had the perception that south is more hot than north,but it was other way around.I got a good organization,good people..more on that,I got many good friends.Have travelled whole Karnatka,Tamilnadu and Kerala with all of my crazy bikers.Those bastered only made me to dream to travel from KK2K (Kanyakumari to Kashmir).This earth is full of jerks and one of the midnight,a big bugger (Rahul) called me and said,I am sending you a DSLR….and you have to take pic of every place where you roam as I’m missing my soil(He is only the spark of my photography keeda).

Start and the end of my this journey is totally poles apart.I was careless,flawful and had all the bad habits,which a guys can have.Every weekend I found myself in pubs,disc,But,It was the responsibility,it was the blood of a spiritual family who made me to turn around.One day my Bike broke down infront of Ravishankarji’s Ashram on kanakpura road.the two hours I spent in that Ashram while waiting for my friend who was coming with the mechanic.changed my life or better can say my lifestyle.I introduced myself to spirituality.But I was not the still water…Ramta jogi…started searching other philosophy,went to RamKrishna Ashram,taught poor kids,den to Iskcon,den to OSHO and in last put full stop….the phrase I realized was ” the last litrature is Geeta,the last master is Kabeer“.

I was in love with Indian classic,even before my entry to this city.But a friend (CS) introduced me to core Gazal gayaki.It was around 2 AM,when a gazal from Mehndi Hasan ” Ranjish hi sahi” was playing on his 8 year old music player.That introduction was the starting and now I’m addicted and having around 4500 Gazals in my lappy :).After listeing this wonderful creation I also wrote many (my neares people are very well known to it,cos dey always forced to read them :)).And there are many other stuffs too,but it is a public page,I dont want to disclose :).

I got so many things from this city…..still love the action of auto drivers when they get angry,the tasteless dosa,the lalgbag hiding places.the hyderabadi house biryani,Palace ground exhibitions,NSN cricket timings and Sanjiv ki bike with three riders (Gareeb ki biwi,sabki bhojayi).Well,this is the time ….I have to leave and I should leave.It is a personal decision and was very tough for me to take….but the qoute from Ratan Kaushal ” you cant please everyone”,helped me to choose the option….This is the last post which I am posting from Bangalore (Might be second last).Its painful but change is must in life (someone has sent this message,while I am writing this post)….dont know what it means ;).

I know,I did mistakes,I filled few eyes with tears, I hurt many….but,dont you people wanna love the word ‘forgive’….well,dont want to drag this post with all of my stupidity (its already).Wanna say goodbye…best of luck for your future (I hate the word Career).I will come to your life again …cos ” Change is must “. I am little bit sad cause that KK2K is not feasible (My parents came to know my releaving date,so cant go on bike) and still few chapters are remaining of my dream book “Shaadi.com” . I will complete writing in few weeks ….and will send free copy to all ,who will comment on this post.I wanna go with good memories and seeing smile on your faces….

Keep bugging me as I enjoy it 🙂 … leave your comments here,might be you will win some prize ..hehehe !!!


9 thoughts on “Farewell….the fair cruelty

  1. Its was a wonderful experience knowing you. Really enjoyed every moment and conversation we spent. Wish you a eventful journey ahead. Wish all your dreams comes true and some time u will come back to Bangalore again !! see you soon !!!

  2. We spent very few time together..still I loved your company..will surely miss you..If God helps..we will be together again 😉

  3. Well best of luck for all ur hidden wonders …its good to have things in writing
    me too expecting the change ….and hope so we will meet soon
    bye ..

  4. One think i’d like to tell u, Do what you want to do and go as your heart says….u’ll definitly find Success. i hope u got it wat im trying say.
    All the Best

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