Songs by a young Sufi – Satinder Singh Sartaaj

Music is life but Music does not have any life !! For me life is a music,it has every Sur and Raag …My day starts with Gurbani “Ram Ras Piya Re..” followed by few Kanha’s Bhajans ….on the way to office some latest tracks and few Raags and western in office.Enjoy my evening with Mehndi Hasan’s gazals and then I sleep with evergreen kishors Songs. I love every kindo of Indian Music.But sufi and Roomani are on the top …last weekend I listened a song in my bro’s car ..”Meri Hiriye,Fakiriye soniye …”.It was so close to my heart,I listened it for 4-5 times on that night.Google about this singer Satinder Sartaaz .He has all the variety from patriotic,emotional,romantic ….Now on my caller tune,Ring Tone ..everywhere you will find his songs.I am sharing his songs here because It very hard to find them on internet.

You people can download it by clicking on the below links and feel,how your soul talks with words 😉

Pani Panjaan Dariyawan Wala
Nikki Jehi Kuri
Jitt de Nishaan
Gal Tajurbe Wali
Dil pehlan jeha ni riha
Meri hiriye Fakiriye
Sab Te Laagu


One thought on “Songs by a young Sufi – Satinder Singh Sartaaj

  1. Just uploaded all to
    For all online listeners.
    Now its not hard to find.
    Together we make things easy isnt it ? 🙂

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