Turtle Nesting @ Chennai Beaches

Its almost three months being in Chennai.Chennai is a hot city in true sense, Weather is getting hot and humid as we are approaching summers. The only relief is beaches (forget about bitches here) . This weekend evening I planned for Chennai’s most clean beach “Elliots” also known as Besant Nagar Beach. Its a crowdy beach on weekends as most of the people come out from their housed to fight with heat. This beach is named after “Sir Edward Elliot” who was the reforming British governor of Madras.


Well,I had my camera with me to shoot Broken Bridge which is nearby to Elliots beach. Because, of India LockSabha elections, police have closed this place so I was forced to come to beach again. On the way to Broken Bridge from Elliots Beach, there is place where you will see two big huts.Here some students from Chennai do the turtle conservation.These students basically collect the Olive Ridley turtles nest from December to April from seven kilometres from Neelangarai to Besant Nagar beach and keep them in the safe place.After the hatchlings which generally take 45 days they release them into the sea.


Every Saturday,Sunday evening they organized a walk for people. If you are photographer, this is your place where you can capture baby turtles going to sea first time, also there are plenty of opportunities to capture exciting kids faces who come to see the turtles.


For more information about Students Sea  Turtle Conservation Network , you can visit their website http://www.sstcn.org.





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