Its me !!

Name: Sandesh Dixit
Work: R&D Engineer
Interests: Travel,Poetry,Yoga,Photography,Biking,Sleeping

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Page updated on April 30,2009. Personality of the subject is highly volatile and is subject to changes within the defined ambit

Sandesh born in Mathura,a religious hotspot of India,on a splendid day of spring Varsha Pratipada claims to have created this website as a medium for expressing his random thoughts and idle musings.Sandesh created this website in 2008 and in all the time it existed, it has served no useful purpose to the world, other than to entertain himself. A true pisces and classic INTJ to the core, Sandesh believes that he is a perfectionist, systematic and an intricate planner, while being fecundly intuitive and passionately creative at the same time. He uses adjectives quite liberally (as you just saw), clings to the phrase he coined “I believe I can fly” (which sometimes smacks of overconfidence and smartassedness).

Sandesh insists that his life is not boring at all as you might have thought after reading the paragraph above. He loves to travel a lot.He has travel all the places around bangalore ranged 500 km by bike. Apart from travel,He used to write meaningless lines,which he calls ‘poetry’. He shamelessly force the people to hear these lines.A century back, Sandesh was a Yoga teacher at Nalanda, but currently he claims to be working on researching about beers and therefore his favorite line is “Yes, round is a shape.” Sandesh also practicing his astrology knowledge and had read hundreds of hands and kundali .This works fine when its related to beautiful girls.he also clicks with his brand new SLR which is the biggest investment (dad says its expenditure) on his hobby.

Since he lives by himself (more or less), his thoughts while biking to and from work are often preoccupied with grocery lists, laundry logistics, dishes and he passionately talks about politics and relating that to his stupid ideas. Sandesh dismisses the idea of single tasking and calls it inefficient. “Life is too short to do one thing at a time. All activities, except recreational sex, are dominated by the use of one or two sensory organs and there is no reason to keep the other three idling.”


Sandesh loves to meet new people and he will usually reply to all nice emails he receives. You may ask him specific queries, comment in general, simply say ‘hi’, or offer him a drink (last one works best).


Sandesh isn’t shy about meeting you either, if you are around downtown Bangalore, let him know and he will show up on a bike. He hates cars because they consume oil, damage the environment and cause pollution. He also hates cars because he doesn’t own one.


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