A Tea @ Dadhikar Fort

It was the Sunday morning, all the mountain range turned green. I always love to see the rising Sun when it rise from those virgin hills of Aravali. Few years back, watching Sunrise or Sunset was bliss from my roof top. But now all the materialistic things started happening in the smaller city. People have lifted tall building around my home and now it is impossible to see the beautiful virgin Sun .I woke up early and planned to reach the highest point of the city.the one name came to mind was Bala Kila (a fort on the highest peak of Alwar city ) .

I am always eager to reach, when it comes to mountain wherever they are. I reached in 15 min to Bala kila. It was closed as usual and one has to have prior permission from the local police.But as I am frequent to this place, I got the entry.ASI and its sister concern are involved to ruin all of our forts and palaces. Their renovation work is snatching the beauty of monuments. Well,I took few photographs from the roof (do not try to click because it is prohibited). While coming back from the fort,I saw a board “The Dadhikar Fort”. I was surprised to see it, being from Alwar,first time I saw the name. Anyways,I decided to see this monument.

One has to take the left from the entrance from the forest office (On the gate, where the road inclined to Bala Kila ). After half an kilometre I met with some people, they owned hundreds of camels. Having Mountains, ruined fort, a lake and camel at one place was a amazing experience, I clicked few of the pictures in return of 10 INR. One kilometre ahead on this road,there is a temple on the right side “Ramayani Hanuman Ji”. This is a nice temple but do not have any history attached with it .Being situated in the Aravali Valley, It has its own glory. One can stay and have a cold water with spiritual chanting. Two kilometre from here you will see a diversion,and again a board written on “Dadhikar Hotel”. The terrain was so pleasing, Farmers, the ladies on well ,kids, mud houses, all can make you feel so close to nature. After taking diversion,you have to go around 2 kilometer and again the same board.This time it’s a mud road.This road goes between a small village called ”Hazipur Dadhikar”.

When you take that mud road you can view the Hotel or Resort or Fort,For my soul ,I called it as fort. If you are just visiting it, you have to pay 200 or 100 (depends on season) bucks. I called up the manager, introduced myself. He asked the gatekeeper to allow me without any entry fee. Well , on the first eye,It is a great place. Basically, it was a ruined fort and the current owner is renovating it with amazing skills.The texture are the same which one can found in old monuments ,very antique. Archaeological survey of India should learn something from these young Entrepreneurs.Mr. Kaushik was waiting with an awesome Indian tea for me.

Mr Kaushik, is a great gentleman, very kind and very informative too.He told me everything ,from where the Idea came, how they reconstruct the building, the terrain, about the villagers, the cave paintings. Hotel has plenty of rooms and with affordable prices. They server very good Rajasthani food, arrange folk dances and other culture program for their guest.

The fort is situated on the hill top (not exactly), the view from the fort is really amazing.There is a large range of caves,where once can found paintings. It is said that the paintings suggested very strong “material evidence” that the region evolved the calculation of the calendar from the “vegetational propagation cycle” .Well,I did not get the time to visit the caves.”The Dadhikar Hotel” provides safari and Cycle tour to the caves.

Overall, a interesting and peaceful weekend destination to stay, If you are exhausted with metro life.There are many beautiful places nearby i.e. Bala Kila,City palace, Museum, Vijay Mandir,Siliserh Lake, Jai Samand,Sariska etc. I was not prepared with my pen, might be my camera can do the work.

For any further contact details,you can directly contact to Mr Kaushik @ +91-9950449900 or visit @ http://www.dadhikar.com .